1. H

    Fort York National Historic Site

    Fort York Visitor Centre is now open for public and it is a best place to have lots of fun with your family and friends. You can enjoy there lots of fun with families because many family-oriented events held there throughout the year.I wanted to go there after having fun during shenandoah tours...
  2. G

    best SERIES torrent site?

    we all know that is the best movies download site .. is there any series torrent site?
  3. R

    Is a real replica car site that i can buy from?

    I want to buy a replica car from this site called . I cant seem to figure out if they are real or fake. If they are and you have bot from them please send me your car with you have bot to my email that will be at the bottom of this. Thank You. My Email: [email protected]
  4. K

    Poll:Have you seen me around on this site?

    Asking and answering questions?
  5. J

    What is the best/easiest site for "earning" through surveys?

    I like many others, would like to get some games without spending any money. What website can I use to earn points quickly so I can get some free games?
  6. F

    anyone know a site where i can download an antivirus for my phone samsung i900?

    i just found out that my sd card FAT32, have trojan and worm virus.. i always insert it on my phone, to copy and paste some files and data now i have this thought that my phone might get the same virus..
  7. A

    I cant go back to mobile site from desktop site in google chrome in android gelly

    bean os? I cant go back to mobile site from desktop site in outlook mail in google chrome in android gelly bean os? it was shown in mobile view earlier, once I changed to desktop view I can't go back to mobile view..but there no problem with other browser. .. Tried clearing cache but no use...
  8. J

    What is the best site to buy NFL jerseys for cheap?

    I want a jersey that looks authentic, with sewn on numbers and letters,also with cheap price.
  9. T

    I'm looking for a good Anime Torrent Site just for anime. anyone know one?

    if there is a torrent just for amine plz.... give me some links or site names. I need to download few amine and normal torrent site doesn't have Seeds. Like yify Torrent just for movies.
  10. C

    best site to download ringtones and allerts for galaxy s3?

    What is the best site to download ringtones and alerts for galaxy s3? Preferably for free!
  11. W

    where can I find a site that lists all soccer/football teams?

    All i can find are American soccer team sites; i would like to find all soccer/football teams - American & both groups A & B - any site like that out there?
  12. S

    Is there a Hitch Hiking/Traveler's Community Site?

    I'm in a position that I am trying to make the best of which is, I really don't have anything... Few possessions, no job, no money, no car. All due to a series of unfortunate situations out of my control... But I'm trying to look on the bright side of things and look at this as an opportunity to...
  13. C

    How to visit a site without using "www"?

    I have to "logout" of the internet I'm using in the hotel I'm in, (can only use 1 device at a time), and when I logged out of my ipad it was fine, the website is But when i logout of my computer, it tells me the website doesn't exist, and i believe it is because on my computer...
  14. C

    If I purchase a ringtone on the tracfone site, will it show up on my phone?

    I want to add a new ringtone to my tracfone LG 500g but I'm worried that if I pay for it on the tracfone website that it won't show up on the phone itself or I'll have no way to transfer it from the computer to the phone, any idea how this works? If anyone has any experience purchasing ringtones...
  15. T

    What is the best site for celebrity gossip? I checked out brats pack.

    Any other good ones? Just searching for information!
  16. C

    I'm really sad because of what someone said to me on a chat site?

    I know it was stupid to even be on there, but I was on omegle (wasn't doing something bad) on video and this teenage girl and guy came up (i think they're a little younger than me, im 18) and they started asking if i was male or female (im a girl which i thought looked obvious but then started...
  17. R

    looking for a site to download kpop mp3 songs with small size!?

    recently kmusicdl was deleted by google so im looking for a site like that.a site that upload all kpop albums and update daily plz help
  18. H

    whats the best chatting site?

    other tha omegle?
  19. A

    Name some must watch english movies and a good torrent site where i can get

    720p link to that..? I am just bored and want to see them fast..
  20. santhosh

    any site for downlading tamil blueray movies?

    Iam looking for site for downloading Tamil blueray movies could any one please help me