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    Where is a reasonable hotel to stay at in New Orleans before a cruise?

    We are going on a cruise in November leaving out of New Orleans. Where are some close, but reasonably priced hotels near the port?
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    Poll.How do you feel when you stay home on Saturday nights?

    I feel like a no life loser and depressed.I actually hate waking up on Sunday morning and see people post pictures on Facebook of their Saturday night all getting drunk.
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    I have a tour & trvel agency under the name Kashmir stay tours and travels?

    I have lounched web site under name Now how can i promote my bussiness as focus is on Kasmir especilly south Kashmir As u know Kashmir is the paradise on earth. Most people of world are unaware about Jannat -I-Kashmir? South Kashmir is the epicente of natural beauty of...
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    Phoenix Coyotes avoid relocation, stay in Glendale as city council passes arena lease

    Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers summed up the city’s exhausted approach to the latest Phoenix Coyotes ownership group, bidding to keep the team in Glendale: “I don’t know if we’re fixing a problem or delaying a problem.” The Glendale City Council voted 4-3 to approve a 15-year, $225 million lease...
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    8 Tricks To Help You Stay Hydrated

    So, apparently that old folk wisdom to drink 8 glasses of water a day goes a little overboard, but that doesn't mean that staying hydrated isn't critical to human health...especially when it's so damn hot out. More » 8 Tricks To Help You Stay Hydrated is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on...
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    Where to stay when traveling alone at seventeen?

    I'm going to my friend's boot camp graduation in September, and I have absolutely nowhere to stay. I cannot stay on base because it is only for immediate family member. I cannot stay at Days Inn hotel because I am too young, and I suspect it will be the exact same for every other major hotel...
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    12 Minutes Of Exercise A Week Could Be Enough To Stay Fit

    Only twelve minutes of exercise each week is enough to stay fit, according to a new study in PLOS One. The research, conducted by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, found that four-minute bursts of vigorous physical activity three times each week could elevate oxygen intake...
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    How To Stay Bullish When You’re Depressed

    My freshman year in college, I became severely depressed. At the time, I was interested in writing fiction, and I had this idea that being depressed would make my work more profound. There may be some truth to this, or at least some correlation — many great artists have had serious mental...
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    Is it safe to stay in B&B accommodation during tour?

    I am planning a trip in the next month. Can anyone tell about the safety of B&B accommodations? Is it safe to carry your valuables while staying in Bed and Breakfast accommodations?
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    How long does nicotine stay in the blood/urine?

    After smoking a cigarette how long does nicotine stay in the blood/urine? For how many days/weeks? Simple answer please
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    if my xbox is banned, can i stay offline to play the games?

    what if someday microsoft caught me playing pirate game and banned my xbox. will i be able to play the game and stay offline?
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    I am goin to stay in dubai airport for 3 hours so can you help me to find samsung... room to buy galaxy s4? I am goin to stay in dubai airport for 3 hours so can you help me to find samsung show room to buy galaxy s4?
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    Stay with iphone 5 or get samsung galaxy s4?

    So my contracts is up on september and i want to know if i should stick with my iphone 5 black or get the samsung galaxy4 or wait for the new iphone pleas help
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    Why do people go speechless while talking..Have no words ..Still Stay WARM!!?

    Ok one of my friend (guy) is less talkative.. Every time he likes my communication (mails ,chat ,face to face whatever) I do lots of fun and chitchat kinda (yet warm personal touch) lights talks However he always answers this way: "As usual I have no words to say"….and smiles. While I am...
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    Keys stuck in 97 VW Passat and will sort of turn over but not stay running.?

    What do I do to fix my car? I was just leaving work and my car died out of no where. The keys won't come out of the ignition and the only way it will start is if I push the key all the way forward, give it gas, and then push the button that actually starts my car. (It's a little weird) I've...
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    I booked 2 for a night stay at Hampton Inn, can I bring a third?

    There is a big even and I want my friend to come but we booked for two beds (two people). Can I bring an additional person (they can sleep on a aerobed) Is it allowed cause everything else is booked on the date, and will there be additional costs?
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    how long did the normans stay in ireland for?

    help history project 2moz
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    I won a trip to the bahamas including a cruise, and hotel stay for 5 days/4...

    ...nights is it a SCAM? the person i spoke to told me they are from trip vista, and i did enter a raffle earlier to win that, and i was chosen supposedly. i want to know if this is a scam, or if its for real? if anyone knows anything about this, then please let me know. thank you! i do have to...
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    Acura RSX hatch (trunk) won't stay open? Will this help? The pistons that hold up the trunk have failed and It's very hard to keep the trunk/hatch open while doing my job. I deliver flowers and I get heavy ones and ones that are all the way at...
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    What's Better: A Disney Cruise or a stay at Aulani, a Disney Resort and

    Spa in Hawaii? Both would be 7 Nights and cost about the same. The cruise would be to the Caribbean on the Disney Fantasy. We would stay at a 2 Bedroom Villa at Aulani. (NOTE: We would be renting DVC points.)