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    Lincoln University opens up access to research outputs

    In a first for a New Zealand university, Lincoln University has implemented an open access policy, allowing staff and postgraduate students to make their research outputs including research data, teaching materials and public records, openly and freely accessible on the web.The decision by...
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    Wroclaw University Library turns to IBM big data solution to preserve European herita

    IBM and the Wroclaw University Library in Poland announced a national scientific project to preserve and digitize nearly 800,000 pages of distinctive European manuscripts, books, and maps dating back to the Middle Ages and rarely accessible to the public until now.The project, co-founded by the...
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    Impossible material made by Uppsala University researchers

    A novel material with world record breaking surface area and water adsorption abilities has been synthesized by researchers from Uppsala University, Sweden. The results are published today in PLOS ONE. The magnesium carbonate material that has been given the name Upsalite is foreseen to reduce...
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    Students At York University Seeking Funding For Targeted Drug Delivery Project Using

    What if we could use a novel approach for delivering currently injectable drugs to the body without syringes? What if we could destroy malignant cancer cells in difficult areas of the body that cannot yet be targeted? Zakareya Hussein and Atif Syed, Students at York University are doing research...
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    University Of East Anglia Scientists Make Major Advances Important For Cancer Researc

    Scientists at the University of East Anglia have made a major advancement in understanding tissue development that has important implications for cancer. Findings published today in the journal Cell Science show how the protein EB2 is a key regulator of tube-like structures inside cells and...
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    Colorado State University Veterinarians Study Stem-Cell Therapy For Chronic Hepatitis

    Colorado State University veterinarians are for the first time investigating the use of stem-cell therapy to treat chronic liver disease in dogs, a novel approach they hope could lead to successful treatments for dogs and people. In a new study, veterinarians are looking at treatment of chronic...
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    how we use torrent in university where it is block?

    i want to use torrent in amity university where wifi connection is avaliable but torrent is not working how can we use torrent there
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    Has anyone found any Real torrents of Monsters University?

    Looking for a rreal torent of monsters university
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    What is best boxing gym near University of Arizona?

    i am moving to university of arizona in tucson this august, and im looking for a boxing gym.A GOOD boxing gym. not a money hungry franchise gym but one that actually teaches and appreciates the sport of boxing! One that focuses on teach the techniques, not just some soccer mom cardio class...
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    InternetNZ and AUT University form strategic partnership

    InternetNZ and AUT University form strategic partnership Posted on 21-May-2013 09:29. | Filed under: News :*Web media. InternetNZ (Internet New Zealand Inc) and AUT University’s Institute of Culture, Discourse and Communication (ICDC) have formed a strategic partnership that will see the...
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    Want to study fashion in University of Arts London?

    I have been taking Art ever since I was 7 and have a strong passion for fashion designing. I'll be graduating from what we call " Secondary school " in my country with a cambridge 'o' level certificate . Would that be sufficient in applying , or do I have to enter some art school in my country...
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    University of Auckland partners with Google to train digital professionals

    University of Auckland partners with Google to train digital professionalsFrom 6pm (NZ time) join us in our chat page to listen to the NZTechPodcast live recording. Geekzone Status | Geekzone User IP information | NZ Cell Sites Map | Amazon order page (Kindle, books, electronics)...
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    Where can i get The Si?s 3 University Life Keygen?

    I saw some video on youtube talking about the The Si?s 3 University Life Keygen and I was wondering if there really is one and how to get the keygen. I also saw the keygen thing but I don't really trust downloading them incase of virus so if you can, please give me a code. Thanks!
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    how to say what i'm studying at my university in the about section of facebook?

    My profile say studies at The University of ... but i want it to say studies Engineering at The University of ...How do I do this?
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    Sunil Tripathi Missing Brown University Student Confirmed Dead

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    Lingzi Lu Photos – Chinese Boston University Student Died at Marathon

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    19 Animated GIFs: Florida Gulf Coast University Celebrated

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    Since a survey by a Canadian university shows most Christians trust...

    ...rapists more than atheists...? and I'm an atheist, when Christians ask me what my faith is, should I lie and say I'm a rapist (trust me, I'm not) rather than an atheist, and sort of hope they stop asking from there? I think it's a good idea. I mean, after all, in the Bible in the Old...
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    Rice University Scientists Turn Soy Mash Into Succinic Acid

    The humble soybean could become an inexpensive new source of a widely used chemical for plastics, textiles, drugs, solvents and as a food additive. Succinic acid, traditionally drawn from petroleum, is one focus of research by Rice chemists George Bennett and Ka-Yiu San. In 2004, the Department...
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    Interesting topics to write for a university newspaper?

    Also, any tips will be appreciated!