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    Need help with my lg lht764 5 disk changer surround sound home theatre system?

    I have an lht764 5 disk changer home theatre dvd player that my parents gave to me for my new apartment i didnt get any speakers but have the remote the manuel and the dvd player itself when i try to hook up my rca cables from the dvd player into the tv the movie plays but with no sound i had...
  2. K

    How to set up my home theatre system?

    I own a Panasonic TC55LE54 TV and a Panasonic SCPT760 Home Theatre Receiver. The problem is not with the speakers themselves, thats all fine, the problem I am having is with the channels/inputs and getting audio to come out of the receiver (in basic terms, is there one simple way to get all...
  3. E

    How do I make my home theatre system play music through my laptop?

    I have an LG 3D Blu-ray home theatre system and I want to play music through my laptop via an AUX cable. The issue is: I plug in the AUX cable and it plays sound through the central speaker but not through any of the surround speakers (of which there are 4) and they are all plugged into the...
  4. M

    Can't seem to use Home Theatre system with TV with HD Arc?

    We have a new TV with HD Arc. Our Home theatre only has HD out (not ARC) can we still use the Home Theatre as our audio for the TV? It doesn't seem to be working when using a regular HD cable. The Home Theatre system was working fine with our older TV.
  5. S

    connecting xbox 360 to Home theatre Panasonic blue ray!?

    I once successfully connected it and tested it but then had to switch and watch a movie. When I came back to connect the 360, i was never sufccessful. I have messed with the audio settings on the xbox, tv and blu-ray but no luck. If you have a detailed step by step on how to do this, I will be a...
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    If I connect an optical digital out from my TV to my Home theatre, will I get ALL...

    ...sounds from ALL devices? I was just wondering, would i ONLY get sound from the LIVE TV , or will I also get sound from devices that are plugged to it, such as (Wii, Blu Ray Player, Satellite Box)
  7. H

    what is the costliest home theatre?

    which is the costliest home theatre in the world sony or samsung product?
  8. A

    How can i connect my laptop to a DVD home theatre system?

    I would like to give sound output of my laptop to a DVD hometheatre system which is having build in amplifier and AUX port.It is having 5.1 channel out.What kind of cable should i bye? or what should i do?
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    do I have to buy a new tv if it doesn't hve a connecter for my home theatre system?

    do I need to purchase a new TV to connect my home theatre system to the TV or is there an adapter of some sort that I can purchase to connect the optical cable that I already have for the home theatre system to the TV since it does not have one. So all in all I already have a optical cord that...
  10. R

    Can I connect my iPod shuffle to a home theatre system?

    Can I plug it onto the USB of the iPod onto the USB port available on my home theatre system
  11. E

    Looking for Home Theatre Receiver?

    I have 2 vintage Monitor5 Polk Monitors that I got off craigslist for 100 bucks. They are great speakers, and I had an old Stereo Receiver that I plugged them into, but the receiver has died and now I want to buy a nice Dolby/Digital Receiver. I have an Optoma HD71 projector that has audio...
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    How can i connect my home theatre system to my lcd TV?

    Actually i can connect my home theatre system to tv through HDMI cable but the problem is that i can not hear any sound from my tv through home theatre system. Suppose if i m watching channel 9 and i want its sound in my home theatre system speakers, then i cannot hear anything. my tv has...
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    A Good Home Theatre System?

    Suggest a 5.1ch Home Theatre System within INR 6K to buy. Exclude Creative, F&D, Frontech & iBall. Reply positively. Thank You.
  14. M

    How much to have an imax theatre installed your home?

    Price ranges?
  15. A

    I want a home movie theatre in my entire garage but...?

    I know nothing about electronics,what is the best projector,screen,surround sound and movie theatre seats,where do I get em from and what are the prices?
  16. S

    which is the best home theatre?? i own a lg dvd player and panasonic 42 inch lcd tv.?

    Onkyo HTS 3400 Home Theatre Yamaha YHT-196 Yamaha NS-P40 speakers alone and connect to dvd player Pioneer HTP 71 5.1 home theatre system Sony DAV-TZ215 Sony DAV-DZ640 which is the best one??? sony has 1000watts output but yamaha pioneer ect mentioned above has only 600 to 660 watts will...
  17. J

    my dad bought a blueray home theatre system and needs help getting sound..?

    from our tv to come out the surround sound system. He has sound when he puts a movie in but he cant seem to figure out how to get the sound from the tv to the theatre system. what do we do?
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    How can I connect my Home Theatre to my PC so I can play games with the 5.1 Home...

    ...Theatre as my Audio? So I have this LG DH6320P as my Home theatre which includes LG DVD player, 5 speakers+subwoofer. You can see other specs in the official site of LG Now I'm going to upload my dxdiag, system, display, and 3 audio details:
  19. M

    Why when I play music through my my home theatre from my pc does the vocal music

    echo? How do I get rid of the echo of the music I play from my pc through my home theatre system
  20. S

    Can i connect my samsung galaxy w to sony home theatre with usb?

    I want to listen to music with DAV-DZ87OW from my phone via usb, The music files appears and disappears quickly then it says device not supported.