1. K

    Upgrade to the iPhone 5 through bell will I get the new cord?

    I currently have the iPhone 4S but the power button is broke so bell is replacing it and is upgrading me to the 5. Normally all the send is just the phone... Will they send me the cord since its a different model?
  2. A

    how can i upgrade my symbian anna into sybian belle in nokia-n8?

    hello people, plz can somebody explain me in detail how can I update my nokia n8 phone from Symbian anna in to Symbian belle....is it directly possible from phone or will I have to do it from computer.....and how will I have to do it...plz help
  3. W

    When I upgrade the memory capacity in an Android phone, will I have to...

    ...reinstall the apps? . I want to add more memory to my Android smartphone (Galaxy Victory). I know I can buy a memory card with more memory. But when I replace the old card with the new card, will I have to download and replace the apps that I currently have downloaded? Thanks!
  4. vicky

    Is possible to upgrade android 2.2 froyo to CM10.1 (4.2 jelly bean) in galaxy s...

    ...i9000? i have my cm10 Rom and gapps in my sd card! but im in android 2.2 froyo can i upgrade cm10.1 directly?
  5. W

    Cara upgrade Android samsung glx chat?

    kira-kira bisa gk, glx chat (jellybean 4.1.2) sy di instal ke os glx young new (jellybean 4.1.2) yg ngerti dpt pahala + *****
  6. J

    How do I upgrade my sony ericsson WT19 from 2.3 to ICS? or Jellybean if its possible?

    l want to upgrade my sony ericsson WT19 from .2.3 to ICS. Bootloader is unlocked. ROM Manager by ClockworkMod has just been installed. When I open ROM manager, this message shows up, "you must rot your phone for ROM manager to function. Superuser was not found at "/system/bin/su" or...
  7. T

    Upgrade My Android Version..?

    I own a Samsung Galaxy S Duos which has a android version 4.0.4 but I want to upgrade it to jelly bean.. Can I do it by rooting and flashing a custom ROM, if yes then please mention which ROM.
  8. S

    i want to upgrade my android version from 2.2 froyo to 2.3 gingerbred. will i...

    ...be able to d/l apps tht i cldnt? can anybody show me how please. i have a samsung galaxy gt i1550 (Crap phone) will this also change my phones layout? Thanks
  9. V

    N8 Symbian: Should i upgrade Nokia N8 to belle refresh ? Its now on Symbian 3?

    Are there any problems noticed after upgrading to belle refresh ? if so then i wont upgrade ?
  10. D

    Can an unlocked iphone upgrade to ios 7 beta?

    Hi i have been trying to update my friends phone to ios seven beta but i keep running to the unconpatible firmware i have tried downloading the firmware for both model Cdma and gsm but no dice i also tried downloading it from multiple sites but no luck can you tell me what im doing wrong what i...
  11. A

    Maple Leafs upgrade goaltending duo, acquire Jonathan Bernier from Kings

    What happens when the seeming entirety of the hockey media is in transit at the same time? The Toronto Maple Leafs get to break their own trade. As per Leafs PR, Toronto has acquired goaltender Jonathan Bernier from the Los Angeles Kings: The #Leafs have acquired Jonathan Bernier from the...
  12. S

    Want to upgrade to an iphone on verizon family plan?

    Okay so my dad currently pays a family plan that has four lines on it (1400 minutes and unlimited msgs), but my current phone can be upgraded now. Our whole family has the basic phones, nothing fancy. I'm 17 and fortunately got a job and Ive been saving up money to purchase and pay for my own...
  13. P

    T-mobile's cheap way upgrade question?

    My family's 2 year contract ends soon around July 2013. With no more 2 year contract sign I figured you have to pay for phone in full price. (btw it's 3 ppl in my family and all want galaxy s4.) I don't want to pay full price of the phone because it's very expensive. But the new value plan for 3...
  14. R

    Is it possible to upgrade my ios 6.1.3 to ios 7 on my iPhone 3GS?

    Is it possible to upgrade my ios 6.1.3 to ios 7 on my iPhone 3GS?
  15. A

    How to upgrade my sony ericsson neo v android phone..?

    itz software upgrade is telling no new software is avaiable..but it is upgradable..
  16. S

    I want to upgrade an app on android via google play store but is says not...

    ...available in your country? I live in Georgia, near Europe...and I am not able to update any of the apps on my samsung galaxy note to pro version simply because it says that the item is not available in your country. What is the problem? How can I gange the "place of the mobile" in order to be...
  17. T

    How to upgrade my blackberry 9320 OS??

    My carrier in south africa haven't provided updates and on the internet I see there are updates in other countries. How do I update ? And will updating my blackberry with a foreign update affect my carrier? ? ? ? ? I want to update because am hoping an update will fix the battery. Problems that...
  18. J

    How much is an iPhone 4S without an upgrade or contract from AT&T?

    How much is an iPhone 4S or an iPhone 5 without an upgrade or contract from AT&T?
  19. H

    How do you upgrade at T-Mobile?

    I have a galaxy s2, I would like to get the galaxy s4.i do not have a contract. can I still upgrade? how does all this work please help me:) thanks in advance
  20. M

    how to put nintendo ds games on an R4 upgrade relolution game card?

    from start to finish can someone please explain how to do this. And what programs are needed to do this. because the R4 card keeps saying loading and doesn't do anything. I have downloaded programs and i just dont no how to do it what so ever. Please help, full points for best answer.