1. K

    My mom is tracking me through Sprint Family Locator, Make It stop ?

    Hello to all well recently I've been presented with a problem. My mom has recently started tracking me through Sprint Family Locator, and i would like to know if there is ANYTHING i can do to at least throw her off enough so that she doesn't get my exact location or what street I'm on or just...
  2. E

    can sprint blackberry's download apps?

    If I buy a blackberry from sprint can I still download apps cause I just had a Samsung galaxy s3 and did not like it but I want a blackberry but still want's apps if a blackberry doesn't then what kind of phones do, I just don't want a touch if possible
  3. R

    Switch sprint iPhone to T-mobile?

    Switch sprint iPhone 4S to TMOBILE? Is it possible?
  4. N

    Jailbroken iPhone 4 from sprint doesn't want to turn on and says no service?

    I jail broke my iPhone 6 months ago and it work perfectly but I got tired of the jail broke and I wanted to remove it my computer didn't work and I couldn't restart my iphone because it said I had a password and I didn't remember it so I tried erasing everything from iCloud in a lost mode I...
  5. J

    IPhone 4S Sprint????

    I have an iPhone 4S with sprint. The phone and account is on my step mom's name. I had to run away from her I don't want her to find me. Is there a way she can track my location through my iPhone?
  6. C

    If I get an LG Marquee from Sprint could I use it on my U.S. Cellular plan?

    My friend offered me his old phone and I wanna know if I'll be able to use it.
  7. J

    Sprint smartphone sale? which should i get? PLEASE ANSWER! I WILL GIVE 10 POINTS

    FOR A GOOD ANSWER!? My piece ofshit phone broke in March and my upgrade is August 1st and i so excited to finally have a phone again! When i got my phone December 2011, it was on a special sale thatyou didnt have to pay extra for the smartphone option. My phone was the Samsung Replenish, which...
  8. B

    Sprint samsung galaxy S4?

    Ok so I have sprint and the ota update is out why can't I get it .I have not hack or rom my phone so I shoyld get it right? Can someone find me a good step by step website to get it or just tell me thank yoy
  9. L

    I have a question.i just orderd the sprint samsung galaxy s4 on 7-6-13

    online. when will it ship to me? It said something that it will shipped to me in 10 days. But they usually ship it in 2-3 days help please
  10. R

    My HTC evo 4G (sprint) was flashed to cricket, and now my phone overheats and my

    battery drains fast.? This DID NOT occur prior to getting it flashed
  11. K

    Question about Blackberry (sprint) bold and curve?!?!?

    I have the curve 9300, I've had it for over 3 years and its shot. I'm looking for a new blackberry and I wanted to know if the BB bold 9650 was better and what areas it was better in. And is the 9650 bold the newest BB? Thanks! :)
  12. A

    Can I take my 3G sprint iPhone 4S SIM card in a 4g Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

    I'm buying a Samsung galaxy note 2 and was wondering if I could use my 3G iphone 4smicro SIM card and put it in the note If so how and what do I need to do
  13. C

    Can i use my sim card from t-mobile for my sprint galaxy s3?

    I need to know, thanks in advance y'all :)
  14. A

    Chrome Horn Episode 13: Sprint All-Star Race

    Another new Chrome Horn! And it's the All-Star edition. Join myself and Geoffrey Miller as we talk all things, well, all things. Got any questions for us to use in the mailbag or the podcast? Hit us at [email protected]. Click here to download the podcast or here to listen to in...
  15. B

    Verizon , Sprint or T-mobile?

    I want to get my very first phone i want an iPhone5 what company would you guys recommend ? Whats cheaper and more bettet ?
  16. J

    How to prevent Sprint Family Locator from tracking iPhone 4?

    I have an iPhone 4 and my dad recently added Sprint Family Locator services to the account. I am really uncomfortable with this because now I can't go see my girlfriend or do anything else without him knowing (he doesn't like her). It's not like I'm selling drugs or in a gang or something, I...
  17. A

    Who do you like better? At&t, Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile?

    Please tell me your opinions and experiences.
  18. A

    Who do you like better? At&t, Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile?

    Please tell me your opinions and experiences.
  19. Z

    Does the iPhone on Straight Talk use Verizon or Sprint towers?

    I wanted to know if the iPhone 4S/5 on Straight Talk uses Verizon or Sprint towers. Verizon is really good in my area, and I was thinking about getting the iPhone with them... but the cost is a little too much. Sprint in our area is pretty spotty so I wanted to see what carrier the Straight...
  20. X

    What Sprint phones come EQUIPPED with the most factor default ringtones?

    Okay, I'm not talking about all the ringtones you can supposedly download to your phone. I'm talking about what phone has the most ringtones that come as FACTORY DEFAULT to the phone....?? My sister one had this Motorola phone that had like, 60 ringtones on it that came with the phone that she...