1. lance

    Toshiba laptops with no blue ray player?

    I'm getting a toshiba laptop that has windows 8 and has no blue ray player can I buy a software that can play blue ray and download it to my laptop
  2. E

    Can I add a high def port to my laptop? My laptop is a Toshiba Sattelite Pro,...

    ...icore3, 2 usb, 1 vga, 1 router.? If not what are my options for streaming HD video on my TV which has HDMI, USB VGA SCART 3 AV sockets & Internet / router socket. Thanks in advance E9O14
  3. E

    Why won't my Toshiba Blue ray player play a brand new Disney Snow White DVD?

    It just keeps saying loading! Yet will play on my much older Toshiba DVD player so the disc is fine! Very annoying!
  4. E

    How to connect my Toshiba blue ray player to wi-fi?

    So I have a Toshiba Blu-Ray player that has the ability to use wifi so that I can use it to watch Netflix or use the internet for other things. The WiFi has worked no problem until this morning when I tried going on netflix and I realized that my wifi router was not working. I reset the router...
  5. D

    Wifi adaptor for Toshiba blue ray?

    Wifi adapter for toshiba blue ray? I have a Toshiba blue ray player model BDX2150 that is wifi ready. It needs a wifi adaptor sold separately ( of course ) to pick up the signal. I hooked up a netgear adaptor ( the one that you get with Dish Network to hook up the dish receiver to the internet...
  6. D

    wifi adapter for toshiba blue ray?

    I have a Toshiba blue ray player model BDX2150 that is wifi ready. It needs a wifi adaptor sold separately ( of course ) to pick up the signal. I hooked up a netgear adaptor ( the one that you get with Dish Network to hook up the dish receiver to the internet ) and it had a real hard time...
  7. A

    wiimote motion built in 2 in 1 and azio bluetooth with toshiba stack?

    how to get it to work on my pc? eveytime i hit add new conncetion it saids bluetooth not ready
  8. J

    My toshiba internet won't work •_•?

    I have a toshiba, and it says that the wireless internet is on but when i try to use it it doesn't work? My internet connection is on but i don't know why won't it work.. Please help. •_•
  9. P

    my toshiba sattelite m-115 says no hard drive.. but it already has it.. and...

    ...the hd led indicator is on..? i need to re install the OS but i can't because it can't see any disk drives installed.. what should i do??. what is the problem??.. thanks guys!
  10. J

    iPhone wont connect to Toshiba C655?

    My iPhone 5 wont connect to my laptop. All other devices work fine. I've tried every option I found online so far. I've uninstalled iTunes and all other apple programs and reinstalled them. I've restarted the computer countless times, I've downloaded and updated the drivers from Toshiba's...
  11. H

    How to add bluetooth device to my TOSHIBA Satellite L850 Australia Windows 8 Pro?

    When I go to PC settings then devices it searches for a device but it doesn't find my device it finds no device and I went to device manager and I connected my phone to the pc it showed my device but with a yellow mark and under other devices section. If you can please help me
  12. M

    Toshiba vs. Samsung vs. Sony vs. LG comparison?

    Hello, It seems long title but I want to compare these brands about TV to know which is the best, regardless the model. I prefer to choose LED HD, btw. Also, I want to compare between Toshiba vs. Samsung vs. Sony ?—excluding LG— about laptops only. Thanks.
  13. X

    how to watch dish network on a toshiba tv using av cables?

    i just bought a toshiba flatscreen tv and i cant watch dish using av(red,yellow,white,) cables can u tell me what channel and input the tv must be on to use the av cables
  14. N

    Toshiba Sattelite C655D-S5200 tracpad not responding?

    First, the charger wasn't working, and this was solved by opening the top and jacking with the wire connected to the part, after that, the charger was working but tracpad wasn't. The tracpad doesn't even show up in the device settings tab of "mouse properties" whats wrong?
  15. M

    How do I record vhs to dvd on my toshiba dvr620?

    I have a blank disk in, press record, but the vhs doesn't even play! The instructions don't mention anything really, except how to record from an external source. But I need to transcribe my VHS to DVD. Anyone know how to do this? These are non-commercial tapes. These are home videos.
  16. A

    What is Toshiba Satellite bluetooth used for?

    Hi. I just got a newer laptop, a Toshiba Satellite L645D. I see it has bluetooth capability but I have never had a computer with bluetooth. Is it just used for communicating with printers or are there other things I can do with the bluetooth? Thanks.
  17. S

    Does anyone know how to make a Toshiba 133070 blue-ray player region free?

    A friend has bought one of these players. I'm conversant with making DVD players region-free, and he's asked me for help to sort out his blue-ray player. Toshiba says it can't be done, but I believe that it can, and would appreciate any advice.
  18. B

    Toshiba DX1012 All in One graphics card upgrade?

    Is it possible to upgrade this computers graphics cars
  19. A

    How to fix Fn key that has just stopped working, Toshiba Sattelite T230?

    If key is damaged can you assign another key or is there an easy fix of the original key, I have tried turning flash card on and off no luck there, any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks
  20. L

    Yahoo connect tool over my toshiba smart tv lost pandora?

    I can't play or update my pandora in my tv anymore. It says pandora has no update or isnt available from yahoo connect. And when I go to yahoo connect my tv not there. I used that everyday. Someone help