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    Update: Porsche 911 GT3 - Evo Video Review

    Curious about how the new 991 Porsche 911 GT3 drives? Now you can hear about one driver’s (Jethro Bovingdon’s) impressions—as well as see and hear the car in action in the Austrian Alps—in this video review from Evo.
  2. M

    S3 Software Update Issues?

    I have an At&T S3, i live outside the US, currently im running 4.11 and there is no available software update, however, there should be an update for 4.1.2, ideas?
  3. J

    If I download beta 5 Ios 7 would I be able to update it to beta 6 manually?

    I tried downloading beta 6 off of mega.com, but after the download it wouldn't work. It just gave me a folder and the folder really wont help your phone update to ios 7. I have seen hundreds of youtube videos, none had the answer. I even googled it, but it also gave me nothing.
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    Will cracked android apps update with google play?

    I downloaded some game Apo files and put them on my phone. Will they update?
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    When will the Verizon HTC Droid DNA get the Android 4.2/Sense 5 update?

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    how to remove the windows update icon form taskbar (image inside)?

    http://oi40.tinypic.com/2rfzmtg.jpg it annoys me a lot! and i dont want to update windows
  7. H

    How do I update my android to get the google play store?

    It's a mytouch 3G htc and I want to get instagram but was told I need to update it to have google play or something. How??
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    What is the difference between Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8 Pro Update DVD ?

    I wanna buy Windows 8 Pro for my laptop (it currently has Windows 7 Home ..). Do I have to buy Windows 8 Pro DVD or Windows 8 Pro Update DVD ?
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    Android Update for Sony Ericsson xperia x10?

    When wil the next Android Update for Sony Ericsson xperia x10 will come After Gingerbread(2.3).... ????
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    I can't able to update my samsung galaxy s4 why?

    I live in Saudi Arabia and I have a GS4 I9500. I have watched videos on youtube of GS4 updates but when I search for updates it says my device have the latest version.
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    Unlocked T-Mobile iPhone 4 Update Question?

    Before T-Mobile supported the iphone, I bought an unlocked and jailbroken iPhone 4. I'm pretty sure that the original carrier was ATT&T if that matters. Do to the unlock and jailbrake, I am stuck on iOS 5.1, and I would really like to update my software. However, if I update it, I will lose the...
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    How to update motorola triumph to android 4.0.3?

    I have a motorola triumph my version is 2.2.2 how do i update it to Android 4.0.3? Please help me
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    My htc one doesnt show the latest sense update?

    The latest Sense update for the HTC One is out (.666.17) but my phone is still stuck on .663.17. Whenever I go the settings and check for updates, it says no updates are available and my phone is up to date. Now Android 4.2.2 is coming out and I don't want the same thing to happen. How do I...
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    When will instagram have a new update that will let androids record and

    upload videos? Really wanna know..everytime I go on instagram I always see people posting videos and I wanna do it too :/ anybody know when there will be an update that will let androids post videos too?? (SERIOUS ANSWERS PLEASE)
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    Can I update android froyo to gingerbread?

    I have a lg optimus s from sprint it's android froyo, it sucks is there a way I can update to gingerbread
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    Unlocked iPhone 4 t-mobile "sim not valid" after update?

    So a long while back, my dad got an unlocked iPhone 4. We have t-mobile, and he's been using the phone just fine ever since. So he wanted to get an app, but it required ios 5. So I connected the phone to itunes and tried to go through the update. After it went through the entire update, and...
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    Can I update my nokia 3120c to symbian phone.?

    Can somone help. Please I need to minimize on my java phone How do I do that.
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    Can you get the jelly bean update for the Samsung Galaxy NOTE 10.1 tablet in...

    ...Australia and is it free? What is ice cream sandwich/jelly bean and can I get the newest updates for the tablet in Australia? Thanks, please be specific I am not a 'tech head'. Thanks! :)
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    Will i get a new udid with the new IOS 6 update?

    Right now, i'm currently banned from a gaming app -- and i understand you can be identified by your udid..so will an ios6 update fix that, or do i have to buy a new device? btw...i got an iphone 5.
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    Ipod touch 5 dapet update ios 7 ga?

    kalo dapet, caranya langsung update aja apa harus di jailbreak dulu?