1. D

    how can i make the skin under my feet tough or thick?

    i'm starting to work out for the first time in my life. My feet are soft really soft. Now that I'm working out i'm having really big blisters under my feet, and it hurts so bad i have to stop running. Is there a way I can make my skin tougher or thicker, or is there something i can do so i...
  2. K

    Male w/ thick, semi-wavy hair, high hair line - What's a good cut/style for me?

    I'm looking for some better options. I've been trying to improve my look lately, and I really need a better cut. Here's what I have right now: Unstyled: Hairline: I'd like to keep a medium length, but I'm sure it could look better...
  3. A

    How to style VERY THICK hair??? Help!?

    First off, let me start by saying that I am hispanic just to clarify my hair type. So my hair is very thick and seems to be impossible to do anything with. I have had the same hairstyle for years because of this and I would like to change things up a bit but need a little advice first.. So the...
  4. L

    Thick homemade gummi candy recipe?

    I'm looking for one that's similar to Haribo's gummies in mouth-feel. I got spoiled by German-style Gold-Bears early in life, and now most American gummies just seem way too soft and sugary to me. I think I'd have to use gum arabic in addition to or instead of gelatin to get them that thick...
  5. A

    Basically i cooked raw thick bacon in the microwave for 3 minutes, there

    were two slices, will it be cooked? I cooked some bacon in the microwave, they were both thick slices but i put them in for two minutes? I've ate them now but will they be ok? They were crispy on the sides but slightly soft in the middle
  6. G

    Wireless Power Transferred Through Thick Concrete Could Mean Electric Cars That Charg

    One of the biggest issues preventing the electric car from taking over the roads is their incredibly limited battery life. But researchers at the Toyohashi University of Technology in Japan have demonstrated a new system that could let electric cars constantly recharge while they're being...
  7. freeman

    male Straight thick hair what Style suit me?

    i am a 26 year old white male very thin in built 6 foot high i have hair so thick and Straight my hairdresser has never seen hair on a man as Straight she told me if all women had hair like mine there would eb no need for GHD what style what suit me i think i want style it instead of dry cut...
  8. T

    How do you style a thick mohawk?

    I want to have a mohawk but not one of those fanned out ones, I want it to be maybe 2 1/2 or 3 inches across. How would I go about making it?
  9. K

    Can you use a thick heavy curtain for a home theater room?

    - If I wanted to divide my home theater room from another room without drywall, could I use a thick heavy curtain?
  10. J

    My camera has a thick black border around it when i upload it to youtube?? HELP!?

    i have a canon fs100 and it used to be great. BUT recently when i upload a video theres black borders around the playback of the video and it makes the quality look worse. i use windows live movie maker to edit and it always asks me for the size of it. it even gives me a recommended one but that...
  11. M

    Why is my c0ck so thick, juicy and meaty?

    I raised it like the rest but they`re all the same size as the other chickens. It ate the same food and had the same excersize and I never injected it with steriods. Why is my cock so thick and juicy?
  12. G

    removing thick stubborn tar from mud guard flaps?

    How do I remove really thick stubborn tar from my mud flaps?! i tried hugh pressure hosing it with soap at the car wash on the weekend, but it is stuck to the mud flaps. will Tarminator from Amazon work???
  13. G

    Siri's Achilles Heel Is Non-Native English Speakers With Thick Accents [Video]

    9to5Mac stumbled upon a YouTube video that exposes one of Siri's weaknesses - people who speak English with a heavy accent. These non-native speakers cause poor Siri to get all confused. More »
  14. T

    Im small and thick ...he is

    I am 5'3 and thick. My guy is 6'2 with a medium build We are going to have sex for the first time, Im a little worried about taking my clothes off....i dont him to be grossed out. I want to be on top...but i dont want to jiggle like crazy . Please help with the clothes thing and how to...
  15. J

    Anyone know a good hike in the Fort Collins area with thick Aspen...

    ...Forests? Possibly good mushroom hunting area? Looking for a mild to moderatley challenging hike, with pregnant wife. We are outdoorsy, and in good shape considering. Would also like to do some edible mushroom hunting while we're at it. Any suggestions?
  16. M

    Any tips for a thick, gooey mango chutney recipe?

    Can't steer anyone out of their favorite taste. It happen to be my favorite fruit when it is ripe soft and sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Usually cut the meaty sides first with cross section knife into its meat then flip the peel to curve the other way and you got mango cubes coming off that you can serve...
  17. G

    The girl presented me with a thick menu, most dishes in it totally unknown to me.?

    Is this sentence grammatically right? Thanks.
  18. H

    Can a 17hh thick Draft TB Cross go on lounge line?

    That horse isn't to big, a horse at my barn that is 17.2 gets lunged fine.
  19. L

    Is it a Missouri trend to wear side pony tails and thick headbands?

    When i was traveling someone asked my class if we were from missouri and we said yes. and asked them how they knew that. They responded that we had side pony tails and thick headbands and they know thats a missouri trend. Is this true? what other states wear thick headbands? side pony tails?
  20. K

    what loooks good on not fat, but thick girls ? lol . (: please help !?

    sooo from the side im pretty skinny, tiny ass tummy that can be hidden with jean s& pants that like go over it, but im suppppper wide . thick if you willl . i got hips & thighsss, so like i cant just wear jeans & a teee cuz i looook wide , you know ? anything that loooks good, makes legs &...