1. B

    Is there a application for android similar to htc sense UI that has animated live

    weather? I really want a theme that has animated live weather like the one o htc sense UI? Thank You
  2. E

    Sandals similar to Jack Rogers?

    I love the look of Jack Rogers sandals. I wanted to find a cheaper sandal that looks very similar to them! I saw the Hot Cake sunset sandals which is nearly identical but, I can't find anywhere to buy them online. Thank you for the help!!
  3. C

    Is there a basketball game similar to OOTP Baseball for the

    IPHONE/IPAD/IPOD........NOT acomputer game? I really like iOOTP and want to play a basketball version of it for the iPhone/iPad/iPod
  4. X

    Good first sports bike similar to Ninja 250 but that's more comfortable for a

    taller rider? So im looking to get my first motorcycle. My goal is to eventually buy a nice sports bike but for now most people seem to recommend a bike like a Ninja 250 in order to gain riding experience and skill. The only problem is that it is a pretty small bike and I'm 6'2" and 200 pounds...
  5. L

    TV shows/Movies similar to Terra Nova?

    Preferably with the same setting, i.e. back to the time when there were dinosaurs, and with a family just like the Shannons.
  6. K

    a laptop: similar hardware and range of price as Acer Aspire

    E1-571G-53234G50Maks + internal bluetooth & USB 3? any suggestions? price can be around 50-100$ above Acer Aspire E1-571G-53234G50Maks
  7. O

    Is there another bike thats similar to the Harley iron 883. but cheaper.?

    I want the look. what Im really looking for is a cheap starting bike. but that looks good with drag bars and has that low look like the iron. and i want it blacked any suggestions?
  8. R

    Are there any apps for android v4.0.4 which is similar to the Samsung...

    ...GS4's drama shot feature? Lately, I was watching the features of Samsung Galaxy S4. Among them, the drama shot seems cool to me. I was searching for same type of app. But couldn't find one. Some of them has the option to take a burst shot. But those don't produce single image. Drama shot is a...
  9. C

    Good anime very similar to hunter x hunter?

    I want a really good adventure/comedy anime I haven't seen that much I've seen: First season of fairy tail (finishing) Hunter x hunter Bleach Naruto
  10. L

    mobile similar to nokia asha?

    j am about to buy a mobile, but the budget is a bit low. its around Rs. 4000-Rs. 5000. Nokia Asha is a good option for that, but I want an android phone to access Instagram and other apps. The following features must be there; wifi, good loudspeaker, android smartphone, dual camera. I searched...
  11. H

    Good iPad games similar to cut the rope, where's my water and cover orange?

    I'm going on holiday thursday and want some good games for my IPad like cut the rope, where's my water and cover orange to play on the plane, either free games or 69p games preferably. not angry birds though
  12. C

    How to make a website similar to gossip girl?

    My sister's class bullies my autistic sister. I just want them to back off, not because I'm a shallow idiot that loves to gossip. I can't help it if I'm a vengeful person. I tried every tactic, but they won't leave her alone. People say it will backfire, but how do I prevent from getting caught...
  13. J

    Apps similar to Afterlight for Android?

    I use to have the Iphone and my favorite photo editing app was Afterlight. But my iphone got stolen, so I decided to get the galaxy s4. Well they dont have afterlight. It says they do but when you download it all it is is a video talking about the app. Are their any apps similar to Afterlight...
  14. M

    Ipad apps similar to smeet?

    IM ppl and share pics in a virtual world. Really just meet new ppl
  15. J

    Are there any anime series that are similar to Steins;Gate?

    I recently watched steins;gate for the first time. This series had me very intrigued. I loved the fact that no characters had any real "powers", they were humans like you and me. There was just enough comedy in here to avoid boredom (for the less intellectual crowd). The plot was amazing and the...
  16. A

    I want some games similar to sims 3 on Android?

    I game where we can have relationships & babies.We can watch them grow.
  17. V

    Similar fashion brands?

    I like American apparell, The ragged Priest, Nasty Gal, Coal n Terry Vintage, supreme, obey, huf etc. Do you know any similar?
  18. M

    Is the simpsons game for ps3 similar to the simpson hit and run for the ps2.?

    Is the concept of the game similar? i know its not going to be exactly the same but SIMILAR? THANKS
  19. S

    Which Mercedes Benz is similar to w220 in USA?

    I'm trying to buy the driver side window regulator for 2000 Mercedes Benz w220 which model in the US has the same part
  20. M

    Android 4.2 games similar to oblivion/skrim/fallout 3?

    I am looking for a game that I can get from the Google play store that plays and feels similar to the Bethesda RPG/Adventure games on PC, xbox360, or ps3. I am looking for a free roam open world game similar to the titles listed in the question.