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    FOR ROSE: What is the Trip Trivia and other Radio trivia for 7/20/13?

    Any Radio Station Trivia Is Helpful, And Thank YOU!
  2. M

    As the cons wake up from their hunting trip and hangover: I shall go to bed?

    I love you cons <3 u so qt
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    Ryan Braun makes first career trip to disabled list with right thumb injury

    While a potential suspension due to his connection to the Biogenesis clinic in Florida looms in the background, Ryan Braun’s main concern right now is to get his ailing right thumb healthy. In order to help that process along, the Milwaukee Brewers finally decided to place their all-star...
  4. A trip or romantic vacation?

    trying to save for Hawaii next year since I've always wanted to go. I'm trying to decide if I want to go with just my boyfriend since we have never been on a trip alone...or a group of friends since of course it's always fun with them too and share memories. Hmm decisions decisions.....
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    Brad Pitt and Pax Jolie-Pitt Jet to South Korea, Continue Father-Son Bonding Trip

    Pax Jolie-Pitt's passport is getting quite the workout! Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's 9-year-old son remained by his pop's side as they continued their father-son...
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    a day does not pass without remembering my hiking trip. is it normal?

    what should i do. i feel like i am addicted to hiking. this hiking trip was a little bit difficult because i did not have food with me. i burned almost 7000 calorie and i eat about 700 calorie. after sleeping 4 hours and walking 16 hours with 2-3 minutes rest in between. i could not sleep the...
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    Radiation Makes a Manned Trip to Mars Impossible with Current Tech

    Though Curiosity the rover can explore and see Mars up close, curious men and women of Earth will have to wait a bit longer. NASA reports that a manned trip to Mars is likely impossible with current technology because of radiation. Read more...
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    So im going on a 1600 mile round trip and my truck has about 167k on it?

    Im takeing this trip to my buddys dads farm and his Gf doesnt want to use her car with less miles 149k she said my truck will last longer because there made to evidently I drive a 2000 ford f150 oil changed every 3k water pump was changed my dad said it will get there (owned it since it was...
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    How is "" as a tour/travel operator ? Have you ever made a trip

    How is "" as a tour/travel operator ? Have you ever made a trip with them ? Are they reliable and good as far as the arrangements and other facilities they provide on a trip to places outside India. for eg.: Bhutan, South East Asia, Europe etc. How 'economical' are they ...
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    how do you say in Middle Eastern Armenian dialect: Have a safe trip and a

    great vacation in Thailand? Not that I owe any explanation, but to avoid misunderstanding my question, this is to be said to a Middle Eastern Armenian, not to a Thai person. SO that's why im asking for a middle easter dialect translation into Armenian. And I did not post it in any specific...
  11. P

    Citroën Xsara Picasso - Can you get the trip computer working after a new radio?

    A while back, we installed a Sony radio in our Xsara Picasso which promptly disabled the trip computer, is there a way to get the computer back while keeping the new radio?? I haven't installed the control stalk adapter as I can't work out where it plugs in so don't know if that would fix it...
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    The Indiana Pacers grab a 1-0 series lead over Atlanta, as Paul George notches a trip

    INDIANAPOLIS — Just three years removed from the since-vetted scout hype that labeled him as perhaps the finest product in the 2010 NBA draft, Indiana Pacers All-Star Paul George used his significant all-around gifts to lead his squad to a 1-0 advantage in his team’s first-round series with the...
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    Ouch! Lindsay Lohan's Legs Are Covered in Bruises During Venice Shopping Trip With Si

    What happened to your legs, Lindsay Lohan?! The 26-year-old actress stepped out in L.A.'s Venice neighborhood earlier this week for a shopping trip sporting black and blue marks all...
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    I won a trip to the bahamas including a cruise, and hotel stay for 5 days/4...

    ...nights is it a SCAM? the person i spoke to told me they are from trip vista, and i did enter a raffle earlier to win that, and i was chosen supposedly. i want to know if this is a scam, or if its for real? if anyone knows anything about this, then please let me know. thank you! i do have to...
  15. K

    A young couple takes a romantic getaway to Lake Champlain. On the trip...

    ...while hiking, they come across a...? ...beaver damn and decide to take a little swim. They return to their Inn and have a nice dinner. The following Thursday, the man begins to feel very lethargic and has a fever. Shortly after that ulcerative lesions begin appearing on his skin. What is...
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    How can i convince my sister to not go on a cruise trip?

    So this summer me my best friend his mom and my mom we are planning on going on Caribbean. But my sister doesn't even want to go but she doesn't want to stay home while we go on a trip. And she even hates my friend. How can i convince her to stay? please help
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    Washington DC trip??

    So I'm going in late may for a school trip and I was just wondering what to pack? ALSO tell me about your expirences there? Funny stories at hotels BEST exhibits? Exc
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    how much does the 8th grade Washington DC trip cost?

    Please keep in mind i live in Ohio! So if you live in like cali and its 2,000 or high 1,000 or something, it will probably be like 1,000 less because Ohio and Dc is about a 7 hour drive. About 6 years ago it was like 500 and so i wouldnt be suprised if it was around 800. Anyone know for sure? OH...
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    Traveling from Paris for a 9 day trip Switzerland to Austria?

    I will be traveling with a 14 and 16 year old daughter. We will be leaving Paris on August 6 and my dream is to travel through Switzerland and Austria. We will to head to London on August 15, so we need to end up in a location where we can fly out. I know that is a lot to do in 9 days, but that...
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    What are some good FREE iphone apps for a long road trip?

    mostly games