1. N

    NEVER need to worry anymore for downloading too much stuff on the computer with this

    It undoubtedly will become a normal situation that the computer gets slower and slower if you keep downloading various files or programs without deleting. Surfing on the Internet makes the web browser get the chance to bring the computer with unnecessary files such as caches, temporary files...
  2. E

    Will syncing my iphone delete all my stuff?

    Will syncing my iphone on different computer delete apps and stuff that i downloaded on appstore or it will just delete stuff related to itunes? Will it delete my photos and videos? Pls help.
  3. Don

    What's the deal with Mormons all selling Multi Level Marketing stuff?

    Is it part of their church services? do they have contests where the best sellers get a better place on planet Kolob?
  4. T

    Traveling to Japan...Trafficking stuff.?

    My friend whom is under 18 is planning on going to Japan in a few weeks. The ticket was already bought using her own money and just her registration stuff alone. Her dad didn't pay for it. thanks in advanced! Would she be able to fly ? She called the travel agency and she said that...
  5. G

    All the Stuff That Will Happen on the Internet in the Next 60 Seconds

    The Internet is always hoppin'. Maybe parts of it will be slowing down just a little as everyone and their hermano tunes in to watch season four of Arrested Development, but it'll still be humming along. Read more...
  6. H

    How to download stuff on opera mini for android?

    So i updated my opera mini browser yesterday on samsung galaxy s 2 and don't know how to download videos......on the previous update you woud just click on video an it would give you option to complete action using opera mini or it simply loads the download option?
  7. A

    Is that stuff at Gnc Worth it? By stuff I mean ANY of therir products:?

    Like the weight loss stuff, energy etc. Or should I just take vitamins Like one a day womens. Or prenatals? Thanks And No Im not trying to get preggers (Pregnant)
  8. R

    ipod/iphone game free stuff?

    i play this game called knights and dragons on my ipod and you get free gems (a currency witch you have to buy with $) for inviting friends to play i need 30 refferals to get all the free stuff if you could please download it and complete the tutorial then it asks you to input a code enter...
  9. V

    What website is this? It has stories and quizzes.. stuff like that?

    I suddenly remembered that there was a website I was on Years ago, that had stories and quizzes. The website, or at least a part of it, was pink. For some reason, I thought it was myyearbook, but apparently not. I remember that most of the stories I read were, I believe "you" stories. And...
  10. L

    How do I download stuff on a Nokia c3-00?

    Like blackberrys have Appworld, Androids have play store, what does Nokia have? I wanna download games, Facebook etc
  11. S

    An app for iPad that lets you put stuff from a picture to another picture?

    I am looking for an app that lets you edit something out of a picture and put it into another picture. For example like someone's face. And it lets me out that face on another picture. To make funny memes and stuff.
  12. D

    Best places to buy car audio stuff?

    Subs, Amps, Etc... I know people recommend crutchfield, but anywhere else thats trustworthy? Thanks.
  13. S

    Religion stuff is kinda complicated? its longer than I thought, but pls

    answer. Even U might benefit from it.? Imagine that I'm a muslim, and I've been raised in a muslim family, and have been living in a completely muslim country. How do I know that my religion is right? People who were born in Christian countries, withing christian families are as sure as me, that...
  14. R

    Can I turn off the 3g/4g data stuff on iPhone 4 or 4s?

    I really don't need a data plan BC I want to use my wifi at home. IM scared of getting charged for going over the data limit or something stupid. Can I just turn it off completely? Is there a fool proof way of doing this?? I'd like to know before I sign up today.
  15. R

    help with dvd stuff please?

    as indicated by the title im pretty lost with dvd stuff. I have some things i want to burn onto a dvd-r 120 minutes. it is a 4.38 gb disk. (you probably already new that). My question in how much can i put on there? Some of the things i want to burn are longer than 2 hours, some are 3 hours...
  16. L

    Craving stuff after vomiting?

    So I have two questions: a) can i drink a fruit smoothie after being sick? I've really been craving one. B)if not, what should i eat/drink?
  17. M

    If I send my phone to verizon will they go through my stuff? how do I get the

    stuff on my phone off? my phone stopped charging so I have to send it back, I'm just wondering if I send it back will they go through my messages and pictures? & how do I get the stuff that's on the internal memory of the phone off of it ? verizon is gonna work on my phone- I had a password on...
  18. O

    what website sell good hunting stuff like academy?

    like guns, knives, archery, etc thank you
  19. C

    How much could I sell all of this Xbox stuff for?

    Original white Xbox 360 60 gb hard drive Turtle beach x3 Wifi adaptor Rock band drums, mic, and 2 guitars Charger packs 4 controllers Cod black ops mw2 black ops 2 mw3 Halo 3 and reach Red dead redemption Assassins creed 2 and 3 LA Noire Mafia 2 Rock band 1 and 2 Dj hero 1 and 2 Madden 10 11 12...
  20. R

    Poll: would you stuff pudding inside Victoria Justice?

    Then eat it back out? I would.