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    Terrible Evolutionary Psychology Professor Thinks Fat People Shouldn’t Get PhDs

    It's almost impressive how many stupid assumptions NYU evo-psych professor Geoffrey Miller was able to fit into 140 characters, More » Terrible Evolutionary Psychology Professor Thinks Fat People Shouldn’t Get PhDs is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work outs, wellness &...
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    International No Diet Day: A Compendium Of Terrible Vintage Diet Ads

    In celebration of "International No-Diet Day," let's take a look at some truly awful weight-loss advertising of yore.*These vintage diet ads from magazines and newspapers espouse novel ways to "wash away fat" and "reduce your flesh," and assure us that popularity and "slender ankles" can be ours...
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    Girls Is Terrible, And Such Small Portions: How To Lose Friends And Alienate Everyone

    Last night’s episode of Girls involved a cumshot, a broken q-tip and a possible rape. Which is why I feel okay saying it’s the most uncomfortable episode ever. Like, when I say uncomfortable, I mean I watched the whole thing through my hands like a horror movie. Things were viscerally...
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    No, I Don't Want to Download the Terrible App Version of Your Website

    Every single time I visit some low-rent website which gives the option of downloading an ill-considered, poorly-designed, incomplete, app-based version of itself, a small part of me dies. More »
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    How to politely tell someone they are terrible at cooking?

    My Aunt, bless her, is an awful cook. She likes to cook for my Grandmother and I, although generally do most of the cooking. I cringe at the sight of her food. Not only does it look horrible, it generally tastes bland. She cooked chicken last night and it was so dry and tasteless I almost...
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    Peter Odemwingie and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad transfer deadline day

    Drawn like a moth to the giant neon pound sign that floats above Loftus Road, smiling West Brom striker Peter Odemwingie turned up at QPR's door three and a half hours before the January transfer window shut. The problem here was that Odemwingie had not been sold to QPR nor had West Brom given...
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    6 Tips On How To Look Good When You Feel Terrible

    Fortunately, there are ways to keep from looking quite so ill as to deter coworkers or cause embarrassment. Start by whipping off those slippers and swapping your bathrobe for something a little less fuzzy. With these little tips, you'll look great regardless of how awful you feel. More » 6...
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    Greek Yogurt: Great Source Of Protein, Terrible For The Environment?

    It's a sad day when someone publishes a take-down of your favorite health food, but NPR has slowly been chipping away at the Greek yogurt trend, and unfortunately, it's looking like the high protein snack is better for your health than the environment. One could argue that any dairy or meat...
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    Does anyone else think Nike Elite Socks trend looks terrible?

    There is a trend among young people going on them having black crew socks with nike logo. I personally think it is a terrible look. I have other people trying to convince me its a good look(stylish).
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    Terrible Angels: Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Displaces Military Hurricane Relief W

    Power is back in Manhattan and subway service is (mostly) restored, but the National Guard, FEMA, Red Cross and others are still hard at work helping thousands of families who still have no power, hot water, heat, and in some cases, even homes. But more importantly: The Victoria's Secret Fashion...
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    More Terrible News From Hurricane Sandy: Water Contaminated With Sewage And Other Gro

    As if thousands of people through the Northeast don't have enough destruction to deal with from Hurricane Sandy, now many residents in New York and New Jersey alone are having to deal with another dangerous--and possibly deadly--issue: contaminated water that is loaded with sewage, bacteria and...
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    Good grief, Dez Bryant, that was terrible

    On Monday night, Dallas wide receiver Dez Bryant established a new career high in receiving yards (105) while having an absolutely horrible, shameful, no-good, nightmarish game. Bryant had three brutal drops in the Cowboys' 34-18 loss to Chicago, one of which hit him in the face. (On another...
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    Behind the Box Score, where the Clippers and Grizzlies nearly salvaged a terrible nig

    Memphis Grizzlies 105, Los Angeles Clippers 98 (series tied, 1-1) After a miserable night of basketball that saw the Pacers and Spurs win by a combined 54 points, a reasonably competitive Clippers-Grizzlies contest was a needed tonic -- but hardly much to behold. It was sometimes fun to watch...
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    I'm a female, white, and terrible at making jokes. Does this mean I'm the...

    ...exact opposite to Dave chappell? If this is so, and people say that opposites attract, why have I not met him yet? Do I need to acquire magnets?
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    “Broga” Sounds Terrible, Says Actual Yoga-Practicing Man

    Last week, Time ran a story with the headline "Broga: Finally, Yoga For Dudes," which is about studios that are offering competitive, "manlier"**yoga for men. Which immediately irritated me, because not only is that is a terrible name, but there are always men in my yoga class, so it's not as if...
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    Classic Cocktail Guide: ‘Mad Men’ Era Drinks That Aren’t Terrible For You

    Some of you might argue that an alcoholic drink can't be "healthy," but we like to take a more realistic approach: We're going to drink anyway, so how can we get as many vitamins and nutrients as possible—with as few calories, chemicals or sugars—with our alcohol? Everything in moderation. Which...
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    The Fake Meat Industry Is Blowing Up–And It’s Kind Of Terrible For The Planet

    In the last 10 years, meat substitutes have come a long way. According to an NPR report, in the last year alone, over 100 new fake meat products have been introduced*in the United States, including everything from "beef tips" to "orange chicken" and "pulled pork." It's multi-million dollar...
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    My dog has terrible teeth but I can't afford a vet.?

    Someone on the street gave her to me two years ago. She's a eleven-year-old miniature poodle and has tar all over her teeth and her breath smells absolutely terrible. I can't afford a vet, i don't even have enough money for my own health insurance. She never seems unhappy or bothered about her...
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    Brad Pitt Admits To Feeding His Kids Coca-Cola, Sets Terrible Example

    Brad Pitt has a lot on his plate. On top of being one of the most recognizable actors of a generation, he and wife Angelina Jolie are pretty much constantly jet-setting to film festivals and impoverished nations for humanitarian work--and frequently, they've got their 6 children in tow. But I'm...
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    Quitting Smoking, Week 1: Not Totally Terrible (Maybe Because I Cheated?)

    So here we are: One week after*I vowed to quit smoking. One week down with no—er, few—cigarettes. Yeah, I failed at 'cold turkey.' I'm still calling the week a success—with only six cigarettes smoked, that's less than one per day. I'll take it. While trying for less this week, of course ... More...