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    Study Suggests Strict School Meal Standards Associated With Improved Weight Status Am

    A study suggests that states with stricter school meal nutrition standards were associated with better weight status among students who received free or reduced-price lunches compared with students who did not eat school lunches, according to a report published Online First by JAMA Pediatrics, a...
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    How strict is Dubai I'm worried about going in January?

    What are the rules and what happens if you breakthrough rules? Do the rules apply in your resort?
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    How Strict is The Mercury Lounge Regarding Their Age Restriction?

    Their website says only persons 21 and over may enter. Anyone been to The Mercury Lounge who can fill me in? How thorough is the security? Answers with personal experience most appreciated. I have already read the FAQs on their website, so am just looking for someone who can fill me in on the...
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    Tracy Anderson Is Pregnant: Here’s Hoping Her Strict Approach Gets A “Metamorphosis”

    Tracy Anderson's strict crazy training and diet advice*sculpts some of Hollywood's hottest (and thinnest) bods: Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Nicole Richie are among her top celebrity clients, and her "metamorphosis" program is known for transforming body types. Which is why we're so curious how...
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    Hospital Worker Flu Vaccination Rate Increased By Strict Policy

    A California hospital raised its employee influenza vaccination rate above 90 percent by shifting from a voluntary vaccination program to one mandating all healthcare workers either get vaccinated or wear a mask at work for the entire flu season (December through March). A five-year study of...
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    Christians: Why is your religion less strict than Islam and Judaism?

    - Women don't cover their hair. - Dating is allowed. - You can eat whatever you want. Why is your religion less strict? WELL: Why are women not required to cover their hair in Christianity (it causes lust)? WHY IS CHRISTIANITY SO DIFFERENT FROM ISLAM AND JUDAISM? DATING LEADS TO SEX. DUH...
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    how strict is the echoplex on IDS?

    I'm underage and reeeallllyy wanna get into an 18 plus echoplex show. friend offered to let me use his passport. think they'll care as much as i think they will?
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    How do I tell my strict mother I got in school suspension (ISS) for PDA...

    ...without making her mad? I've never even gotten a detention or tardy or anything before, and I'm nervous to tell my mom. I didn't kiss or anything, it was a short huh because someone caught me when I was falling so I hugged them to thank them... Thanks~
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    DC Universe Online and Nat Type 3 (strict)?

    I live in a residence building and have a PS3. The nat type is strict here. I can play pretty much any game, but I know for sure GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption don't work online here. Before spending the money on DCUO, I wanna know if I'll be able to play it here. (I know about the issues with...
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    Is Church of Christ considered strict?

    My parents and grandparents are both church of christ, but I am 16 and went once and left shaken in my faith, it seemed all you're all doomed, only through total abstination of any sin could you make it into heavy then goes on to talk about how it is impossible not to sin. It wasn't a totally...
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    Are cruise ship staff strict or are there some cool people?

    are cruise ships strict about like age limits like say if i was 17 going into a club on one of the cruises 18 and older, do they check before you go in or only if they are suspicious? like what are they like on the cruise or is there something that has to always be visible that shows what age...
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    Strict Heart Rate Control Provides No Advantage Over Lenient Approach

    Strictly controlling the heart rate of patients with atrial fibrillation provides no advantage over more lenient heart rate control, experts report in a focused update of the 2006 guidelines for the management of patients with atrial fibrillation... More...
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    I'm 15, he's 17. How to introduce him to my STRICT Asian parents?

    My dad doesn't want me dating until I'm 30. Literally. Honestly, I've had sex already. I've done everything. And everything I've done, was behind his back. I was a little wh*re. I've had over 17 boyfriends. But this one is different. I want to introduce him to my dad. I don't want to have to...
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    Who lives a more strict life: Jehovah's Witnesses or Mormons?

    I'm guessing that Jehova's Witnesses do because they can't celebrate any holidays or any special occasions. Nothing but God. I know very little about Mormons. What does their life entail, spiritually? What can they/can't they celebrate?
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    my xbox says its set on strict, the NAT< please give me steo by step on how to fix it
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    How do I introduce my Indian Boyfriend to my STRICT Asian Parents?

    Well i've been with my boyfriend since May and the problem is that i am afraid to introduce him to my parents. My boyfriend is very first boyfriend ever had, i've never dated before because my parents didn't want me to start dating until i graduate from HS. Well i'm 18 and a graduate from HS...
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    If, in strict religions, homosexuality is a sin, then how can God condemn...

    ...hermaphrodites? If certain religions believe all homosexuality is evil, then what does God want hermaphrodites to do? If a hermaphrodite (a person born with both female and male genitalia and/or other mixed sex organs) was with a woman or man, would it not be considered homosexuality? Is...
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    Why does Carnival Cruise Lines have such a strict age policy?

    I wanted to go on a cruise with my girl friend this coming January. We both recently turned 20 and thought it'd make for a fun vacation after we came across some rates for Carnival Cruises because they're so affordable. The only thing is that we were informed of the age policies that restrict...
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    I have always found that mercy bears richer fruits than strict justice. Abraham

    Lincoln? Please people what do u think about this famous quote from one of the greatest men on earth??
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    Does the US need more strict fitness and nutrition guidelines in school as a...

    ...matter of national security? This is crazy! I mean it isn't that hard to see. When I was in school there were 3 fat kids who were used as examples of how NOT to be. Walk by American high schools schools today; it's clear that the fit kids are...