1. L

    I have sprint franklin u600 4g adapter, how can i connect it to my ipad?

    can i just get a usb cable for ipad? or would i need usb router to make it hotspot? and also i would like to know if i connect directly through usb would i need to install SPRINT SMARTVIEW? and would it be compactible with ipad? Thanks in advance for answers
  2. Z

    has samsung u600 and g600 got the same screens?

    as ive broke my u600 screen and my friend may sell me his g600 if its the same screen?
  3. C

    I'm looking for a mobile Java excel-app for a Samsung u600?

    I want to access the saved sheets through my data cable to make a backup and not via the internet. All the apps I found work fine but store the sheet somewhere in my phone where I can't find. I want to be able to copy the file from my phone to a computer and work on it via Excel on my computer...
  4. S

    VCF file on Samsung U600?

    I wanted to transfer my contacts from my Sony ericsson to my samsung u6oo. so i sent this VCF file by bluetooth from one phone to another but after the transfer i cannot find the vcf file on my Samsung u600. What can i do ?
  5. M

    My Samsung U600 wont play any music!?

    When i put music onto my phone and try to play it, it says unsupported file, it shows up with all the songs details but says that it is 00:00 long. Someone help!
  6. M

    My Samsung U600 keeps asking me to format!?

    I used to be able to put music on my phone all the time but now when i do, when i go on the phones memory card it says unrecognisable, format. ive formatted twice and i can get songs onto the memory card ( Micro SD) and it says unsupported file on all of them. Someone please help!
  7. M

    can I buy samsung u600 in singapore now?

    What is the price for a new samsung u600 phone in singapore
  8. A

    Game Installation for Samsung U600!?

    i downloaded some jar. games for U600 and when i put in the called "Other Files", it doesn't give me an option to install it. It always says unsupported file. I tried converting the jar. file to jad. using jad maker, but still doesn't work, even though i type in the code *#9998*4678255# to...
  9. C

    my samsung u600 wont turn on?

    my samsung u600 wont turn on iv took the battery out and put it back in and it still does it,the two light show up,but the number lights don't a friend sent me this thing where it turns your phone off but it didnt work could it be that? plz help!?
  10. M

    Is samsung U600, black and gold edition a bit chavvy?

    yesterday i bought a new phone, the samsung u600 from carphone warehouse. i wanted the silver one but they only had the black and gold available. I personally hate that colour but i just bought it because it was the only one that they had. Black and Gold? is that like a chavvy colour? because if...
  11. S

    In my Samsung u600 there is 1 pic on a 1gb memory card but it wont let me

    transfer any files from the phone.? I can't get any files from my phones storage to the memory card, even though the memory card still has near enough 1GB of space left on it. Thanks in advance.
  12. T

    Has anyone got the Samsung U600? 10 points?

    Im thinking of buying it 2moz..Would you recommend it? Pro's & Con's?
  13. P

    i have a samsung u600 and when i take pictures i have to wait about ten

    seconds after pressing the button for? it to take the picture so i cant quickly get a picture how do i make it take the picture faster????????????????/
  14. R

    which is better samsung u600 or sony ericsson w580?

    my friends have the w580 but i have the u600. in my point of view sony is only good on the music quality, speakers and fitness.but the samsung is more sophisticated and better in all other areas. i would like to see other peoples opinions.
  15. K

    Where can you get the streaming settings for the samsung u600?

    I want to stream videos from you tube etc.
  16. E

    samsung u600 message alert?

    how can i put both tone and vibration when message comes in samsung u600? is there any firmware to update?
  17. S

    Why does my Samsung U600 turn itself on?

    Hey guys. I got a Samsung U600 slide phone at Christmas. It's received no damage that I know of. Whenever I turn it off, it turns itself back on within two minutes or so. It does not ask for a PIN, but loads straight to the main menu. I'd appreciate any help. Thanks.
  18. B

    What is the Samsung U600 Image Format?

    I have tried to load images onto my phone using the data cable but it says the images aren't format compatible or something. The images are in .jpg, which i thought was the right format, but it doesn't seem to work. I am using the PC Studio that came with the phone. Any help? Does anyone know...
  19. J

    should i buy the nokia 6500 slide or the Samsung U600?

    My sister cant decide what to buy, so i thought i would get your help
  20. F

    how do you unlock a SAMSUNG u600 on the tesco mobile network not using Tesco?

    online preferably.? uk wise