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    Video: Gran Turismo 6 Gameplay

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    Gran Turismo 6 Trailer Debuts, Will Arrive In 2013

    Our number one question about Gran Turismo 6, the newest installment in the epic racing series wasn’t one of how many cars or tracks there would be. It was a question of when. The answer is 2013. Yeah, you’ll have a new GT in your Playstation before the year’s end.
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    Gran Turismo 6 Box Art, Release Date Leaked

    Gran Turismo 5 had what felt like a ten-year gestation. In reality, it was only about half that long, arriving in 2010, five years after GT4. It appears, if information from Italian retailer Multiplayer.com is correct, that we won’t need to wait nearly as long for Gran Turismo 6.
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    Maserati Gran Turismo S Automatic Question?

    I own a Maserati Gran Turismo S Automatic. In the dashboard, a wrench symbol is showing up; I am curious as to what that means? Does it mean service is required? Also, specifically, if you could explain what type of service is needed?
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    Paris 2012: Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Concept

    If you’re one of the types that isn’t exactly crazy about the looks of the Porsche Panamera, then you ought to feast your eyes upon this concept. This is the Panamera Sport Turismo Concept, or for common folk, the Panamera Wagon. We like it a lot.
  6. R

    The design of the Maserati Gran Turismo?

    How, in theory, was the Gran Turismo influenced by Italian design? I'm just curious because I know a lot about the car but not about Italian design history.
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    How much is auto insurance on a maserati gran turismo?

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  8. P

    How much is in on a maserati gran turismo?

    . How much is auto insurance on a maserati gran turismo?
  9. D

    Is Gran Turismo 5 Worth Buying?

    Im thinking, GT5 is cheaper now and i want a racing game, i've played GT5 before but LOL i don't remember to much of it, i got it borrowed for a week. Well if im buying it i wonder, will it make me play it for long or just a week or two?
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    Maintaining a Maserati Gran Turismo?

    Anyone with experience? How much is it? How expensive?
  11. K

    Any bad reviews on theroad bike 53cm Univega grand turismo?

    Are these road bikes good for everyday use???
  12. F

    can you turn collisions off on gran turismo 5 when racing withmy friends in lounge?

    we wanted to know if you can turn off collisions becuase we cant find it anywhere
  13. A

    How do i get the Alfa Romeo 156 in Gran Turismo 5?

    I know its in the used cars section, but when does it become available?
  14. R

    Gran turismo 5 Pagani zonda vs gt by citroen vs bugatti ?

    How does the gt by citroen stack up against something like a bugatti veyron or zonda? Which would be a better by, the zonda or gt? and what's the difference between the gt road car and concept car? thanks
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    Gran Turismo 5 - Acura Vigor? Trade?

    I know their isn't an absolute complete list for Gran Turismo 5 cars, but I was wondering if their is an Acura Vigor (my favorite car) and if someone would trade it to me. I would trade a lot of value for it
  16. scottyp256

    lamborghini murcielago or maserati gran turismo?

    obviously i know how different they are but i like them both so ill buy whichever gets more votes. izzy, can you suggest anything else?
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    Impatto economico del turismo?

    Aiuto sono ad un esame urgente
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    Thrustmaster's T500RS Is the Official Gran Turismo 5 Steering Wheel Controller [Contr

    The perpetually delayed but now available Gran Turismo 5 probably doesn't need anymore teases associated with its namesake, but nevertheless here we go again. Thrustmaster, you see, has the "official steering wheel" rights this time around, and recently teased this: More »
  19. M

    Gran Turismo 5... Pick-up trucks?

    How do you buy pick-up trucks in the GT Mode of gran turismo 5?
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    Gran Turismo 5 Prologue JPN JB PS3-Caravan

    Category: Console-PS3 Size: 5.42 GB Files: 67 (13 pars) Group: a.b.console.ps3 .NFO: View NFO Ext. Link: http://www.gran-turismo.com/jp/ Posted: Thu October 7th 09:48:51 UTC Download NZB