1. J

    Im looking for surf fishing spots in orange county california could...

    ...anyone could give locations? Surf fishing spots anyone nows where in orange county california.
  2. H

    Can you get apps like 'Temple Run 1&2'' and 'Subway Surf' etc. on a Blackberry Z10?

    Can you get apps like 'Temple Run 1&2'' and 'Subway Surf' etc. on a Blackberry Z10? I'm thinking of getting a Blackberry Z10, but was wondering if there is a quite a wide variety of all apps on the phone.
  3. G

    Download BitTorrent Files from Your Browser with BitTorrent Surf Beta

    Yo ho yo ho, a pirate's life for me. And for you! And for everyone! Because downloading BitTorrent files just got a lot easier. BitTorrent is finally pushing its torrenting browser plug-in, BitTorrent Surf, to beta for you to try. That means you don't have to deal with pesky desktop clients...
  4. 3

    HELP!!!!!!!! Newbie to surf casting?

    Need some gear.I'm currently in NY but looking to buy in AC/NJ,i have one house in Egg Harbor NJ but i rent that one.I want a small house on the water, real close anyway.What,where do i begin? I need to know rods,reels,weights and i'm sure there's a multitude of things i left out.I wanted to go...
  5. T

    Will a boat reel be suitable for surf casting on a surf caster rod?

    I'm looking at getting a surf caster but I already have a boat reel and I was wondering if I could just buy the surf caster rod or if I should buy the surf caster rod and reel? thanks
  6. P

    POLL: Will you surf till the Sun sets beyond the horizon?

    BA for whoever can name what i'm referencing?
  7. M

    How many surf shops in Australia? Marketplace Stats?

    was wondering if anyone out there would know of somewhere on the net, with out paying a fee, would know where to gather Marketplace Stats for retail surf stores in Australia? info could include such things as demographics and key distributors etc...
  8. D

    can you surf the web and talk on the phone at the same time on the Motorola Atrix?

    Can you?
  9. H

    newbie laptop user asks: how do i surf web w/out wifi?

    Okay, I know this is probably a really stupid question but bear with me, folks. I'm 61 and about to buy my first laptop. I have no clue about the darn thing so I'm asking you: how do I get onto the web in places where there is no wifi? Is there some other gadget I'm going to need or what? THANKS
  10. V

    First Look: 2013 Fisker Surf

    After teasing us about an upcoming debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Fisker has unveiled the five-door Surf range-extended electric vehicle.
  11. V

    Frankfurt 2011: Fisker Surf

    Ahead of its debut in Frankfurt on Tuesday, Fisker, maker of the Karma range-extended electric vehicle, has announced that it will be revealing the Fisker Surf.
  12. K

    i wanna surf, what do you think of a volkswagen beetle ?

    so !!
  13. M

    Is there an app for the iPhone that's like beat hazard or audio surf?

    Like where you can upload and song then play a game to it
  14. M

    How do I know if I am using WiFi or my data plan to surf the net on my

    blackberry bold? thanks in advance!
  15. S

    can a ipad surf the web on a bluetooth connection?

    i have a droid one and i am having problems rooting it and it doesnt have a wifi teather cause its the first one but if i had a ipad could it surf the web through bluetooth if i have a unlimited internet use plan with verizon
  16. C

    Computer lessons,Want to encourage my group to surf to finding...

    ...interesting,helpful websites, any good ideas? Treasure hunt/ quiz
  17. B

    PSP Internet Problems (i can play online but can't surf internet)?

    i have always been able to play video games online with my PSP. but however i can not surf the internet. i go to internet browser, and it says that there is a "dns error". but i use the same codes and stuff for my PS3 and Xbox live and any other wifi devices in my house and there is never a...
  18. L

    Best surf fishing rigs?

    I had a question on using the fisher finder rig /( the sliding weight version) I use it and it seems to "helicopter" my line and twist up there a way to pin the weight with something that would dissolve in the water after a few minutes ? any advice on using fire ball rigs also...
  19. D

    does anyone know any sites like tvshack and surf the channel?

    Hello, My favorite site was tvshack but for some reason it was closed and surfthechannel is not working right now. Do you know any sites like tvshack? (these are sites to watch tv shows and movies online and for free)
  20. R

    How long will it take surf the channel to upload true blood?

    I really wanna watch the second episode of the third season of true blood. Its aired in some places already so i was just curious on when they will upload it. Thanks