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    If you still debate religion, how do you stomach it?

    I am an atheist and have been so since I was 13. I spent my teen years arguing with or harassing christians. It didn't take long to realize that when it comes to religion, very very few people are willing to listen or change their minds. Basically it just seemed like a waste of time, and all it...
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    Am I Overreacting Or Will This Mysterious Stomach Bug Outbreak Kill Us All?

    The pandemic we've all been desperately avoiding has broken out and surprisingly enough, I was not case zero. More » Am I Overreacting Or Will This Mysterious Stomach Bug Outbreak Kill Us All? is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work outs, wellness & health food recipes...
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    Farmer Gregory Steinmedc Slices Stomach with Saw in Brazil

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    Got a pain below stomach and It has moved help!!?

    It started last night and I had a pain in my stomach, when I went to sleep it was fine but when I woke up this morning the pain was below my stomach on my right side but it has moved to directly below my stomach. I have went to the toilet to see if I just needed it but its not that. I'm a 13...
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    Stomach Pains before ACT and test and quizzes?

    I am a 16 year old girl and I did not use to have stomach pains past years before a test or quiz or something I know is important. But all of a sudden my junior year I get these stomach pains where I have to go to the bathroom or I might accidentally fart or embarrass myself really bad in the...
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    What the Hell, A Live Bomb Was Found Inside a Squid's Stomach

    A Chinese fishmonger was going about his business when he randomly discovered a bomb... inside the stomach of a squid he was gutting. Apparently, a three-pound squid had swallowed an eight-inch bomb on accident. The bomb was live. More »
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    Will taking a laxative help flatten stomach one day before cruise?

    I'm going on a cruise next week and I was wondering if I take a laxative the day before if it might flatten my stomach just a bit. just a question. Thanks!
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    The stomach flu, norovirus and your weapons against it

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    Water in my stomach,what could this be?

    I can always hear water gushing around in my stomach, sometimes when I just move I hear this. Is this a symptom of a condition or something? Could it be fluid?
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    Can arm circle exercises make my stomach smaller ?

    Can these arm circle exercises make my stomach smaller ? This old man who was in prison told me , that they used to these a 100 times a day & get results !
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    How to stop stomach rumbling!! PLEASE HELP QUICK?

    I've been in this meeting for like 3 hours now :( I'm so hungry. Haven't eaten anything all day! My stomach is rumbling soooo LOUD! People keep turning around and I'm pretending its not me. Its so quiet D: I don't have anything to eat, and we can't leave till 6 :P wat do I...
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    if i gain weight but workout my stomach will it stay flat?

    I recently lost weight so i could get a flatter stomach but my legs are too skinny for my liking now. I was wondering if i gain weight all while working out my abs only, will it stay flat? My measurements before were 34-27-35 now its 34-25-33 and i want to get my hips back up to a 35 while...
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    Help, really sore stomach ache!?

    Basically, i have a sore stomach all the time it wont go away! So, I went to the doctors around 3 days ago and he said to keep drinking fluids and try eat. I've been taking paracetamol tablets every now and then but nothing's working! It sorta feels like your hungry but you don't want to eat but...
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    Stomach hurts when I laugh?

    why is my stomach hurts when i liaugh is it because i laugh to much(i watch russell howards good news) or is it because i ate something rly?
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    This Year’s Stomach Flu Is The Worst Ever (And Washing Your Hands Won’t Save You)

    By now, we've all heard that the flu itself is really bad this year, but did you know that the norovirus (stomach flu) is also particularly vile this winter? A new strain (called the Sydney strain) is going around the world and it's apparently a very hardy virus: even hand-washing won't kill it...
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    Stomach hurts sickness and diarrhoea?

    Yesterday I had nothing to eat as felt so ill My stomach fells sore and aches had a drink of orange juice and then a while after was sick felts better after being sick but then a while later was sick again. Fell asleep and woke up with the same stomach feeling had a bowl or cornflakes as was...
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    Puppies stomach making a weird loud noise?

    Hi I have a 8 week old husky, his stomachs been making a very loud weird noise! We took him to the vet on Wednesday and he had his first shots and his stool had a lot of hook worms, tape worm and round worms, they have him a special d worming pill! Can it be the pill or should I be more concerned?
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    Does a stomach medicine?

    I just bought some "Antacid" from the store, after it's open does it need to be refrigerated?
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    Study Reveals Optimal Interval For Stomach Cancer Screening

    A new study has determined how often people should get screened for gastric or stomach cancer in high-risk regions of the world. Published early online in CANCER, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society, the findings could help reduce deaths from gastric cancer, which is the...
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    How Stomach Bacterium Avoids Acid Revealed By Atomic-Resolution View Of A Receptor

    University of Oregon scientists have discovered how the bacterium Helicobacter pylori navigates through the acidic stomach, opening up new possibilities to inactivate its disease-causing ability without using current strategies that often fail or are discontinued because of side effects. Their...