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    very important. it is a torrent problem.. see addtional details?

    i downloaded a utorrent and bit torrent software too. and it is 100% complete. and when i try to double click and right click on utorrent and bit torrent software in download folder it happen nothing.. please help..
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    Download student of the year movie torrent?
  3. X

    Torrent Help Please XXX?

    Well I want to find two torrents I tried searching them up but to no luck can someone help. By the way it's Bangbros sooo yeah here's the first one And the second one...
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    Why won't Torrent download with Hotspot Shield Elite?

    Just testing it out by trying to download a torrent but it's not working. There is more than 20 seeds too so I don't know the problem. Do I need some additional software to get it functioning?
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    Getaway (2013) Torrent ?

    I'm searching to download gateway 2013 full movie. Have you got any torrent ?? thanks in advance
  6. A

    any tips on how to successfully seed a torrent that has been dead for years?

    Force recheck done Trackers added peers waiting patiently - nothing. Force recheck done Trackers added peers waiting patiently - nothing.
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    How Can I Play A Torrent That Is In .Avi Format On My Xbox From A Dvd?

    I Downloaded A Torrent In .Avi And I'm Trying To Play It On My Xbox 360 From A Usb. It Won't Play And I Cannot Figure Out How To Get It To Play. In The Read Me It Says: To play this video you need to install the webXvid codec.Run the webxvid-setup.exe file and follow the installation...
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    Can I Use U torrent on my school computer? (It has has admin rights)?

    I downloaded it on my home computer. Can i use it on my school computer to install games.
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    I have the Sims 3 Torrent downloaded i can play it fine can i play the

    expansions that i bought on it ? (I DOWNLOADED Sims 3) from a torrent :The expansion is a disc i bought Thanks for all the help guys
  10. G

    best SERIES torrent site?

    we all know that is the best movies download site .. is there any series torrent site?
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    I downloaded a torrent software last saturday which would be last week

    would i get caught? I just downloaded this windows 7 keygen from a torrent website and will i be caught i didn't get any emails but is the mail on it's way from usa to canada i checked the mail but nothing came up so far about those copyright infringement and will it be a warning?
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    how can i create a torrent web?

    i have a vBulletin license. i wanna create a torrent web at that license. is it legal to create a torrent and upload it at any torrent website like or etc and after that this torrent is added to my web? it means anyone who will download torrent from my web...
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    How can i play torrent wii game (downloaded from a website) on my PAL wii ?

    I really don't get the ISO games exc.. , please explain for me how to play a torrent wii game on my PAL wii in verry Clear explanation , beacause i am a begginer in these stuff .. Btw i downloaded a wii game ''torrent'' (just dance 3 PAL wii) but i am thinking of putting in a CD and then play...
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    Ares Torrent Downloader question?

    I have been searching all day for House M.D. episodes, (well more like weeks but just now on Ares) and I found every episode but I'm having doubts about this person who uploaded them. Here are a few thing about it so I can get some feed back on how it sounds: The only thing it says are the...
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    where can I watch "The Conjuring" online? Or download the torrent? Help please :)?

    where can I watch "The Conjuring" online? Or download the torrent? Help please :)? It's a horror movie that just came out this year ... Was wondering if anyone else has watched it online or downloaded a torrent for it yet :)
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    Where can I torrent late 90's - mid 2000's WWF/E PPVs?

    Been hunting a few Torrents, like No Mercy 2002, A lot of old royal rumble matches, Survivor series 2002 etc
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    Is Youtube To Mp3 torrent?

    Just Wondering. I haven't used it in a longggg time. I heard that if you download a torrent file your internet provider will do this 6 strike thing (CAS). I don't wanna get in trouble. I only use youtube to mp3 for covers that aren't up for download, or scrapped songs from an album. Other than...
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    What is a good website where i can torrent Fifa Manager 13?

    I've tried a few torrents and they wont work.I'm looking for a torrent with no viruses, easy to install and setup, and a fully functional one. Please answer, thanks in advance.
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    problem with downloading torrent from kickas it doesn't download on bittorrent

    it shows me mediaplayer? and it shows me mediaplayer and it can't download
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    Which is safer: Direct Downloading or using a Torrent?

    Simple and straight to the point answer please. Which is safer, downloading directly from some website, or downloading a file via torrent?