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    Why do I not feel weird or off-put from reading a story about lesbian love?

    I'm not a homophobe. I have nothing against gay people or have no problem with them. But I would be lying as to say when I'm faced with a situation involving a same sex relationships I feel weird and uneasy; out of place you could say. But I've been reading a story that is about two girls...
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    anne frank the story of young girl?

    anne frank
  3. N

    Ideas for a Short Story About A Challenge!?

    I have to write a very short narrative (approx. 1-2 pages) about a challenge. It could be someone's real challenge or it could be fictional, or a mix. Please help if you have any ideas!
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    looking to read a good "alt" love story?

    I recently got introduced to reading stories on fictionpress and livejournal, im still introducing myself as to how to find things i would like to read. Im looking for a "alt, emo, goth, punk rock" love story that is not homosexual romance (i know alot are really good, as a teen i read some, not...
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    Riddle;There's a story that I know and I can tell it exactly although I...

    ...haven't seen or read it? Please help me to get the solution of this hard riddle
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    Story Plot help, please help?

    I am writing a story were the main girl has a newborn daughter and moves from a small remote beach town in Australia to a large town with lots of people in England. The town she lived in had less then 20 people living there, but was a hot spot for holidays. The problem is I was thinking of...
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    There is this story I'm looking for but can't seem to find?

    A while ago I read this story where it was kinda like a gif. but..I dont know how to explain it. It was a scary story with pictures and during one slide picture it scrolls the page down quickly making it appear as if the picture was coming at you. I hope you guys know what I'm talking about. It...
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    Do you like my story idea and is it too complicated?

    So I am writing a series of books and I would like your opinion on them. Now, this is going to be very long I think, so I would very much appreciate your patience and consideration while reading this. I will start off by explaining the history of the plot, then by explaining the history of the...
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    Im writing a sci fi romance story and i need some ideas! Please! Its title

    is 'All the Heavenly Ones'? So im creating a story and i enjoy writing but i always have trouble finding a good plot... There are a lot of creative people out there so i was wondering if you'd lend me some ideas :) but yeah the title of my book is called All the Heavenly Ones...
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    What do you guys think of this story?

    This is a short story i wrote and I wanted others opinion on it. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• A long time ago, I was sent to jail for an awesome crime. It was very fun and stuff. I kept breaking into this one guys house to sabotage it every day for 47 years...
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    What are some some celebrities who could play characters in my story?

    Im writing a story and i need a celebrity to play a dad and a mom. They need to be good looking.They also need to look like parents so they cant be that young. GUY Eye color : hazel Hair color : brown OR Eye color :blue Hair color : brown GIRL Eye color : hazel Hair color : brown...
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    is a sci fi / fantasy / love story where the protagonist has a lot of psychosis an

    interesting idea? is it a story you would want to hear?
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    Write a story with the following conclusion- ........and so, I decided never to

    travel by air/plane.? I need a story of about 100-150 words...The challenge in this home work is that we have to write a wonderful story just in maximum of 120-150 words.. Please help me write this story..I need it as soon as possible for my exam. (Use quotations/proverbs, give examples/make...
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    What is the non-cliche way to start a story?

    Esp for the first paragraph. I tend to write when the character wakes up in the morning, and how sun beamed at her and stuff like that. I think its getting cliche and boring. How to make it interesting?
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    Can we suggest a story to be created as a movie?

    The story which is from books, comics, or others, and where is it adressed to?
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    What should happen next in my story?

    My main character was hit trying to cross the street and has severe injuries. She finds out that her older sister was driving the car that hit her, her older sister was texting and driving. After her older sister hit her, a truck collided into the older sisters car and killed her. The teen main...
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    Does my story confuse you?

    I have put up a little project on Wattpad ( and have asked a few friends to read it. Two friends have come back to me and said that they are confused. Could someone read it and give me some criticism? Also are my friends right? Would be...
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    Qualities in making the best badguy for a story?

    So what qualities could a bad guy in a story have like to motivate him. All I seem to be able to think of is the cliche ones like power etc.
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    Old sci fi story about the future? children who find a book for the first time.?

    My sisters' boyfriend just told me about an old sci fi story about the future where everyone uses electronic devices to read instead of books and I think two or three kids go to a grandparents' house and find a book for the first time and they are really amazed. What's it called? And can I get a...
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    Approval Of The Gene Therapy Drug Glybera: The Inside Story

    The scientists who led the team that developed Glybera, the first gene therapy drug approved for use in the Western world, provide a fascinating first-person account of their pioneering work in Human Gene Therapy, a peer-reviewed journal from Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers. In addition, an...