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    What trends are you getting tired of?

    @Eternall yeah when people text like that its like reading another language. Thy txt lyk thiz. Who the hell talks like that? Lol @Django lol pee wee Herman? Lmbo...hee...hee
  2. S

    Tired of people spreading rumours about me.?

    Some people just want to be heard I don't believe their crap I just lost my mother from cancer 3weeks ago. I walk into the hair salon shop a ugly ass guy has the nerves to me ugly. I sit down by myself so this ugly chick getting her hair did say the same thing. Sound like jealousy towards me...
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    Mark Sanchez Sucks in OTA, Unnamed Teammate is Tired of Him

    [No message]
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    I'm really tired of smartphones?

    I would like to know if somebody thinks the same as me, I'm really tired of smartphones, the data plans for smartphones are too expensive, I have to pay $75 a month limited internet, I don't use the internet a lot but still I end paying $15 bucks more almost every month so 75 + 15 is almost $100...
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    Tired ! Guys how to get yahoo messenger to nokia n70,provided by yahoo?

    I had download all sugestion but i could find it anywhere...Help me please...Thank u
  6. M

    how many people are kind of tired of alt rock?

    It used to cool be now, its kind of... overt, do you agree? So there in lies the problem because of the name and its classification the radio and music industry. anybody with a different type of sound automatically categorized as alternative music. But now its like everybody in the...
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    Dont famous people get tired?

    yes and this is what happens when they do get tired: http://www.channel933.com/pages/demi-lovato/?8o
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    Tired of the Treadmill? Here’s How to Avoid Exercise Burnout

    If you're the type that becomes obsessed with one type of workout and then quickly tires of it and give it up all together, take a look at these tips to avoid exercise burnout. Try some of these and it will keep you exercising and enjoying it. More » Tired of the Treadmill? Here’s How to Avoid...
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    The Sacramento Kings are tired of Keith Smart?s inconsistent rotations

    Although they're still obligated to play an 82-game schedule, the Sacramento Kings franchise is less a basketball team than a battleground these days. With Chris Hansen's prospective Seattle ownership group looming and Sacto mayor (and former NBA All-Star) Kevin Johnson doing everything he can...
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    how do you make more money on the sims 3 ambitions for iphone i tired shaking it up

    an down an it dont work? an with the firefighting job how do i put out the burning building always seem to run out of water
  11. J

    how can i not be tired tomorrow?

    its almost 1 am and i have hw to finish. how can i be full of energy tomorrow because i have a huge test
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    Worst Part Of The 2013 Oscars: Seth MacFarlane’s Tired, Misogynist Jokes

    In Zero Dark Thirty, Best Actress nominee*Jessica Chastain*plays a young CIA officer who has spent her whole career focused on intelligence related to Osama bin Laden. Women—they just can’t let things go, am I right? That was 2013 Oscar host … More » Worst Part Of The 2013 Oscars: Seth...
  13. K

    Anyone else getting tired of Seth McFarlane's lame inaccurate racist jokes?

    I honestly like a good racist joke but only if they're accurate and shows like family guy and the cleveland show sucks at making racist jokes. F The flock of jewish guys flying away from an argument between an italian and black lady was just downright retarded. Dont get me started on his black...
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    Effects Of Stress Include Looking Tired And Gross, Say Doctors. Thanks, Science!

    You know how you feel less-than-attractive when you're really tired? Well, there's some scientific reasoning behind that. Stress and fatigue actually affect our skin, making us look puffier, saggier and in some cases, wrinklier. Thanks for letting us know, science!! More » Effects Of Stress...
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    Do the tribes in South Africa ever get tired of tourist being interested in

    them? are they ever mean to touris? Do they ever get mad about foreigners being fascinated with them and have there ever been any cases of the tribes being rude to tourist?
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    Tired, But Awake: Sleep Disorders Lead To 253 Million Days Of Sick Leave A Year In Th

    Insomnia and sleep apnoea are turning us into major health service consumers, causing us to be less productive at work, and may even lead to serious accidents. If you can't sleep at night, you're not alone. Around ten per cent of the population suffer from insomnia, where you have trouble...
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    underwear survey! tired of wedgies! no jokes?

    ok so im tired of buying underwear and then they turn horrible, the fit is never right, ive tried my best already and im tired. which brands are best and also what fit do you feel is better?
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    Jessica Alba Was Tired Of Toxic Products…So She Started ‘The Honest Company’

    In the era of pink slime and unregulated BPA in everything, it's not super-easy to avoid chemicals and toxins in the stuff that we buy in stores--especially when it comes to baby products. And while most of us just try to do the best we can to be eco-friendly by compulsively reading labels, some...
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    Do you get tired of when the wrestling matches interfere with the fun and

    cute humor during RAW? It's like "Come on matches, I'm trying to watch the cute and funny sections of RAW, but the matches keep coming up!"
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    Sick & Tired of being single. Do you think I'll EVER meet someone?

    I'll try to be as short and sweet as possible. I'm a 23 year old female and I understand that everyone has their own sets of problems/issues. However, I feel like I may have too much baggage. My "issues" began with your basic trust issues. As the years have passed, they've gotten stronger and...