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    Inquiry about Corrective Action Software

    A recent audit in my sister's company resulted that some issues occur with regards to safety of their work environment. For that reason, I'm tasked to research for a software that can assist the company with preventive and corrective action. We want an improvement of our business' system and...
  2. R

    auto click software free download for pc

    Auto clicker software can be very useful for pc users. Auto click can assist game playing, auto bot, click mouse automatically. I always use an auto click program to help me on repetitive clicks on computer. You may check out this auto mouse clicker utility which I always use...
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    PDF Editor Pro for Mac - A Trustworthy and Easy PDF Editing Tool for Mac Users

    PDF Editor Pro for Mac is an all-in-one solution for editing and converting PDF documents (including scanned PDF). With it, you can edit PDF as easily as Microsoft Office Word such as add/insert, modify/edit, move, delete/remove, copy and paste text, images, graphics, etc. Watch Video...
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    Does Anyone know of a good safe DVD Burning software download?

    I am looking for site that offers a safe, absolutely free dvd burning software download for my Windows 8 computer :)
  5. M

    S3 Software Update Issues?

    I have an At&T S3, i live outside the US, currently im running 4.11 and there is no available software update, however, there should be an update for 4.1.2, ideas?
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    dvd and blueray laptop software?

    is there any free dvd and blueray media player free software.only ones I found were 30 day trials
  7. D

    Samsung UN55es7100 software help?

    went to my friends house and his tv i think is the later version and his smart hub is wayy better than mine! how can i change it please i tried the general things update,install etc.. only smart people answer please respectively..Thanks
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    is web xvid software safe? the site is 2013 - chrome says its malicious saftware ????
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    Free copy dvd to hard drive software?

    What's the best free software to copy dvd to hard drive in one file, i want to back up some of my movies i was using dvddecrypter but recently it has been copying my movies in about 20 files like 10minutes of the movie in one file 20 in the next, i want just one file i dont really the menus &...
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    Java pdf software an symbian pdf software?

    telll me where to download app that opens pdf files on both java and symbian mobil \samsung rex 90 and 5233
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    I downloaded a torrent software last saturday which would be last week

    would i get caught? I just downloaded this windows 7 keygen from a torrent website and will i be caught i didn't get any emails but is the mail on it's way from usa to canada i checked the mail but nothing came up so far about those copyright infringement and will it be a warning?
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    Is there a DVD player software which can help play DVD and many other video

    formats on Windows 7 OS? In fact,what you offered should at least play dvd disk on my computer very smoothly and high definition. It had better play all the video formats or media.My computer is HP brand and bough last year.I really need help.
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    What is the most reliable DVD ripper software?

    I am looking for a good DVD ripper to put my purchased movies onto my iPad. I would prefer a company who has good technical support in case I have questions. I am using Vista Home Premium. I have tried Aimersoft and Leawo and they seem pretty good except when I change to full screen, the faces...
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    DivX Player says I need additional audio software...?

    It says the player doesn't recognize the audio in the video & additional software is required; what software & how do I get it?
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    Can it be possible I use a dvd ripping software to convert the movie

    onto my laptop from a dvd? Is it safe to use a dvd ripper software to get movies onto my computer? Will it remove the movie from my dvd in order to put it onto the computer?I am really can't sure.So you'd better tell me the details and how to convert the files?
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    free software to convert video files to Xvid?

    Hi! I have a Toshiba TV with usb input for media playback. Manual states that the following formats are compatible; .mpg .mpeg .mpe and .avi Any files I add with .Xvid work fine but any with the .avi extension WILL NOT WORK! So, I'm looking for free programs to convert to Xvid.(not free trial...
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    I have a Smartphone called a Motorola Backflip, and its Blur software is

    installed on it. However...? As I said, my cellphone is a Smartphone, and it is a Motorola Backflip that has its Blur software installed on it. It has many different functions such as WiFi, GPS, email, etc. Since last night, I found out 2 problems: first, that the phone's battery - a Motorola...
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    Windows Server Hyper-V and Windows Azure platforms to support Oracle software

    Windows Server Hyper-V and Windows Azure platforms to support Oracle software Posted on 25-Jun-2013 08:03. | Filed under: News :*Computing. Microsoft Corp. and Oracle Corp. today announced a partnership that will enable customers to run Oracle software on Windows Server Hyper-V and in...
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    Free blueray player software for windows?

    Where can I find some good virus free software player that will play bluerays for windows?
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    What is a good naming system for software release (a la Google Android)?

    I have a software product that I am developing and will be releasing. I love how Google names their Android releases after confectionary ("Cupcake", "Eclair", "FroYo", "Jelly Bean", etc.) and thought about a similar model. I am stuck on one minor problem: What list of items to use. I don't...