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    One Direction Fanfic Title?

    Summary: Katelyn Styles is the twin sister of Harry Styles and for years nobody knew, even the boys, but one day Harry drags Katelyn to the studio with him and she meets the boys. The boys immediately take an interest in Katelyn and soon one starts to fall for her but Harry refuses to let any of...
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    What's the title of a book I read about a horse bike?

    I was telling my friend about a novel I read in middle school about a girl (or possibly a guy but I think it was a girl) who had a horse that died and was reincarnated in a bike. The main premise of the story was that the bike could move on its own and the main character knew this was because of...
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    Im writing a sci fi romance story and i need some ideas! Please! Its title

    is 'All the Heavenly Ones'? So im creating a story and i enjoy writing but i always have trouble finding a good plot... There are a lot of creative people out there so i was wondering if you'd lend me some ideas :) but yeah the title of my book is called All the Heavenly Ones...
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    What's a good title for a teen romance novel?

    I'm writing a humorous romance novel for teens(I'm 15) and I can't come up with a title. Summary: Emma and Luke have always been close, closer than most 15-year-old opposite sex best friends, so when Luke asks Emma to teach him how to cook over the summer, she naturally says yes. After spending...
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    Quiz: Who was the last Englishman to win a Men's Wimbledon title?

    I repeat Who was the last Englishman to win a Men's Wimbledon title?
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    Quiz: Who was the last Englishman to win a Men's Wimbledon title?

    I repeat Who was the last Englishman to win a Men's Wimbledon title?
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    Can I sell my husbands truck if he signed the title?

    My husband is In the marines and before he left he signed the title and told me to sell his truck. So is it fine if I sell it with his permission and signature since my name isn't on the title?
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    What's the real Chinese title of a kungfu series titled "The Golden Sword"?

    I used to watch the series through rented beta videos during on '90s or late '80s. I didn't finish watching the series and thinking of finding the series now... I don't know the Chinese tittle (the real tittle)... There was a love triangle between the main characters; Hsiao Ling, Yueh Hsiao Cai...
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    Chicago Blackhawks end Kings? reign to win conference title on Patrick Kane 2 OT goal

    The Chicago Blackhawks advanced to the Stanley Cup Final for the second time in four years, ousting the defending champion Los Angeles Kings in Game 5 by a 4-3 final in double-overtime. The Blackhawks face the Boston Bruins in the first all-Original Six since the Montreal Canadiens defeated...
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    What is the title of an older book that was a collection of sci fi artwork?

    It includes a picture of war of the worlds, one of some pure energy being, one of an empty space helmet reflecting another image, and one of bipedal bears who carry people on their backs, as well as many others. I am not sure how old the book is, but I know I had it as a kid in the early 90's.
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    Introducing the ?Glass Joe Title?: Honoring baseball?s losingest losers

    We as a baseball-watching society are very good at talking about who's the best. We have standings and power rankings and plenty of statistics. One cool new idea this season came from our fellow baseball bloggers at CBS Sports — the Eye On Baseball Heavyweight Championship Belt. It's a fun way...
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    How can i get an title for an suv bought it but never got the title i had

    it for 3 years now? Live in Delaware Don't know orhave any paper work and don't know where to find person that sold it to me
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    I read a sci-fi book and can't remember the title?

    This is a long shot. I read a book back around 2004. but the book could have been from the 80s or 90s. It was a sci-fi book. it said something on the cover about being made into a movie. But that hasn't ever helped me to find it. here are a few of the details I remember; the world is ending, the...
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    Florida water polo sore loser uses handshake line after state title loss to launch op

    Things are always tense when archrivals face off. When the teams are competing for a state title, the tension is even more pronounced. Yet that doesn’t excuse what happened at the conclusion of the Florida state water polo championship match between traditional rivals Ft. Lauderdale (Fla.) St...
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    Need to get a title to a truck?

    I want to buy a truck off my dad its a 91 dodge he got it 5-6 years ago off a college kid that said he would send him a title but never did we have a bill of sale but no title i would like to get the title i live in md if that helps
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    Need Help With Song Title From Taco Bell Doritos Locos Taco Last Bite Ad?

    I've heard this song before and I can not think of the title or who does it. The link to the ad is here http://ispot.tv/a/7ZYl. The song is kinda dubstep style starts out going Heh heh heh heyyyyyyyyy. yea i actually do go out on a limb to find new music, i've heard this song before the ad, so...
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    Two Book Title Question?

    I forgot the titles of two books, might as well make them into one question. I can describe the books in little detail, the details I can remember. Guesses are also appreciated. :) 1. A book about a few kids, who's parents died long ago, and are the last survivors of the human race, on a ship...
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    Need title of 1950s sci fi movie set in space with voices dubbed for astronauts...

    ...at ending? I'm trying to recall a low budget sci fi movie at least partly set in a spaceship. The story goes that the film's budget ran out at the end and main actors were replaced by stand-ins in helmeted space suits, with the ending dialogue either dubbed over the hastily shot ending or...