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    How to Transfer Music & Songs from iPhone iPod to computer

    With AnyTrans, you can easily pick up songs, podcasts, ringtones, then copy them from an iPhone 6 Plus to a Windows or Mac computer, and vice versa. Moreover, it works with all other iOS devices including iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3, iPod touch 5, etc. Video about AnyTrans...
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    10 Best Arcade Fire Songs

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    Top 10 Rob Zombie Songs

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    My Ares P2p is downloading Spanish advertisements instead of songs! Help!!!?

    I'm using Ares with Windows 7 on my PC, and I can't get it to actually work. It looks and operates just like my old Ares when I had Windows Xp, until a song finishes downloading and I hit "play". Then a woman's voice in Spanish gives a web address to purchase some sort of Ares ad...
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    Are there more songs that sound like Kids by Sleigh Bells?

    I'm looking for more songs that sound like Kids by Sleigh Bells. I just like the party feel of the song. It's not too electronic and not too much like hip hop its the perfect song. If you haven't heard it there is the link I also tried looking into...
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    [iTunes Cleaner Mac] Easy Way to Delete Duplicate Songs in iTunes Music Library

    When listening to our favorite songs, we may download them on Mac or iTunes music library. After a long time, we could find that we may get a lot of duplicates of songs in our iTunes music library or specified music folders. It would be boring to hear songs repeatedly sometimes. iTunes cleanup...
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    Can I Bluetooth songs from a blackberry to an iPhone?

    Yesterday I got an iPhone And I want to Bluetooth my songs from my old phone which was a blackberry to the iPhone however when I want to send it my iPhone doesn't show up on the Bluetooth list how do I change my iPhone Bluetooth name thnx
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    I have a Nokia C6-01 with Symbian ^3 and my songs on the memory card.?

    And my songs on the memory card.Suddenly one day the player does not show the song list. Is I surf the file system and choose a mp3 file I can ply it no problem. Any clue?
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    best reggae rap rasta songs torrent ?

    hi al i want a mega collection of best reggae rap rasta songs{ torrent file } like this one Jah Cure, Rick Ross _ Mavado - Like I See It pls help
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    looking for a site to download kpop mp3 songs with small size!?

    recently kmusicdl was deleted by google so im looking for a site like that.a site that upload all kpop albums and update daily plz help
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    how to play songs on ipod via Nokia Bluetooth?

    I have ipod 2g and want to play songs using nokia bluetooth. i hav tried my times to play but i does not work. i just want to confirm that can ipod 2g 4.2.1 can play songs via nokia bluetooth or any bluetooth device
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    Alt songs that don't use the A string?

    My A string broke on my electric guitar and it's going to take a while for me to get new strings but all my other strings are perfectly in tune and everything, any relatively easy alternative or punk songs to play? some Fugazi songs would be nice, along with Smashing Pumpkins..just anything that...
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    Some sad Pop punk/indie/alt rock songs?

    LISTEN HERE GUYS do frickin NOT recommend me a country/old song okay do NOT DO IT. I just want some sad songs (preferably pop punk/indie/alternative). Not about dying (unless it's suicide, but not like cancer or s/t), or sad songs about depression, or even love, just please help me out here thanks
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    how do i stop my computer from sending pictures WITH my songs via bluetooth on

    galaxy ? read below please!!? ok so im having this problem recently..every time i send a song via bluetooth from my computer to my phone it sends a picture from my computer with it, so when i play the song the album cover it shows is a pic of do i stop that ??!! its driving me crazy...
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    How do I get my songs back onto my itouch after I updated the iOS on my itouch?

    I have a iPod touch. The iOS was 4.2 so I upgraded the iOS to 6.1.3. Now that I try to sync my itouch only 4 out of 700+ songs show up on my itouch; however, all 700+ songs show up on my iTunes. In addition, when syncing my itouch, it looks like its not completely syncing because there are...
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    Sims 3: How can I play songs or music from my own PC in the Sims stereo?

    How can I play songs or music from my own PC in the Sims stereo instead of the songs or musics given by electronic arts? There supposed to be a folder or option for it. I can't find it. Can anyone tell? :)
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    Real Husbands of Hollywood songs ?

    Does anyone know the name of the song on Real Husbands of Hollywood: Hollywood Scuffle. When kevin Hart is having a bottle war with Trey Songz the name of the song at that time " what happens at the club , stays at the club " I searched but cannot find it.. Please help
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    How do I get lyrics for songs on iPhone 4?

    On my iPhone 4 the lyrics of a few songs are on the screen when I'm in the music app. I want it to do this for all songs. Also I don't have access to a computer at the moment so could I do it from my phone??
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    How can I set one of the saved songs as my Xperia Z ringtone?

    I don't like the ringtones in the cell that much,so I want to set a song from my memory card as my Xperia Z ringtone.How can I do that?
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    How do I change the name of the songs on my Samsung?

    Ok so I've been downloading a lot of songs on my Samsung but it has the names wrong. The album, artist and the song itself is wrong. Like for example 30 Seconds to Mars The Kill it would be saved as 30stm The Kill..album unknown..artist unknown How do I rename them? I checked the settings and...