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    Briefly: Greens on price gouging, SLI Systems loss, MS boosts Skydrive Pro

    Price gouging raises its ugly head again after a Green Party survey showing New Zealanders pay on average 40 percent more than Americans for software and hardware products.There’s not much governments can do about price-gouging other than naming and shaming the guilty parties. That might not...
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    Public Health Research Using Geographic Information Systems

    The current special issue of Technology and Innovation - Proceedings of the National Academy of Inventors®, is devoted to public health research using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to help provide beneficial data for public health researchers focusing on health risks and food access in...
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    Video & Online Gaming: Super Mario Bro. Games for these Handheld systems?

    Nintendo's Gameboy Nintendo's Gameboy Color Nintendo's Gameboy Advanced Nintendo's Nintendo DS Nintendo's Nintendo 3DS
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    Strong Support For The Ongoing Development And Implementation Of Regional Systems Of

    An integrated system of stroke care delivery in Ontario, Canada, has resulted in fewer deaths from stroke and fewer discharges to long-term care facilities because of better access to optimal stroke care, according to a study published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal). Stroke is a...
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    How are the 3 major energy systems involved with MMA?

    Need help ASAP
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    Old Man Emu 1.5" Suspension Systems for 2006 Jeep Liberty KJ 3.7L question.?

    So when I go to purchase it, it asks me whether I want light, medium, or heavy loads. I understand this has to do with the weight bearing down on the suspension but I want to know what's the limit between each. I'm that light load is stock. I'm only going to get the arb grill guard, k and n air...
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    Cheap exhaust systems for motorcoss bike?

    I have a 09 yz250f i m going to put an after market full exhaust system on it either fmf or yoshimure i have found a site from america that has a full fmf system for about 450$ just wanted to have a look if u no any sites that sell yoshi's cheap thanks or if u no of any other pipes
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    Are there any handheld video game systems that can be dropped in a hot tub and

    still work? I like being in the hot tub, but it gets boring after awhile. So I wanted to play video games while in the hot tub, but since bringing a TV, console, and controller is just ridiculous, I wanted to use a handheld console. So I was wondering if anyone has ever dropped a handheld...
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    Need help getting into handheld systems? PSP/VITA RPGS!!!?

    So, I have never been a handheld gamer, never pictured myself being one either. I recently have been looking into PSP and Vita games (specifically RPGS) and discovered some games that look awesome like the Legend of Heroes games, Ys, Ragnarok Odyssey, ect. I always thought it was going to be...
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    Are the Palestinians tolerant of other faith systems or religious bigot like Saudi

    Arabia? I'm a Pagan and wish to travel Gaza. Will I be safe there?
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    Information Systems and Technology Trends?

    I have to write a trend report. What are some trends in the information systems and technology field? Thanks.
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    how to remoting viewing cctv systems on the nokia asha 311 please tell me ?

    suraj negi
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    Unisys migrates New Zealand Transport Agency IT systems to ES7000 and ES3000 platform

    Around 1.7 billion records are moved to a new Windows-based platform hosted by Unisys in two New Zealand data centres.
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    Noise interference on car audio systems?

    Hi, I've recently set up four car speakers in my bed room like a surround sound, which are connected up to a head unit and powered by a PC power supply! All is good and the volume level it provides is great but one thing I can't seem to solve is the noise interference? Any ideas of how to...
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    has alfa romeo ever factory fitted lpg systems?

    i couldn't find any information regarding this on the internet. the particular model i am interested in is the 156.
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    Novel Sensor Systems May Enable Seniors To Continue Living At Home

    University of Adelaide computer scientists are leading a project to develop novel sensor systems to help older people keep living independently and safely in their own homes. The researchers are adapting radio-frequency identification (RFID) and sensor technologies to automatically identify and...
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    Recall recap: Champion Portable Generators; Bose Home Theater Speaker Systems; Britax

    [No message]
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    New Unisys high-end ClearPath systems deliver mainframe performance on Intel-based pl

    Newest members of ClearPath family combine latest Intel processors with Unisys enterprise-class virtualisation to deliver performance previously possible only with proprietary technology.
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    Impact Of Wearable Monitoring Systems On Parkinson's Patients

    Parkinson's disease is the second leading neurodegenerative disease after Alzheimer's disease. Now, researchers at The Technical Research Centre for Dependency, Care and Autonomous Living (CETpD) of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, BarcelonaTech (UPC) have designed a new wearable...
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    Kordia partners with Blue Coat Systems for cloud-based web security

    Kordia has partnered with Blue Coat Systems to launch a new cloud-based web security solution for businesses to meet the challenges of today's changing application and media consumption patterns, and dynamic web-based threat landscape.