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    U.S. Open, Day 3: James Blake says farewell to tennis after first round loss

    ? James Blake announced before the U.S. Open began that he would be retiring, and while he didn't want it to happen in the first round, you can't help but love his effort in his five set loss to Ivo Karlovic. Blake lost in a fifth set tiebreaker, but took to the microphone to thank the fans that...
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    India-Live telecast of Rogers cup (Tennis)?

    Which channel is telecasting the Rogers cup (Tennis) matches in India(bangalore)?
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    Bo Jackson (football) vs Roger Federer (tennis)?

    Back in March, ESPN did the "greatest athletes of all time" tournament, and Bo Jackson beat Roger Federer. I've seen a lot of disagreement on the Internet about that, so do you think that was the right choice? A lot of people say Bo never accomplished anything, but I think they give Federer...
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    Roger/Hai/Yes in Prince of Tennis?

    Echizen Ryoma's weird reply? I just started to watch prince of tennis and other than his mada mada dane when he replies to people, mainly his senpais or especially Momo, he says a weird 'yes' that sounds like 'veece~' What is he actually saying? What does it mean? Don't japanese people normally...
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    Does it make a big difference to use tennis shoes for hiking?

    I'm going to be hiking a mountain or two on Hawaii and I will also be walking around the Big Island. I was wondering if it will make a big difference if I use tennis shoes for hiking? I'm not sure if hiking will be fine without buying hiking shoes. Suggestions and any other advice will be gladly...
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    Tennis Babe Ana Ivanovic is a Happy Women Tonight

    [No message]
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    Statistically, how many people are affected by Tennis Elbow?

    This is for a research paper, so I most likely need to cite the statistic, but I'll take anything at this point. I can't seem to find a number anywhere else. It can be nation-wide, or anything! Help!
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    Where can I buy old Nike Zoom Vapor Tour VI tennis shoes?

    Besides eBay. I've been looking for a while. I remember my friend used to have some white ones with the blue swoosh and I've been really wanting to get some. I just can't find any.
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    Do you watch tennis? And if so, do you love Roger Federer?

    Who is the greatest of all time in your opinion.
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    Do you watch tennis? And if so, do you love Roger Federer?

    Who is the greatest of all time in your opinion.
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    What fitness things should i be doing to become a tennis player?

    What type of fitnnes things should I be doing to become a good or pro tennis player example running situps etc I am being private coached I am 15 and have been playing since I was 8
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    Tennis Section: ATP World Tour Draw Challenge?

    Hey everybody! Indian Wells is right around the corner and that means ... it's another season for us to kick butt in the ATP World Tour Draw Challenge Circuit! This will be our 3rd year competing together in every Masters 1000 event for the ATP tour. Last year we had 12 members ... most of...
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    How to improve fitness specifically for tennis?

    For my year 12 research project I am making a fitness program for tennis and I am looking for helpful information on this topic. (Be aware replies could be included in my project) In particular: - How to improve the type of endurance needed for tennis - Exercises for the core, calves, thighs...
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    Which Wilson tennis racket strings are similar to Wilson NXT Tour 17 Strings?

    I have been using the Wilson NXT Tour 17 strings for 2 years now and I loved them until I started to add more top spin onto my shot. I need strings that are similar in power and spin, but MUCH more durable. However, I don't know if I am ready to move on to polyester strings, so that is out of...
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    im a girl to start tennis will i need to be able to do fitness activities...

    ...such as sit ups? I have played tennis before, but now im starting to take lessons again, im nervous about fitness activities such as sit ups , push ups etc because most other sports include those, are sit ups push ups etc part of tennis lessons ?
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    Anyone have a Prince of Tennis Charamate they wanna sell?

    Preferably Shiraishi, Niou, Marui, Fuji or Saeki D:
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    Who do you think is the funniest tennis player?

    Monfils, Nole and Soderling are funny! Both men and women.
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    tennis Quiz help ???

    1.Serves need to be played in the box________ from the serve 2.The same player serves the entire ________ 3.___ ___ means zero points 4.A serve not placed in the box diagonal would be considered ______ 5.40-40 is also known as _________
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    Pro. tennis dreams help please?

    Well I really want to go pro. in my sport what can I do to achevie this I can't afford a 50,000 a yr program. How can i get a scholarship? also what should I be eating how much should i be working out i get a 2 hour group lesson and a half hour private a week plus more time playing during the...
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    Which US city recently hosted the Sony Ericsson Open tennis tournament?