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    I live in sacramento CA and some random guy in traffic started taking

    pictures of me and my car? I was getting off the free way when this guy decided to switch lanes without a signal in order to give him a warning I was coming I honked and went around him. Well appear he got upset and started snapping pictures of me and my car. I literally had his camera near my...
  2. H

    I think i have started my period?

    So i have alot of blood, and was just wondering could this me my period? (it started wednesday btw)
  3. D

    Why are apps downloading on my iPhone when the download was started on my iPad?

    It did not used to do this, as of maybe a week ago, apps that my wife download on the iPad are starting to download on my iPhone at he same time. what the hell?
  4. C

    What is the best way to get started with android programming?!?

    I know a little bit C++ and Java, and lately started to learn HTML5 CSS3 too, does this help me out?! I really want to learn Android programming!!! Please give me some good advises. Thank You! :)
  5. A

    I started seatups 3 days ago, my thighs are paining but i am still going

    on. shall i stop? i started with 50 seatups 25-25, 3 days i continuously did this. shall i stop now or not?
  6. G

    the football starter Q: who started attacking a (fans) jumped into the

    crowed who was he? I jumped into a stationary wall once try re-inact it, i placed pics on the wall with melons, oh lordy wow, excitement ooh oochy!
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    I've just started the gym about two months ago and have protein shakes when will I

    see a difference? I'm 5ft 10" and weigh in at 72kg I'd like to weigh 85kg I train pretty hard almost 5 tines a week and up to an hour a day on weights. and on 3 protein shakes ( mass matrix 1112 calories and 57 protein ) a day and I'm not seeing anything .. Should I be seeing results now
  8. S

    guys vacation started and i need game to play i wan download it which 1 is the best

    plzzz advice me with site? any type of game adventure ,racing ,etc
  9. B

    Truck just got a startes 11 days ago....ran and started all day then its dead wont

    click lights..? Jumped it....turns over 3 times but starts clicking.....left it charging 15 min. Same result same as before. I can hear a clicking sound from behind my radio. 95 Ford Explorer. Used a meter on batter it at 12 volts...???????
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    Raw Food May: Cookbooks To Help You Get Started On A Raw Diet

    I'm going on a raw foods diet for the month of May. This isn't my first time going raw, but when I did, these are some of the cookbooks that helped me get started (loose emphasis on the "cook" part). More » Raw Food May: Cookbooks To Help You Get Started On A Raw Diet is a post from Blisstree...
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    how to get started with my fta system?

    how do i get started with my fta system. i have installed and point the dish to the 110 satellite, i also bought a used ilink 9000plus receiver on Ebay. I don't have the next clue what to do i need some one to educate me how operate my satellite system
  12. L

    Getting started on sports?

    I'm a little socially awkward and weird with people other than my family, girlfriend, and kitten. So I want to know how I can start to get interested in sports? Do I just watch football games or baseball games (because I don't really know who's winning or who's losing, which team is which...
  13. B

    Can't send email from iPhone or iPad just started not working today? Both 4G or...

    ...Wifi connection will send? Has always worked fine...just says cant send and places message in outbox. Last night incoming emails weren't working either but they miraculously appeared this morning. Check server settings for outgoing smtp, they seem correct, nothing new Downloaded or changed in...
  14. R

    Why would my friend stop talking to me when I started hanging with guys?

    My friend and I have been friends since I first came to my high school. When I was new last year, my friend and I were close and she always preferred me over everyone. But this year I'm not so new, I have only guy friends because the girls hate me for no reason. Now she's treating me like I...
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    What was the black gunk that the woman started coughing up in "The Impossible"?

    What was the black gunk that the woman started coughing up in "The Impossible"? In the movie "The Impossible" where a family gets separated in the Thailand tsunami, the mother of the family is in hospital and begins coughing up or throwing up lots of black/brown sludge... it was really...
  16. N

    Hunting Advice Please!! How do I get started?

    I feel really stupid asking this but I'm looking for some much needed hunting advice. I have always been more into fishing but am now starting to show interest in hunting. I have only gone once (duck/goose) but would like to get into deer, wild turkey, wild boar, etc. However, I need some...
  17. A

    Why do Most Universities started early as Christian schools?

    in a time when atheists are just learning Poker games and rolling dices on street corners LOL
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    [Euro Truck Simulator 2] Can I Continue The Game I Started On The Demo

    When I Buy The Full Game? I started the demo and I am absolutely hooked.. I don't think I can stop myself from playing until I am able to get the game. So will it be a waste of time or can I continue my game off the demo?
  19. M

    dodge neon started car idle at 3000 wont go down?

    drove car to work,started to go home the tac is reading at 3000 instead of 1000
  20. T

    What would happen if UFC started putting guys against women?

    And why don' they?