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    How to solve this riddle. Please do write the steps?

    A bath tub can be filled by the cold water and hot water pipes in 10 mins and 15 mins, respectively. A person leaves the bathroom after turning on both pipes simultaneously and returns at the moment when the bath should be full. Finding, however, that the waste pipe has been open, he then closes...
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    please help me..!! solve this riddle?

    SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY What day comes three days after the day which comes two days after the day which comes immediately after the day which comes two days after Monday? thank youu :) answers with detailed explanation are appreciated :)
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    Do you think this riddle is too easy to solve?

    A kickboxer named Ricky trains to win a fight. He fights later and wins. Who did he fight?
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    Can you solve this riddle?

    It is 9 o'clock and you are running late for work. How long will it take to make a cup of cocoa in 20 minutes?
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    Can you solve this riddle?

    "Greater than god, more evil than the devil. Poor people have it, rich people need it. And if you eat it, you die." What is it?
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    Motorola Defy Capacitor Buttons not glowing how to Solve?

    My mobile capacitor buttons are not glowing it is really annoying.Please any one has info how to solve this or Can replacing LCD screen will solve this?
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    I pushed a heavy boat and lower back pain won't go away, how do I solve this?

    It's been a year, any good healing references?
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    Can you help solve this linux/awk/tar problem?

    Ok, so I need a little help on this.. I have gotten through steps 1 and 2 but am struggling with 3 and havent gotten to 4. Can someone help me with the Code involved here? I am using emacs for a text editor for making the myscript.scr file. 1. Under your home directory, create three new...
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    Nokia E71 network problem? How to solve it?

    i tried changing the sim card but nothing worked. The problem is with the phone and not with which sim card i am using. I also inserted my sim card in my other phone and there was no problem. it happens a lot of times that the opposite person is not able to here my voice correctly and then the...
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    My phone does not support bluetooth in java?how to solve this issue with classfile?

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    My phone does not support bluetooth in java?how to solve this issue with classfile?

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    Solve this problem June july java jobs jeep jazz jr jack janitor jahova jason

    friday 13 jepordy jury .? Conin obrion jay leno carson dailly christ furguson.
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    My Motorola W375 GSM has a problem HOW CAN I SOLVE IT?

    I have Motorola W375 GSM phone,after or even during charging it keeps vibrating and doesnot work at all WHAT to do
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    can you solve this riddle?

    what has 4 legs in the morning two legs in the afternoon and three legs in the evening It is very the answer is right in front of you.
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    Can you help me solve this riddle?

    OK, so Pinocchio said one day, "My nose will now grow." but will it, or will it not? His nose only grows if he lies but if he said his nose will grow and it doesnt that means hes lying
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    detective riddle (just for fun and this is my first riddle please solve this and

    give me more idea)? A group of 5 people went to a mountain for picnic; they stop at a small house for rest. Unfortunately the rain start to fall and they have to stop there and wait for the rain to stop. "Drip...drip" and the rain start to fall again and the rain getting worst and worst, so the...
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    How can I solve the red x in my Samsung tablet 2 10.1?

    I have a Samsung tablet but every time I plug the charger to the wall it doesn't charge.Please please help me.How can I fix it?
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    How to solve error497 of Android google play store?

    I am not able to download apps from the google play store
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    5 hard riddles. Can you solve them all?

    1. The one who makes it tells it not; the one who takes it knows it not; the one who knows it wants it not. What is it? 2. He who builds it sells it; he who buys it does not use it; he who uses it knows it not. What is it? 3. There once was a tennis player who had great fame. Jane was her...
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    who can solve this riddle? i love this