1. M

    Traveling back and upper body pains that feel like hunger?

    I just ate not long ago...
  2. R

    what are the rules for traveling by plane carrying tattoo equipment?

    I have a friend flying to San Diego, and I asked her if she could get me some tattoo supplies over there. I lve in a small border town in Tx, so it's really hard for me to get that stuff around here. My says she doesn't have a problem bringing me the stuff, as long as it doesn't pose a problem...
  3. M

    Are you doing any vacation traveling this Summer?

    My family and I originally planned to go to San Diego this Summer. That plan ended up not happening. Then we were suppose to go to Wisconsin Dells and Chicago, but neither plan ended up happening...According to my Stepdad, Wisconsin Dells is too expensive, and he has no interest in visiting...
  4. H

    How much do people worry about terrorism, in the context of traveling or other

    aspects of their lives? Are people generally too concerned with the possibility of terrorist attacks? Not concerned enough? This is the prompt for my 3-4 page essay that i'm having difficulty writing. What thesis and topics sentences would you write? Much appreciated.
  5. J

    If I am traveling in a car at 15km/h and throw an object at the same

    speed to the opposite way , what happens? Will the object add the speeds and travel at 30km/h in the opposite direction, or will it be the same as dropping it from a stationary car because speeds subtract?
  6. M

    If a horse travels 300 yards in 15 seconds, what MPH is it traveling at?

    Assuming (theoretically) the horse is traveling at a constant speed for the entire 300 yards, because I just want to know the average speed. I don't need the direct answer, but I would really appreciate the theorem/equation you used to solve this problem so I can work it out myself? I'm just...
  7. A

    Where to stay when traveling alone at seventeen?

    I'm going to my friend's boot camp graduation in September, and I have absolutely nowhere to stay. I cannot stay on base because it is only for immediate family member. I cannot stay at Days Inn hotel because I am too young, and I suspect it will be the exact same for every other major hotel...
  8. S

    Traveling and Solitary jobs?

    What are some good fields that involve traveling and mostly working by yourself? And what are the average pays for jobs like these and what kind of education do you need? I really love to travel but I wouldn't last at a job like a flight attendant ke cruise ship director because I have crippling...
  9. G

    Traveling to Europe on a cruise & need some

    tips!(Oslo,Copenhagen,Talin,Aarhus,Stockholm,Helsinki? Hello, I am traveling to Europe and we are staying in Copenhagen for a few days, then making stops in Oslo, Norway, Helsinki, Finland Copenhagen, Denmark Aarhus, Denmark, Stockholm, Sweden Talin, Estonia For food: We were wondering where...
  10. T

    Traveling to Japan...Trafficking stuff.?

    My friend whom is under 18 is planning on going to Japan in a few weeks. The ticket was already bought using her own money and just her registration stuff alone. Her dad didn't pay for it. thanks in advanced! Would she be able to fly ? She called the travel agency and she said that...
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    Traveling to Japan alone under the age of 18 - LAX?

    Hi my friend is planning on going to Japan for the summer but she paid for the ticker herself already. Would she be held at the security for being underage? Her Dad didn''t pay for it , only she did. There's no proof anywhere that she's permitted to go . Does she need to fill out a...
  12. D

    Is Benghazi really the fault of the ambassadors previous actions of traveling

    unguarded? You have to admit he was being watched
  13. L

    Help me! I am traveling in less then a week. Need some Help?

    I have a whole 30 hours flight (that's A lot but the plane would be stopping on two airports) and i needed to take a face wash, a hand cream , BB cream, Rose Water Spray, some wet tissues and deodorant spray. Just wanted to know will they be allowed on plane.
  14. N

    Advice on girlfriend potentially traveling?

    First off, nothing is set in stone yet regarding this trip. My girlfriend and I have been together for four months. Last month my girlfriend went to Coachella. We were supposed to go together but the plan fell apart due to travel issues. At the last minute she found out that her cousins were...
  15. M

    Young male solo traveling to honolulu?

    Hi there! I love traveling, but I was wondering if it is worth the trip to take a short vacation to waikiki? I have never been there before and I was planning on going this August by myself for about 3-4 days. I already looked up vacation packages and I'll spend roughly $750 on the flight and...
  16. L

    If a train that was traveling at 99.999% speed of light was placed on a scale, what

    would be the reading? Would it read its relativistic mass or its rest mass? Is relativistic mass a quantity that is the same for all observers in all reference frames? If it is not, then how does that satisfy the principle of Lorentz Invariance, which demands that energy is an invariant quantity...
  17. A

    Would you rent a suitcase for traveling?

    I am doing this to understand customer needs for a uni project. Can you please describe your need for suitcases: How frequently do you travel? Do you own a suitcase or do you rent / borrow? Would you prefer to rent a suitcase over buying one? Why or why not? If you prefer rent - does it need...
  18. R

    packed lunch ideas when traveling?

    also food ideas, I can reheat in the hotel
  19. A

    A boat is traveling at a speed of 36 km per hour.It has to travel a

    distance of 210 km. how long will it take? Please show work and thank you very very Much .
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    Traveling from Paris for a 9 day trip Switzerland to Austria?

    I will be traveling with a 14 and 16 year old daughter. We will be leaving Paris on August 6 and my dream is to travel through Switzerland and Austria. We will to head to London on August 15, so we need to end up in a location where we can fly out. I know that is a lot to do in 9 days, but that...