1. R

    Is swimming a good workout for Basketball players?

    I've been swimming everyday for the past week and Noticed it has helped my Stamina a lot because I just played an entire 40 minute game yesterday which I hadn't done for a long time. My question is what swim type is best for basketball? Also what other pool workouts are good for basketball...
  2. N

    Swimming at the beach during your period?

    My friend invited me to go swimming at the beach and i said yes but im on my period. Im only 11 and this is the second time im on my period(my first time was a month ago). So i dont want to wear a tampon. Im not sure if my period might stop tomorrow cuz my period has lasted about 5 days by now...
  3. M

    Should i do swimming or soccer?

    Hi all.so i have lost weight finally and i want to be sporty and get fit.i think both sports are fun .my questions are if i do swimming will i get very broad shoulders and will it make my legs smaller or bigger? And if football will it make my thighs and legs big and bulky? I dont want that but...
  4. S

    I have red bumpy itchy spots after swimming in a swimming pool. What is going on?

    So sometimes after I swim I get these red itchy spots (looks like bug bites) on my body and then a few hours later it is gone. But today the same thing happened but it is sort of all over my body. Itchy, irritating, red. And it's not going away. I checked online and it could be swimmers...
  5. E

    Should i join swimming or workout? Pls help!?

    Background info: Senior year going into a JC after highschool. 3 years of Varsity Swimming (however average skilled swimminer). I can do all strokes well therefore i did 200IM. Will not do swimming in college. Now: I decided to workout for the rest of senior year to get ripped. I enjoy working...
  6. Y

    POLL: swindler in the swimming pool?

    Jane the detective go to the swimming pool. when jane was swimming, suddenly there was someone yelling "Help! my money is gone!" jane get out of the pool and closed the entrance and exit door. jane come to the "yelling" guy and the ask to him "how much your money's gone and where do you keep...
  7. H

    Which sport? Swimming or Moto?

    My boyfriend and I are debating. I'm a swimming and he races motocross. He says his sport it harder and I say mine is... Which sport is more strenuous/physical/better workout, or however else you wanna put it? Preferably from someone who has done both :) Thanks so much!
  8. H

    Gym and Swimming to Lose Weight and gain muscle?

    hi Friends I m a 23 year old man. who is tall ans has got man breast as well as hip fat and my body frame looks like a female. My but is small and not so good tighs I have a narrow shoulder too. My aim is to lose man breast, hip fat and gain broad shoulders, broad chest goog back, and strong...
  9. J

    POLL: Is swimming good for your mental health?

    I have psychosis will it help this?
  10. T

    Walking, Running, And Swimming Trump Resistance Training For Weight And Fat Loss

    Aerobic training is the best mode of exercise for burning fat, according to Duke researchers who compared aerobic training, resistance training, and a combination of the two. The study, which appears in the Journal of Applied Physiology, is the largest randomized trial to analyze changes in...
  11. T

    Novel Forms Of Activity, Like Swimming, Linked To Development Of Motor Behaviors

    Scientists from the University of Leicester have hit upon unique forms of spinal nerve activity that shape output of nerve cell networks controlling motor behaviours. The breakthrough in the Department of Biology at the University of Leicester was announced in the journal Current Biology. The...
  12. J

    cheap swimming accessories

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  13. A

    Missy Franklin chooses the California Golden Bears for collegiate swimming

    One of the nation's most coveted recruits has made a commitment. No, this isn't about a Top 100 basketball player. It's Missy Franklin, the high schooler who won the United States four Olympic gold medals in London over the summer. Franklin announced on Saturday that she will attend California...
  14. W

    How did the butterfly style of swimming originate and why is it an Olympic event?

    It seems like such an unnatural way to swim and takes so much more effort (in my opinion).
  15. G

    This Robotic Swimming Humanoid Is No Match For Phelps [Video]

    If Tokyo Tech's swimming android robot—awkwardly dubbed the Swumanoid—is any indication, our Olympic athletes don't have to worry about any cybernetic competition for at least a few more years. But for the time being, this robot is actually designed to help improve a human swimmer's performance...
  16. H

    Belly button piercing.. hiking, swimming, and Hawaii?

    i'm supposed to get my belly button pierced this weekend, but i'm also going to Hawaii in exactly 3 weeks, we're planning a 3 mile hike to a waterfall, and the occasional swimming at the beach.. should i get it pierced now.. or when i come back.. which is like 2 months from now. :/
  17. A

    why are my goldfish swimming really fast around the fish tank and i think my

    goldfish are obeise? i finally got them the right filter so that was a good idea, and i also have a pump cleaner which helps alot should i start over and get a brandnew fish tank, cause in the beginning i would change there water all the whole fish tank and they would be happy now everytime i...
  18. A

    Female swimming coaches abound in Washington boys swimming state meet

    When one considers the fact that two high school swimming teams coached by women named Laura Halter and Chauntelle Johnson are heading toward state titles in Washington, nothing outwardly different stands out. Yet, there is something unique about Halter and Johnson's impending run at squad...
  19. M

    Swimming+body building for fitness body?

    Is swimming enough to make a beautiful fit body? or I need lifting weights as well. I am swimming aboout 7 years ans now i am 27 years old. but couldn't notice any outstanding difference in my body shape and muscles. Is it true that, by swimming the muscles will remain for a longer time than...
  20. pleasehelpme1

    Help - My fish has a large swelling and is swimming upside down?

    Hello, My fish has a large swelling near his posterior and is swimming upside down... presume it is the swim bladder... can you help? I've tried salt and peas to flush his guts and relieve the constipation if that's what it is.... The other fish were avoiding him before I decided to isolated...