1. P

    what avi format suitable for dvd player?

    My Dvd player not open my video file via pandrive.? who's format use?
  2. N

    SONY Stereo Bluetooth Headset SBH20 is suitable for lumia 720?

    SONY Stereo Bluetooth Headset SBH20 is suitable for lumia 720
  3. V

    Suitable memory cards for Nokia Lumia 820?

    I have recently purchased a Lumia 820 and don't know which memory card to buy. Should i go for Class 10 or Class 6 and are there known issues with either class? I require a 32 GB card.
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    Who's more suitable partner to Dionesia? Floyd sr or Roger Mayweather? Why?

    Do you think their kids is as good as Manny pacquiao and FLoyd jr? What do you think their kids will look like? What do you think? @thugs hahah ugly images exactly...I dont usually act like pactards thugs, i just want to have fun...Same as you guys...hehe
  5. L

    Car DVD Player suitable for your cars

    The specialist would tell you how to buy Car DVD Players here, how to install Car DVD Player, how to protect Car DVD Player after you have bought, and how to make the best use of Car DVD Players. There are also many such things to consider as well as buying a best Car DVD Player suitable for...
  6. T

    Will a boat reel be suitable for surf casting on a surf caster rod?

    I'm looking at getting a surf caster but I already have a boat reel and I was wondering if I could just buy the surf caster rod or if I should buy the surf caster rod and reel? thanks
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    Urgent Need For HIV Treatments Suitable For Young Children

    An article written by an international group of researchers reports that there is an urgent need to develop formulations of current antiretroviral therapy (ART) treatments suitable for young children, in particular, tablets that are a combination of different HIV drugs, which can be dispersed or...
  8. H

    Erotic lounge music suitable for bedroom during love making?

    Please give me some really hot erotic lounge music for bedroom and sexual activities... For example songs heard during BlueHustler erotic dance and striptease shows... Or musics that is played in a porn movie when the pornstar dances and takes off her clothes...
  9. K

    what is the suitable coolant for my 1997 Ford contour?

    I have a 1997 contour 2.0L 4 cyl auto trans, can I use any good quality 50/50 antifreeze? I usually replace my coolant every year, I buy ethyl glycol 100% concentration and delute it to 50/50 with destilled water, it is pretty much better for the wallet than getting the ready mix coolants, is...
  10. B

    What would make Marvin Bell (the poet) suitable for high school curriculum?

    I have been researching for a while now and I just can't seem to find any reason as to why he would by an applicable candidate.
  11. P

    Martial art that suitable?

    I am 134 lbs. I am already content on full-range MMA and TKD. Maybe MuayThai, but the thing is, which one would be 'best' if I take it first?
  12. Y

    Which external dvd burner is suitable for Acer Aspire Timelinex 3830T-6492?

  13. J

    Suitable battery for a suzuki RGV 250 ?

    The rgv 250 i have drains the battery really quick, with each night charging it fully. Ive heard there is a special type of battery you can buy made specifally for this probelm and for the suzuki rgv 250 1992 ? cheers for the help
  14. M

    Would you agree that a suitable time for dating is when your ready to have sex?

    Okay. background info: i am 16 i have no religious affiliation I have dated i'm 5' 8" and wiegh 135 pounds(wait, why am i saying this?) I Don't date now because i think its rather stupid at this age. i would accomplish nothing other than taking away from my studies and increasing social...
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    Characters suitable for a Sci-Fi convention?

    My friend often goes to science fiction conventions, but not normally as sci fi characters (for example, and anime character or something) She invited me to Philcon, another science fiction convention. I'm not really in to science fiction stuff, but I do enjoy conventions. I was thinking of...
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    Does a macbook pro come with a word processer suitable for typing a phd thesis?

    Up to yr 12 I used Mac's for all my school work, but for my 4-yr undergraduate degree, I used PC with windows OS and microsoft office suite. I know mac's are longer lasting, have better virus protection and all the software is purpose-made for the mac os, but the only thing I really need a...
  17. L

    Is the Anime Naruto Suitable For Kids

    Growing up from the US ud9004 review sony bdp-s470 schwarz lg bd590 250gb hard drive, most kids have grown up with cartoons such as Bugs Bunny and Popeye which portrays the good overcoming evil as well as satires that pokes fun of political figures in a none threatening way. For kids...
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    Is this manly jacket suitable for girl?

    my sister is a tomboy,cannt stand her lifestyle,yesterday she asked me to buy this jacket for her. I cannt help laughing. It's for male, you know. She said she will wear it for racing... what's your idea? Is it nice or possible for a a girl to wear this kinda male jacket?
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    Are these anime shows suitable for 15-year-olds?

    [Please read all of it] Heh, so, I'm a 15-year-old girl who LOVES anime! I haven't watched many though because I don't know what to watch and the stuff I look at seems boring to me. I ADORE The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. That's the best anime show there is out there. Are these shows...
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    Opinions please! Is this SUV suitable for a young woman? or are they "mom" cars?

    Opinions please! Is this SUV suitable for a young woman? or are they "mom" cars? Hello! I'm in my mid-20s, a female professional. I am in the market for a luxury vehicle. I either want a coupe or an SUV. I can't decide between the Lexus IS/Acura TSX and the Lexus RX/Acura MDX. I think the...