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    Winners and Losers: While Alabama and Oregon were sweating, Kansas State cruised agai

    While you were watching LSU-Alabama, and maybe clicking over to catch USC-Oregon, Kansas State was having perhaps the most impressive night of any of the top four BCS Championship Game contenders. Notre Dame was taken to the wire by Pitt. Alabama played a tough game against LSU. Oregon scored...
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    Rajon Rondo isn?t sweating the schedule, the injuries or the 76ers (VIDEO)

    The Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers faced a quick turnaround this weekend, shifting from closing out their first-round series Thursday night to opening their Eastern Conference semifinal matchup less than 48 hours later. While the Sixers seemed to handle the switch well, shooting 54.5...
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    little sweating on the rack, which is connected to the two front wheels of my...

    ...suv. do i have to do something? i have 2005 KIA sorento.
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    little sweating on the rack, which is connected to the two front wheels of my...

    ...suv. do i have to do something? i have 2005 KIA sorento.
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    little sweating on the rack, which is connected to the two front wheels of my...

    ...suv. do i have to do something? i have 2005 KIA sorento.
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    Excessive sweating when nervous?PLEASE HELP!?

    This is really gross, but when i get nervous, I sweat like crazy. Especially my face, neck and back. it's so gross. For example, today i had an orientation for a new school. I was swearting so much . im almost crying it's so embarrassing. is there any way i can stop this? Im going into...
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    Problem with excessive sweating?

    I tend to sweat very easily. It gets very embarrassing during the summer because I only have to walk a short distance before I break out in sweat all over my face and body. I've been suffering from anxiety for a very long time. Could the sweating be related to my anxiety or could it be that I...
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    whats the name of the clothes that are use for losing weight or sweating?

    is not thermal but is more like plastic and it makes u sweat alot
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    Q&A: What's causing my constant sweating?

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    My hands are constantly cold, even when I'm sweating?

    Well, it's been happening for like, two years now. I could be sweating, and my hands would still feel like ice cubes to the touch. I'm not even exaggerating; right now they feel like I've stuck them in snow, but the rest of my body is really hot. What's wrong with my hands?!
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    How can I stop sweating under my arms?

    Ok. I have always struggled with sweating under my arms, but it seems like it has been really bad of late, and I am SO tired of it!!! I am a 20 year old male. I will put on a shirt, and in 10 minutes the underarms will be covered with sweat! It's gross and embarrasing. Can anyone please give me...
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    How can I stop sweating really bad? Mens Health?

    And no it's not when I workout, or even doing anything strenious! For no reason several times a day I will just break out in sweat all over for 30minutes or so (just enough to get drenched) and then everything will be ok.... sounds strange I know, but I don't know what to do. I carry round a...
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    Why is my right armpit sweating more than my left?

    My right armpit sweats more than my left, why?
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    Mrs. James appeared at the clinic complaining of extreme nervousness and sweating,

    saying that she could feel? and hear her heart thumping when she tried to sleep at night. Laboratory testing revealed hyperglycemia and increased basal metabolic rate. Although she also proved to have high blood pressure, tests of thyroid function were normal. What is your diagnosis? What...
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    Why Does My Food Keep Sweating?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    so yesterday i went to get an apple, but when i picked it up it slipped from my hand for it was sweating profusely. i didnt know what to do so i just went to get an orange but it was having the same problem infact all my food is sweating uncontroably what do i do????
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    How do i stop excessive armpit sweating?

    Im 20 years old and i have a really bad sweating problem.I use degree for women right now but is there anything else that will cure my problem.HELP! what do i need to use.I cant afford to go to the doctor.
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    Biking to work + sweating = Problems?

    I want to regularly bike to work to save gas and get more exercise, but by the time I get to work I'm all sweaty. My ride is about 12 miles 1 way and takes about an hour. My office is right on the ocean, so I could take a salt-water dip, but then I'd need to shower off. I've also tried using...
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    What can I do to stop sweating?

    I'm 13 years old and I sweat... ALOT. I'm not even hot and it just is pouring out of me. I sweat alot under my arms and on the plams of my hands. I have tried every kind of deodorant made to reduce sweating and none of it works. All my friends always ask me why I wear sweatshirts all the time...
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    Why have i been sweating so much lately?

    okay im sweating alot latly and its cold out i even sweat sometimes when i dont sleep with a fan right beside me i mean im not hot at all when im sweating and its mostly my hands that sweat im not nervous or anything (im 14 btw and a guy) and idk wat to do ill like hold my gfs hand and she'll be...
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    Has anyone tried prescription anti-persperant for excessive sweating?

    I used prescription strength antipersperant for my sweat problem last night and wonder if it really works. The doctor said over time it blocks the glands. Does anyone have experience with this hyperhydrosis medication?