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    Online Dating Tip: The Big Problem with Big Girls Lying with Photos

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    Does anyone know a tip on how to defeat the fire dog on the game Elphis in Ipad?

    I need to defeat him quick! I need a tip on how to defeat this boss monster! please! someone give me a tip
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    Tip Drill: Mythbusting with Jose Bautista

    You might like Jose Bautista for his home-run bat, his attack mentality at the plate, or his cool sunglasses. Me, I dig the guy because he's a one-man wrecking crew when it comes to Fantasy Myth Busting. Heck, the first three bullet points in this article will come straight from the Joey Bats...
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    Afternoon Links: Hands-Free Headstand Tip

    • Attn. yogis: Perfect your hands-free headstand with this trick (PopSugar Fitness) • Watch a*97-year-old runner*break the 100-meter dash record for her age (Greatist) • Oh, look: Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt still exist—and they’re gun nuts now (The Frisky) … More » Afternoon Links...
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    Will a muffler tip make my car sound loud?

    Vauxhall Corsa 2002 Model SXi 1.2 16v http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TWIN-DUAL-EXHAUST-TRIM-TIPS-MUFFLER-PIPE-CHROME-TAIL-UP-TO-60MM-UNIVERSAL-FIT-/281015484035?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item416dd3fe83
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    Road Trip Tip: How To Check Restaurant Scores Online (And Avoid Eating Disease-Laden

    The good folks over at Food Safety News reported today that South Dakota's health department has put the state's restaurant scores online, making it easy to search and see if your favorite spot has had any critical health violations. But they're far from the only place that does it--plenty of...
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    how much should I tip a Chauffer (SUV Escalade driver)?

    I'm getting a ride to the airport soon, and I selected someone to drive me in an Escalade ESV SUV... when I paid it said gratuity was included... but do people normally tip again?
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    New Evidence Could Tip The Balance In Aspirin Cancer Prevention Care

    A new report by American Cancer Society scientists says new data showing aspirin's potential role in reducing the risk of cancer death bring us considerably closer to the time when cancer prevention can be included in clinical guidelines for the use of aspirin in preventative care. The report...
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    Would you tip the cashier who sold you the winning lottery ticket? If so, how much?

    Scenario: You work in a small, rural town where you visit the same convenience store everyday. You see the same cashiers all the time. Imagine one of them sells you a Powerball ticket. Said cashier is a friendly college girl who has worked at the same store for 3 years. You go to have her check...
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    Does nose right work for drooping nose tip?

    Hi, My nose tip is slightly droopy and when I smile it looks extra droopy and totally weird... Like from the side my nose is straight and looks really funny... I wanna get rid of the drooping tip and give my nose a little curve... Can nose right help me with that? Thanks
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    ESPN exec?s tip for Jon Gruden: Recognize when not to speak

    Norby Williamson and I agree on the principle of this point. Our philosophies differ in the application. ESPN's executive vice president of programming wants Jon Gruden to be more judicious with his words on "Monday Night Football." Presumably, this means he'd like the former coach to stop...
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    Can my boss legally take my tip money and give some of it to the cooks where i

    work as a waiter? I get paid $3 cooks get paid $14.
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    how much wind does it take to tip a sport bike over?

    mine weights somewhere over 300lbs should i leave the kick stand towards the wind or against?
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    how much wind does it take to tip a sport bike over?

    mine weights somewhere over 300lbs should i leave the kick stand towards the wind or against?
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    What PDA stylus ,with a pointed tip, is the best for tablets?

    I need a good stylus for an asus eee pad transformer, not one with the rubber ball on the end but one with a pointed tip like a pen
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    Fashion tip's for these item's =S?

    I brought these the other day but there actually quite difficult to find thing's that really go with them.. So i thought i'd ask you're opinions :) Thanks for the advice... http://www.riverisland.com/Online/women/shoes--boots/calf--knee-high-boots/dark-brown-riding-boots-605496 - These are not...
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    What are the exact measurements for the Nokia 3310 and 3210 mobile phone charger tip?

    Not the whole charger: just the metal connection tip. I need 1) outside diameter , 2) inside diameter, (hole in top) and 3) tip length - all to the nearest 0.5 mm. If you can answer all or one of these, I shall be very grateful. Question originally asked on Yahoo Australia by mistake. The 3310...
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    SeaFoam in my Audi A4 2.8 quattro tip 2001?

    Will It ruin my catalytic converter? Or do nothing? Where should I put it and how much. I only have 1qt. Will it help my car? Wat will it do to my specific car?
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    How would you react to someone you're gonna meet if they bit the tip of

    their tounge off..? (please no rude comments) There's a guy i started talking to that's really nice on a website. I've been talking to him for about a week now and he lives about a half an hour away from my city. Anyways, i'm planning to meet him with my friend this saturday, and he told me this...
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    how much do you tip a limo driver/ hotel bell hop?

    I'm renting a limo that is costing me 50/hour and I plan on having it for a maximum of 3-4 hours. How much do i tip the driver? Also, I am staying at a luxurious 4 star 4 diamond hotel and I don't know how much to tip the bell hop. Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance Edit: denver,co