1. H

    There's a ringtone on my phone I like. Says it's "coming home" but it starts?

    There's a ringtone on my phone I like. Says it's "coming home" but it starts? with "take my hand, walk with me, on a nice summer's day..." I'm wondering who sings it and where I can find it besides on the ringtones my phone offers for free.
  2. G

    Google Loon project starts in Canterbury, New Zealand (with video)

    Google Loon project starts in Canterbury, New Zealand (with video) Posted on 15-Jun-2013 15:31. | Filed under: News :*Broadband. Today in Christchurch, Google announced Project Loon—an experimental technology for balloon-powered Internet access. It is very early days, but the company...
  3. J

    How long before PDA starts to feel normal?

    How long until PDA (Public Displays of Affection) starts to feel normal with my boyfriend? We are gay males, if it matters. It felt alittle awkward when we were at an ice cream place. Could that be cuz there were kids and whatnot? Does it get more natural feeling?
  4. A

    R.A. Dickey and Stephen Strasburg to make next starts, Matt Harrison requires second

    A lot of news on the injury front over the past 24 hours, especially pertaining to top of the rotation starting pitchers for teams with high expectations this season. • For the Toronto Blue Jays, the news is actually pretty good for two of their ailing starters. According to Shi Davadi on...
  5. LB

    What is the name of this hip-hop song from the 90s that starts out with a guy...

    ...saying, "La da da day"? If you had a piano with you, here are the notes to the melody of the chorus (although probably not the right key). E A E D C A(below C) C E A E D C A(below C) C E A E D C A D C. Then somewhere in the song there is a break that has a trumpet chorus playing a harmony...
  6. L

    Jeep Cherokee starts rough?

    So my jeep has been acting up lately, I usually can start it on the first try but after leaving it off for a while it takes me a couple tries to start it. it's been well maintained and everything I don't know what can be causing this. The engine sounds fine . Any ideas?
  7. G

    Vodafone starts rural 4G trial at Lake Brunner

    Vodafone's first rural trial of 4G technology in the Lake Brunner area of the South Island's West Coast runs until the end of July using 700 MHz technology.
  8. S

    i have nokia 6303 classic. when i switch on the phone, it starts and then

    screen blurs. software problem? how can I solve this problem? it is software problem? the screen doesn't show anything. sometimes it lights up and then switches off again.
  9. K

    DVD player - Puts disc in, starts reading and spinning, then stops?

    So I put my disc in earlier and it starts spinning up, reading the disc. Then it just stops spinning, then a few seconds later, it spins again, then stops. I've check the disc, perfectly clean. It did the same with other discs and I'm like "Okay, all my discs cant be broken". It eventually...
  10. K

    why do they always have FBI warning on a DVD before the movie starts?

    I don't get it no hate please I'm a 16 year old Female I was born September 23, 1996 I always see it when I watch High School Musical 2 on my DVD player
  11. M

    Looking for iPhone GPS Mileage app that auto starts when connected to car's...

    ...bluetooth kit.? I had a program that would do that on my Android device, but cannot find one for iPhone.
  12. E

    vedio starts playing ,then it stops,plays then stops?

    when trying to play a vedio,it starts then stops then starts
  13. G

    I have an elderly dog who tenses up & starts whining randomly? What's wrong with him?

    I have an elderly dog who tenses up & starts whining randomly? What's wrong with him? We adopted him & we aren't sure of his age. But when he tenses up sometimes he poops and pees where he is. Can anyone explain what might be wrong with him?
  14. M

    GAS GAGE only starts working after 145 + miles?

    I have a 2000 Buick LeSabre Limited and I been keeping my car on full and setting my trip miles to 0 after every fill up.and I noticed after 145 + miles my gas gage starts working.not to sure if thats the right gas doe.any ideals what wrong?
  15. S

    Site where you basically have a knowledge map, and it starts simple, then

    branches out w/ quizzes? It was like this site where it started with super simple things like adding and you would click it and it would get you practice problems to prove you know it, and then if you do good on the little quiz, it branches out into other topics like it. It wasn't just math, but...
  16. Olivia

    This boy keeps nudging me and then i say what was that for he starts laughing?

    He starts laughing like he ment to get my attention
  17. S

    I have an iphone 4 that was jailbroken and starts up with a gevey chip...

    ...but I want to upgrade the OS.? I want to upgrade the OS because it uses 4.1 and all my apps are asking for a newer OS. How can I do this? Thanks.
  18. M

    The Nintendo Wii U starts out strong, but faces an uncertain future

    [No message]
  19. A

    My ps3 starts up and works fine js doesnt read any ps3 games or blue ray dvd?

    I can hear the disk turnin and stoppin wat should I do?
  20. T

    The Nutrition Of HIV-Infected Africans' Improves When Antiretroviral Therapy Starts

    Starting HIV-infected patients on antiretroviral therapy reduces food insecurity and improves physical health, thereby contributing to the disruption of a lethal syndemic, UCSF and Massachusetts General Hospital researchers have found in a study focused on sub-Saharan Africa. The study was...