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    Speakers Corner Hyde Park london

    ركن المتحدثين الداعية محمد حجاب و زائرين فى الهايد بارك مترجم https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNzMEVKt4pA الأخ عمران و عباس فى حوار مع مسيحيين ركن المتحدثين مترجم https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SwXdiIkDwI&t=10s
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    Can I attach subwoofers to a 2-channel amp in line with coaxial speakers?

    Now, to be fair, I'm not actual putting this in a car yet, I'm just putting together a system from car audio components. (I'll move on to putting it in my car when I really want to make the investment, and when I understand what I'm doing a bit more.) But yeah, can I connect a subwoofer or two...
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    Can a motorcycle/marine amplifier power car audio speakers?

    I'm building a stereo system to mount onto my bicycle and play music from my phone. I have two OEM car speakers (8 Ohm) and I need an amplifier. Car amplifiers are too big and the head unit I got for free from a friend draws a ton of power and adds a lot of weight. I thought a...
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    Bluetooth Speakers, what am I missing?

    Hello! My question its pretty simple. I bought a bluetooth speakers that I connected to my desktop computer (with windows xp sp3) using a bluetooth usb pendrive. I can hear perfectly the audio generated by the computer , ut the problem comes when I want to use the Line-in from my soundcard and...
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    My iPhone speakers won't work take 2?

    I guess I left out a detail it hasn't been working for weeks so drying it with a hair dryer won't work And now if you didn't see the first one well my speakers aren't working cause I spilt water on them I mean they work for phone calls but for games music a tv shows not so much I mean the...
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    How do I hook up speakers that give out enough sound to my sony DVD/CD player?

    The trouble I am having is not enough sound, I can barely hear the song.There is only one red and one white out audio port on the back of my DVD/CD player. One says L the other R. How do I hook up the speakers ..or maybe I need speakers that can be adjusted for sound.. or maybe an amplifier...
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    Is ther such a thing as bluetooth plug speakers for stretched ears?

    I just thought of this randomly and now I want some. How cool would it be to be at work (A job that allows stretched ears? Thats cool by itself.) class or some kind of boring family thing, and you get to listen to music through your piercings? Does any place have them for sale? Or do I need...
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    Cheap but decent Bluetooth speakers?

    What should I get? I see some for like, 20 bucks. I'm not even touching those, they cant be worth anything. so what would be cheap, but sound better than my iPhone (4s if it matters) but not be hundreds of dollars?
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    Bluetooth speakers don't work when I enter a game?

    I have both a headset and bluetooth speakers connected. When using the speakers I disable the headset. When I open Dead Space 3, audio plays through the speakers fine. Once I load my game the audio cuts and the speakers do not play anything in or out of the game.
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    Which portable bluetooth/non-blue speakers are the best?

    I've been looking through only Amazon's customers reviews about portable speakers. I both look at the pro's and con's and with the con's, makes me unsure which one is which for being the best for my needs. All I want is a good quality, will last long, have good bass quality, portable speakers...
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    Polaroid bluetooth speakers not playing music?

    I bought a Polaroid wireless bluetooth speaker pbt1000. I can connect it to my phone which is a samsung galaxy stellar just fine but it doesn't play my music. I called my phone and I can hear my voice through the speaker like a normal bluetooth headset but my music won't play. Please help.
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    more powerful amp than speakers?

    i have a rockford fosgate p400x2 ( 2 channel 400 watt rms amp) can i run my T2652-2 speakers off it ( 2 way 100 rms 200 wat peak) should i just use one channel? is there a way i can eliminate the risk of blowing my speakers? the recommended amp size is 30W-100W :S do i have any options?
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    Sony Ericsson MPS-70 Speakers Disassembly?

    I've been googling it but the results were all about replacing the connectors for the sony ericsson to a usb plug and a headphone jack. I really want to open up the speaker's casing because the speakers are broken. Here's what I mean: http://www.flickr.com/photos/97633041@N08/9056209508/ I...
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    More speakers announced for TEDxAuckland

    More speakers announced for TEDxAucklandVote now for the top ideas in our Telecom Geekzone modem/gateway crowdsource project round two. Geekzone Status | Geekzone User IP information | NZ Cell Sites Map | Mighty Ape | Amazon order page (Kindle, books, electronics) Welcome Guest...
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    Im looking for a device idk if its possible, but i have theses speakers that are...

    ...non-bluetooth.? Jus wondering if its possible to make it so I can stream music wirelessly threw these speakers??
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    New car speakers truck?

    I have a 2003 Chevy Silverado z71 I'm looking to get speakers/amps for it and a sound system what would be good speakers that are loud and have a really good bass?
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    How to hook up an iPhone to car speakers (No car stereo)?

    I am converting a 1955 Triumph TR3 and would like to install speakers to play music from my iPhone. The car currently has no stereo, speakers, or wiring for anything of the sort.I don't want to install a radio because I wouldn't listen to the radio at all. What is the easiest way to hook up an...
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    What are the loudest good quality bluetooth speakers at a reasonable...

    ...price(Under $100) ? Compatible with Iphone 4, Ipods
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    How do I set up a home audio/theatre system with different speakers?

    I'm looking at the Cerwin-Vega XLS Series speakers. I understand the basics of audio quality and set-up, but I can't figure out how to pair these with an a/v receiver or whatever. All of the speakers have different power ratings from low (125w) to high (500w). Those are peak power ratings but...
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    how do i connect my iphone to my home theater speakers to play youtube audio?

    My model is a Panasonic SC-HT690/700