1. M

    I have trouble cooking scallops. I can't seem to achieve that buttery soft texture.?

    They either have a rubbery, gamely taste, or are too dry and hard. Any tips, ideas, or a good recipe?
  2. Z

    what happened if the recipe (for choc. chip soft cookies) calls for an egg...

    ...yolk but i used whole egg instead? i don't wanna waste the egg white cause i dont think i will be using it later..
  3. E

    How do I convert a MKV soft sub anime to DVD with the subtitles?

    Iv tride converting a soft subbed anime MKV to DVD but every time I do the subs disappear please tell me what to do and if there is fast way of dining it and if possible please give a download Link for the proper program to use to keep the subtitals and for converting it
  4. Z

    How to keep your chicken soft after cooking for couple of days?

    Hello everyone , i sometimes cut chicken breast into small cubes and cook but it turns out to be really hard what should i do it keep my chicken soft ??? till next day and i tried washing my chicken with vineger and also with lemon but it still smells the next day how can i control that ...
  5. S

    Discuss John Donne as a famous metaphysical poet with reference to his soft...

    ...sun rising.? plez never give me any link........... write the ans. in details here......... plezzzzzzzzzzz take some referance from ::::::sun rising::::: of donne......... i need the ans. for a 10 marks board questionnnnnn......... waiting for your wonderful reply
  6. S

    What is the reason for a man to go soft during sex, when they get hard to begin with?

    Iv been with a 34 yr old man for 6 months, I'm 42 and thought we were happy planning our lives together and got on so well but he has had a lot of health issues starting with he has bi polar and been ill one thing after another flue, a bad back, flue again, and off his tabs for 3 week with bi...
  7. N

    What is the song at the start of the Old el Paso Crunchy or Soft commercials?

    It sounds slightly western, Just wondering if anybody knew?
  8. T

    Sugar And Calories Cut In Soft Drinks, UK

    Leading soft drinks brands Lucozade and Ribena will reduce the amount of sugar and calories in their products by up to 10 per cent as part of the Government's drive to curb obesity levels, Public Health Minister Anna Soubry announced this week. Speaking at the Food and Drink Federation's...
  9. K

    (Lesbians & others :)Which names do u find cool on butch or soft butch lesbians?

    Jane Elizabeth (Liz\Lizzy) Elizabeth (Beth) Kate Katie Victoria (Vickey) Danielle (Dani) Jackie Jessie Tess Kimberly (Kim) Michelle Lyn Cecily Jade Alexandra (Alex) Patricia (Patty) Valerie Sharon Jodie Eva Sasha Lindsey Joanna (Jo) Natalie (Nat \Nate) Kristen Ashley Lauren Valentina Marlie BQ)...
  10. M

    Examples of Soft Sci-Fi works tha deal with emotion?

    Who knows of any science fiction movies, novels, games etc. that have a central theme dealing with the nature of emotions?
  11. N

    blackberry is missing some of the OS 7.1 soft ware on 9380?

    i got a blackberry with 7.1 on it but its missing alot like device anelyser and battery save mode itsa got some of the other things but its missing the things i use the most could anyone help with this i really would like to know if i can also do a fresh update from the OS or will i have to sit...
  12. A

    online order Kamagra Soft france where to buy - how to buy Kamagra Soft cheap order

    Buy Kamagra Soft === ENTER OVERNIGHT PHARMACY === Buy Sildenafil Citrate 1-3 days fast delivery from USA pharmacy Related tags: best place to buy Kamagra Soft generic testimonials Moreno Valley low cost generic...
  13. C

    Anyone have a link or torrent for the soft core HBO series called strangers?

    It was a France-Canada HBO soft core erotic series from 1996, and Mark Harmon and Mario van peebles were each in an episode. Basically, 2 people meet, and at some point they end up getting it on. One episode feathered a couple screwing the same middle aged woman (writer i think) For me it's...
  14. L

    Is it normal for a dog to make soft, high pitched whines?

    My dog makes weird wheezing, high pitched noises some days. It's not that she's sick, it's more of a whiney nasal noise. Sometimes when we're in the car she does it. But not when she's sleeping. Why?
  15. C

    What is the grammy category for soft & soothing instrumental music?

    Here is a list of all Grammy categories, There are 78 categories in total. 1. I'm interested in soft & soothing instrumental music. So, what is its category? 2. Also, is there any Grammy category for violin & cello music...
  16. H

    Do soft cell phone cases protect the phone?

    I'm deciding whether or not I should purchase a soft, silicon case for my phone vs. a hard rubber one. I've heard rumors that the hard cases actually damage the phone. Is this true? If so, is a silicon case any better?
  17. K

    What's that soft bell-like music playing in the background of The Polar Express?

    it sounds kind of Harry Potter-ish; here's a clip! it's playing while he's looking at the pictures and the newspaper clip & reading the book with the flashlight! if anyone knows the name/artist of it...
  18. F

    Music Genre/Artist called Soft Jazz?

    Anyone know when a music artist performs a song with just their singing vocals and a piano playing. What genre is that? Any good artist that just sing and play piano?
  19. M

    Best Jeep Wrangler/YJ soft top weather stripping material?

    I have a Jeep Wrangler YJ. Whenever it rains and the soft top is on, water gets inside and pools on the floor. I believe the problem lies with the windshield soft top channel ( ); water seeps into the bolt holes on top of the...
  20. A

    Step by step instructions on how do both a soft and a hard/total reset on my

    nokia c6 phone ? and what is the code for the resets