1. S

    can i download stock themes from t mobile sony ericsson c905?

    sony ericsson c905 t mobile stock themes
  2. B

    If I make themes for bada, symbian and blackberry, how much money I could earn?

    If I make themes for bada, symbian and blackberry, how much money I could earn? $ 10000, $ 20000? How much money i could earn?
  3. J

    Are there novels with the following themes?

    Hi there, I'm trying to look for a novel(s) that have sociopolitical themes, particularly ones that explore the effects of the "modernization theory" on societies and globalization, etc. I've read for instance Joseph Conrad's "Heart of Darkness," and my professor said that I could, on some...
  4. V

    Nokia ! Which websites upload daily themes for Nokia handsets ?

    DAILY OK !
  5. V

    Symbian Phones have downloadable themes, Windows dont, does Android have ?

    Do android phones have downloadable themes ? I am a themes user, I love to use themes on my old Java Phone.
  6. T

    Downloading Ringtones, Themes etc - Help?

    I have dowloaded various themes and ringtones from Zedge to my mobile phone using a usb cable connected from my mobile phone to the computer. Is this free and won't affect my internet usage supplied by my mobile phone contract? Please reply
  7. P

    What are good Hunger Games tumblr themes?

    Doing a Hunger Games tumblr but cant find themes...
  8. O

    how to create symbian belle themes?

    i have a n8-nokia device, and i would really like to know how to create themes for it so... please help me
  9. X

    where can i download cool anime themes for my psp 3000?

    where can i download cool anime themes for my psp 3000???
  10. C

    Where can I download free ‘LEGAL’ old music and Themes for Nokia E72?

    Looking for music from the 60's, 70's, and 80's. Does anyone know where I can find free [‘LEGAL’] downloads for my Nokia E72. PLEASE don’t advice me to go to Nokia or Ovi… been there MANY TIMES and they DO NOT have any! Also looking for some desktop themes [free & legal] for my Nokia E72. Thk u...
  11. C

    How to delte Nokia Asha 300 Themes?

    Hi all coulde anyone tell me how to delete themes on mine nokia asha 300 ? Thank you all in advance
  12. T

    Recommend me some games with interesting art styles or game themes?

    Things like Catherine, Persona, and American McGee's Alice/Madness Returns.
  13. D

    Android Google Search Bar Themes?

    On Android phones, you can use the Google search bar widget. My brothers is a search bar with Google in black text, and mine has a purple G on it. I was wondering if there is any way to change or look for other themes? Here is a picture of the purple one that I have...
  14. A

    Does anyone know any good FREE sites for ringtones, themes, games & apps...

    ...for blackberry curve 9300? I've been on funformobile and mytinyphone.
  15. C

    Do the Metamorphosis and The Perks of being a Wallflower share the same themes?

    do they share the same genre, in a way? what are the similarities between them? differences?
  16. I

    how to do themes for nokia?

    how to do themes
  17. L

    Good apps, themes for blackberry 8520?

    FREE apps or themes only please cuz I just get bored of the same background an all that. Thanks:D xx
  18. X

    Are you allowed to do Adult themes on Fanfiction? I don't mean full...

    ...everything goes adult but...? I don't mean full everything goes adult but something close or if it got to that point how far could you go before you could only put it on the adult fanfiction site? I prefer to keep it all in 1 place instead of making a separate link for like 1 scene.
  19. J

    Why doesn't my psp recognize ctf themes?

    i installed a CXMB plugin, and enabled it in the seplugins i downloaded a ctf theme and put it in J:PSP>THEME>theme.ctf my current custom firmware is 6.60ME v1.3 when ever i try to apply the theme it doesn't show up. does anyone know what i can do? and another question, my 16gb memory stick is...
  20. N

    Does Twilight have Mormon themes?

    Is the saga seriously based on Meyer's Mormon theology and worldview.