1. N

    Is there a blu ray receiver with blue tooth technology that anywone would recommend?

    I was looking to dump my HTIB for a custom theater set up advised by many audiophile disciples. I wanted to know are there any blu ray receivers with blue tooth. I'd prefer Denon, yamaha, Onkyo, pioneer, polk, etc. i was currently looking at these...
  2. S

    Does using blue tooth device to talk in mobile phone cause less radiation effect ?

    than talking directly through mobile phones..
  3. A

    Senators? Jean-Gabriel Pageau scores first playoff goal, loses tooth in the process (

    Ottawa Senators rookie Jean-Gabriel Pageau scored twice in nine regular season games and was pointless through the first two in their series against the Montreal Canadiens. With Game 3 knotted at one early in the second period, Pageau broke the tie with his first NHL playoff goal. It was a goal...
  4. T

    Why Cats Lack A Sweet Tooth: New American Chemical Society Video

    Do cats purrr-ferrr sardines or sweets? The American Chemical Society (ACS), the world's largest scientific society, has released a new Bytesize Science video that explains why cats, unlike humans and other mammals, are indifferent to sweet flavors. The video was filmed at the Monell Chemical...
  5. Z

    How to add bluetooth on your non blue tooth speakers?

    I have a 2 pcs bluetooth devices, Is it possible to add the blutooth device on my non-bluetooth speakers (logitech brand). How? I know about the logitech wireless adapter, but i want to use my bluetooth devices. thanks.
  6. F

    did you fight tooth and nail in your divorce for custody of the ipad, tv,... player and xbox? and how did you feel when the new models hit the market?
  7. A

    Dates: A Healthy Snack That Can Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

    Dates are pretty trendy in culinary circles right now -- but are they good for you? Yes! And you don't need to be a fancy chef to reap the benefits. Even drugstores like Rite-Aid and Walgreens sell boxes of pitted dates, making them a convenient and economical way to get a healthy dose of fiber...
  8. kinkyeyes831

    My tooth is cracked what do I do?

    I noticed my tooth looks like its splitting apart, I brush my teeth regularly, mouthwash and floss. I don't do drugs or drink. I am curious as to how my tooth could of cracked, I don't recall eating anything hard. Could it be my enamel is weak?
  9. ?

    connect old motorola razr to blue tooth?

    i have a motorola razr and a plantronics discovery bluetooth. it can see the device but when i click on the 9xxplantronics it just seeks. its been seeking 9xxplantronics for 30 min now. am i doing something wrong?
  10. A

    Savory + Sweet Tooth? Try These Spicy, Sea Salt & Dark Chocolate-Covered Cashews

    If you're craving a snack that's savory and sweet, try making your own chocolate-covered cashews. The combination of raw nuts, dark chocolate (or cacao) and spices make this an antioxidant-rich, healthy snack that satisfies chocolate cravings without sacrificing nutrition. And it's also really...
  11. A

    Upset of Notre Dame costs Saint Joseph?s guard Langston Galloway a tooth

    Notre Dame will want this one back, but Saint Joseph's guard Langston Galloway wanted it more. He gave up two teeth for it. With 5 remaining in a tight game in the semifinals of the Coaches vs. Cancer Classic on Friday night at Barclays Center, Galloway became tangled up with Notre Dame's...
  12. A

    Afternoon Links: Healthy Chocolate Recipes For Your Sweet Tooth

    • Sometimes, you just need a treat. Try these healthy chocolate recipes (FitSugar) • Arousal changes the way you see things--in some very weird ways (YourTango) • What's your skin-type? Here's how to decode it (YouBeauty) • Speaking of your skin, it needs different things in your 30s than in...
  13. T

    Two-Step Tooth Implantation And Built-Up Bone Can Be Longer Lasting

    Periodontists routinely grow bone in the mouth to guarantee a stable environment for teeth and tooth implants. But whether it's better to build up bone before placing the implant, or to simply place the implant and allow bone to grow around it, has been a subject of considerable medical debate...
  14. W

    Root canal or tooth pulled out?

    Hi All, I just visited my dentist; it's been about a year since I last went. She wasn't happy with my teeth, but she didn't say they were that bad. Turns out I need three fillings and she gave me a choice for my cracked tooth at the back. A root canal (which I've never heard of) or to pull...
  15. K

    hit my tooth hard with my phone?

    last night i was trying to grab the phone from my brothers hand and as i did it slipped and hit one of my front tooth and hurt real bad will it be fine ?
  16. O

    Who makes The Super Tooth Bluetooth speaker?

    Looking for the manufacture
  17. T

    Dried Licorice Root Fights The Bacteria That Cause Tooth Decay And Gum Disease

    Scientists are reporting identification of two substances in licorice - used extensively in Chinese traditional medicine - that kill the major bacteria responsible for tooth decay and gum disease, the leading causes of tooth loss in children and adults. In a study in ACS' Journal of Natural...
  18. A

    How do I pair two phones to one blue tooth Motorola T215 speaker phone?

    Could pair one phone to the Motorola T215, I understand it could be paired to two phones. Do you know how this can be done on this device?
  19. M

    Brown Gums near a rotten tooth that needs pulled?

    Yes I'm on antibiotics but I just wanna know why my gum is brown? is it because it won't go away til my infected tooth is out or what? I don't want to lose the gum and is there anything I can do for it? til I wait for the appointment I'm making later on today?
  20. N

    Which is the best pda one can buy, with cam, voice recording, blue tooth, wi... and still sub 400$? should have vibratory alert and good battery. phone not required.