1. R

    It can break without being physically handheld touched or dropped and its whole...

    ...existence gives life what am i? My friend told me this and I can't figure it out at all.... I'm usually good at this sort of stuff. Please help.
  2. J

    I dreamed i touched a girl's boobs?

    Ok, so there is this pretty girl in my course and i kinda have crush on her. i bet lots of guys do too. she is the shy and quiet type which makes her kinda cute. i've never talked to her before and my thoughts of her have wandered off, so i guess my feeling of the crush just went away. plus i...
  3. I

    Christians, how often are you touched by the Lord Jesus Christ?

    And why haven't you contacted the authorities?
  4. J

    POLL: When was the last time you touched yourself?

    Meh.... about 15 minutes ago... @Stanley - ROFL! That Arab girl in the picture? I saw your comment there 2 minutes ago...
  5. D

    Uh OH! I touched the "lens" on my DVD RW, what should I do?

    I think this is why my DVD thing isn't working on my laptop. I remember sliding the thing back and forth...dang it! Haha what can I do? Clean with a cloth? Or am I just screwed?
  6. S

    it was a rumor, Xavi has never said "As you have not touched the ball all

    night, you can have it for a while"? no questions here ,i just wanted to tell you don't believe everything you read, those newspapers suck!
  7. K

    Christians has god ever touched you?

    He touched me also, and now Im afraid to go to sleep anymore. should i tell my parents? what if they dont believe me? why does my butt hurt whenever he leaves? if he is all powerful how come it hurts?
  8. C

    Why did my stereo cut off after a positive and negative wire touched?

    Its a pioneer super bass system
  9. H

    Has any young man ever touched Roger De Coster's Motocross skills or can he ever be

    touched? Is Roger De Coster still considered the greatest moto-crosser ever?
  10. J

    Why is she jealous and touched me like this if she wasn't interested in me?

    I have this friend named Brittany who is apparently jealous of me and my girlfriend Brianna (we've been together for six months now). Brittany and I were good friends at one point, but that wore off after a while. Now, Brittany and her boyfriend recently broke up, but when they were still...
  11. L

    Facebook and touched up photos effects confidence?

    Hi i'm 17. I have a few issues with the way I look, but I guess you've got to work with what you go and love what you got.. although i have to admit still, I am very under confident and feel ugly and depressed sometimes. What makes me feel uglier and even more depressed though, is when i touch...
  12. A

    Riddle:I am every where, but cannot be seen,Can felt, but not touched, No throat,

    but can be heard. What am I? The wind
  13. J

    i have never touched a sport bike and i want to get a kawasaki 250r would it be a

    good bike for me? and also i dont want to start out using a dirt bike
  14. J

    i have never touched a sport bike and i want to get a kawasaki 250r would it be a

    good bike for me? and also i dont want to start out using a dirt bike
  15. I

    do i just have extreme nerves -- laugh / spasm when touched?

    like the "first" time cuddling, i could not stop laughing whenever touched anywhere! now, not so much. sooo....a significant other was touching my rib cage, and i had this intense muscle spasm. like my lateral abs just contracted. it was wierd! and....i'm ticklish. on my knees. or if i get a...
  16. T

    Am 15 .an adult touched my bobs for the first time ever when i was

    traveling to school on a bus? the adult man was being nice to me .so i did not doubt him.he came and stood near me and brought his hands near my breast. i did not notice.but eventually he moved to the front of my breast and was pressing it.this was my first experience ever. i looked at him.after...
  17. J

    Which scene touched you heart in the movie passion of the christ?

    My favourite scene is When mary rus to hold the Christ and says "I'm here" and Jesus would say "see Mother, I make all things new"
  18. M

    I touched the liberty bell?the guard got mad?

    before years ago u can touch it and its outside on my feild trip the guard got mad at me XD
  19. S

    How did Abraham Lincoln touched your lives?

    if i think that you had the best reason how abe lincoln help you, i will pick you as a best answer
  20. H

    I accidently touched roach poop! when I was picking up something a tiny piece... stuck under my nail!? I accidently touched roach poop! when I was picking up something a tiny piece got stuck under my nail! what do I do? I cleaned my hands with alchohol 70% and soap.