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    Is it normal for Gold jack Rogers to turn silver after having them for a while?

    My gold jack Rogers have turned silver on the strap. I have only had them for about 3 months. I got them from a little boutique in my town. They are real jack Rogers, not the knock offs. Please help me!!
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    Low Doses Of Silver Make Bacteria More Susceptible To Antibiotic Attack

    Slipping bacteria some silver could give old antibiotics new life, scientists at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University reported in Science Translational Medicine. Treating bacteria with a silver-containing compound boosted the efficacy of a broad range of...
  3. C

    2007 BMW 335i Coupe in Black or Titanium Silver? Which colour looks nicer on...

    ...this car? I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and I want to know what colour you guys think would look better on a 07 335i Coupe. Black or Silver, because I am having a tough time making a decision which I think looks better because I am looking into buying this car in the near future but I...
  4. J

    What is the difference between blue layer,silver layer and golden

    layered Dvd...Please answer!!! :-D? I want to burn a ps2 iso in one of them please tell me which one's best for ps2 to read...i have ps2 slim..
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    Class Of Drugs Discovered That Could Lead To The Development Of A Silver Bullet For C

    Researchers at USC have found that a class of pharmaceuticals can both prevent and treat Alzheimer's Disease in mice. The drugs, known as "TSPO ligands," are currently used for certain types of neuroimaging. "We looked at the effects of TSPO ligand in young adult mice when pathology was at an...
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    What is the silver, pointed hat that toddlers wear in Sims Freeplay in iPad?

    I had a baby then gave her a cake for her birthday. Now, she's a toddler. But I realized, what was the cap/hat that she was wearing? I can't seem to get it off though. I also want to know how to change a toddler's clothes. Thanks very much! xx
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    Clarinet Bell Missing Silver Ring?

    it looks like this it is Selmer Bundy brand with no numbers indicating the model of the clarinet. Is this normal not to have the silver ring around the bottom of the bell? How can I go about getting one? my instrument is...
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    what kind of tropical fish can go with silver sharks or red tail sharks?

    i know the sharks get big ive done some reasearch on there size they are going to be in a big enough tank but what other fish can go with them i want some agressive fish no tetras danios guppys platys or mollies please can you help i want a semi agressive tank :_)
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    Gopro hero 3 silver addition cant sync with iphone?

    I got it for christmas and i downloaded the app but when the app searches for a camera it wont sync to it. i have the wifi turned on on the camera and i cant figure it out Help please
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    How do you fix the silver part around your samsung galaxy s3?

    Not to long ago (like 2 weeks) I got a Samsung galaxy s3. I love it. Well, the silver part around the device is slightly chipped or scrapped its not very noticeable if your just looking at the phone but it really bothers me. If I tell my mother about she'll probably not be very happy. I don't...
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    Helen Mirren A Silver Pink Fox At BAFTA Awards

    God bless a 67-year-old woman who's not afraid to look at a pink-haired teen model and think, 'yeah, I could rock that too.' More » Helen Mirren A Silver Pink Fox At BAFTA Awards is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work outs, wellness & health food recipes. Advice & news on...
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    Jennifer Lawrence "Is Really Sick" With "Pneumonia" Says Silver Linings Playbook Cost

    Jennifer Lawrence "Is Really Sick" With "Pneumonia" Says Silver Linings Playbook Cost Golden Globes winner Jennifer Lawrence is apparently not feeling good as gold these days, according to her Silver Linings Playbook costar Jacki Weaver, who accepted an Australian Academy of Cinema...
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    Mercedes benz black or silver? Birthday present?

    So for my 18th birthday coming up my moms buying me a mercedes benz! I'm so excited! I Just don't know what color would look best and suit this car. Advice? Thanks!
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    Where can I find a hood for my 00 silver Mitsubishi Eclipse in or around College...

    ...Station Texas? I rear ended someone over 2 months ago and I've been looking for one ever since. I even checked at salvage yards in Alabama when I went home to visit family, and still didn't have any luck. I'm willing to travel 2-3 hours to get this hood, I won't pay over $180 (seems pretty...
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    The Silver Lining To Rosie O’Donnell’s Heart Attack: She Found A Plant-Based Diet

    Last week, Rosie O'Donnell wrote in a blog post about a truly terrifying experience.*She'd had a heart attack, which definitely could have killed her. But something good does seem to have come out of the scary wake-up call: the Queen of Nice recently Tweeted that she'd adopted a plant-based...
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    how can i polish tarnished silver dishes?

    They are large silver plated serving dishes , I heard i can get rid of tarnish by some some baking soda solution...but i want to know the complete method. Kindly help.
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    Where can I buy the silver brumby series collection?

    It's an Australian show that my friend is crazy about, but it's not online where you can watch it and there is no site to buy it.
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    Does the current AUDI A4 look sexier in white or silver?

    How many of you guys like the a4 in white more than in silver?
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    I need a Desktop Metal M Mount Holder Cradle Stand Silver for Apple iPad?

    Please I need it now. Help me someone.
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    What's wrong with my pokemon silver?

    I have a copy of the gameboy game pokemon silver but when I play it it deletes my saved game how do i get it to stop doing that and keep my file