1. A

    What size Sport bike should I get?

    I'm 6.3ft 280lbs. I want to get a 600cc. But I dont know if it's gonna be all cramped
  2. S

    Pressure into a bigger size bike?

    I recently purchased a Trek DS 8.5 bike . I wanted the 15.5 frame, but the store clerk insisted I get the 17.5 . He said there wasn't much of a difference between the two. Only about two inch difference from the standover. I am only 5'3 1/2 feet tall. Should I have gotten the smaller one ...
  3. A

    What kind of Sport bike do I need for my size?

    I'm 6.3 ft 270lbs. No i'm not fat. I am actually very fit. I just have a very very big build. Anyways. I thought about a 500 or 600cc but I don't know.
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    Size and Memory Both Matter in Quantum Computing

    With their promise of unimaginable speed and huge capacity, quantum computers stand to revolutionize the world of information processing. They have the potential to be vastly more powerful than our current digital devices, with the ability to solve important computational problems and simulate...
  5. B

    Does anyone make a Full Size (NumPad & Home Keys), Backlit, Bluetooth...

    ...keyboard? Can't find it anywhere!? This thing is like the white whale of keyboards I'm starting to think it doesn't even exist. If it had a wrist guard that would be cool too. Currently use a cheap Kensington Pilotboard Laser Wireless Desktop set 64390 (Got the shape, size, and durability...
  6. R

    looking for a site to download kpop mp3 songs with small size!?

    recently kmusicdl was deleted by google so im looking for a site like that.a site that upload all kpop albums and update daily plz help
  7. fuzzy

    Anyone know where I can get a pair of Salomon X-Hiking boots UK size 9.5?

    Alternatively what is Salomon's replacement for this model? I've had a pair for over 10 years & many hikes including the Oxfam100 & zero blisters - most comfortable hike boots ever (for me). They died 3 years ago & the best replacements I could find (not Salomons) have barely lasted 3 years &...
  8. M

    Do the size of skateboard trucks matter for board size?

    My deck snapped. It was a 7.75 and I had trucks for size 7.75 boards. People have told me i should move up to an 8 but I don't know if this would affect how I skate cause of my trucks. People say 8 is better for parks and ramps, but I don't think a quarter inch would make a huge difference. What...
  9. Y

    How to change the font size on Motorola Droid?

    How I can change the font size on Motorola Droid??
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    Can I exchange a pair of bell boots for a different size at dover saddlery?

    I bought a size large bell boots for my horse and they kinda fit but the medium would fit much better. I didn't use them but my mom took the tags off already. I still have the tag she cut off and the receipt. Will they allow me to exchange them? If I could exchange them how many days do I have...
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    Study: Size Matters (To Other Dudes)

    Even before Dr. Freud was but a glimmer in his mother's eye, everybody knew that men are at least somewhat fixated on their penises. More » Study: Size Matters (To Other Dudes) is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work outs, wellness & health food recipes. Advice & news on...
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    What size of women's hiking boots should I buy?

    I am planning to purchase some hiking boots online, but I have no idea what size to order. I typically wear shoes that range in size from 6.5 to 7.5, and my feet measure just under 9.5" long when I am standing. Since I will be hiking in summer weather, I am not planning to wear thick wool...
  13. L

    Should those driving a 10 mpg Full Size SUV do Americas future a favor and switch... something getting...? Something getting twice the miles per gallon?
  14. M

    Which GPU size should be advisable 1GB or 2GB with 8GB RAM for FPS gaming?

    I think 1 GB is enough for modern games, right? or do i need to go for 2Gigs?
  15. G

    What size electric cooling fan do i need?

    I plan on adding an electric cooling fan to my truck, how big of a fan do i need to run, considering fan diameter and cfm rate? I have a 1996 gmc c2500 with the 305 v8. I plan to use the truck as a daily driver and a weekend warrior at the drag strip. Any helpful suggestions and info are welcome.
  16. R

    i have downloaded an iso game file from torrent for my xbox 360 but the size...

    ...of the file is 8gb how can i run? it because there is no disc available in the market of 8 gb
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    ModCloth Is More Than Pretty Clothes; It Reminds Us That Style Transcends Size

    I've taken to browsing ModCloth not just because I like ogling pretty clothes, but because I like seeing how everyday women (by which I just mean non-models) are expressing their unique style. But it also deserves recognition for its equalizing approach to apparel modeling More » ModCloth Is...
  18. J

    Needs some advice about a possible first truck (1986 GMC Jimmy Full Size)?

    I have a line on a 86 Full size GMC Jimmy that was originally a diesel, but the owner before this one pulled it and replaced it with a chevy 350 small block. Its Automatic and a 4x4, it has 140k miles on the chassis, unknown miles on the engine and trans, and the only thing that's wrong with it...
  19. G

    Can you convert any file size to a DVD?

    I have a big file size on a video and I just want to make sure if I can upload it and burn it right.
  20. M

    What should I do to correct the size of my site images whan they are showen on...

    ...smartphone screen? in Joomla.? You can see this mistake here