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    Clonazepam ups delivery only, Clonazepam cod online orders, Order Clonazepam on

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  2. G

    i downloaded a bittorrent and now i got these pop ups popping up every time i... a page? where do i block them?
  3. M

    Where to download grown ups 2?

    Where can i download it?
  4. A

    Exercise Ups “Good Estrogen” In Body, Decreasing Breast Cancer Risk

    Did you know there's such a thing as good and bad*estrogen? I didn't, until reading about this new study on how exactly exercise*helps decrease women's*breast cancer risk. More » Exercise Ups “Good Estrogen” In Body, Decreasing Breast Cancer Risk is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy...
  5. S

    What to wear to UPS package handler tour/interview?

    The lady who scheduled the interview for me told me to wear boots or work boots. I was wondering if I should wear something like jeans and a tshirt or slacks and a button up? Some one who works at ups or has been to an ups tour please let me know. Thanks.
  6. G

    Car audio. sub set ups?

    Can I take two 1200 watt subs, and a 2 channel 2400 watt amplifier and wirer the subs seperately to their own channel to maximize the power out put? Please help, or give reasoning as to if it will work or why it won't and what to do instead. Thanks!!
  7. J

    should i join a gym or just do push ups for baseball?

    i just turned 17. im 5'6 roughly 140...i play baseball seriously and am looking to play it in college and even past that..i was wondering whether i should join a gym and go everyday ( if so what type of weights/muscles should i workout ) , or just do push ups and stretch whenever i have free...
  8. T

    Workplace Bullying Ups Risk Of Prescriptions For Anxiety/Depression/Insomnia

    Impact similar for both personal and witnessed experience Witnessing or being on the receiving end of bullying at work heightens the risk of employees being prescribed antidepressants, sleeping pills, and tranquillisers, finds research published in BMJ Open. Workplace bullying is linked to...
  9. T

    Follow Ups Following Gastric Bypass Surgery Lead To Greater Weight Loss

    Gastric bypass patients who attended five follow-up office visits in two years as recommended by their surgeons lost nearly twice as much weight (113 lbs. vs. 57 lbs.) as patients who attended only two follow-up visits, according to a University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing study in Obesity...
  10. G

    Can't Wait For the iPhone 5? Chinese Mock Ups Are Already On Sale for $5 and Up [Ipho

    By now, it seems like just about every possible part of the iPhone 5 has leaked. There's not much left for a surprise. There's so little left, in fact, that there are all kinds of full-assembled iPhone 5 mock-ups on Taobao (it's like a Chinese Ebay-ish, Amazon-y thing) already. More »
  11. K

    Forgot to close back of UPS Truck before it left?

    Hello, I'm new to working at UPS (It's my third week) and since I haven't obtained "Seniority" (You have to work there for at least 35 days to achieve that) I don't usually stay as long as the other workers. Because of this, when I'm done loading my trailer, I get to leave and usually the...
  12. T

    Research Team Ups The Ante With Development Of Woven Blood Vessels

    A lot of people were skeptical when two young California-based researchers set out more than a decade ago to create a completely human-derived alternative to the synthetic blood vessels commonly used in dialysis patients. Since then, they've done that and more. "There were a lot of doubts in the...
  13. U

    What does MTV call their funny little mash ups they do with clips from their shows

    to make them funny? You know how MTV takes clips from their tv shows and puts music to them and cuts the videos in a way to make the characters sound funny? What is that called? Or better yet, does anyone know the link on Youtube or something so I can watch them?
  14. J

    iPhone game Temple Run power ups?

    I've noticed two different people on different occasions playing Temple Run on the train and they get power ups... My game doesn't have that sooo what's up? How do I get me some? :o
  15. D

    How to stop pop ups to "talk dirty" to girls?

    To stop pop ups when I open my mail to talk dirty to girls. Getting really tired of these pop ups. (I'm female.)
  16. J

    What is this new iPhone game 'head ups' with Cristiano Ronaldo?

    Floyd Mayweather has been tweeting about it. Mike Tyson has Rio Ferdinand has. What is going on - anybody got it?
  17. dennismetal89

    ups job physically demanding/ fitness weight loss?

    I got hired for a driver helper at ups. It is a physically demanding job lifting and delivering packages for 4-6 hours a day. Will this type of job help me lose weight or build muscle if im strict with a diet with it?
  18. I

    How long until i receive my package from UPS?

    I bought a Play station 3 from and today it was shipped via UPS and i got the tracking code and i looked it up and my package is current in Concord, Ontario and i live in Montreal, Quebec which is about a 7 hour drive from my house. It's Monday right now and I was wondering if someone...
  19. A

    Will Unions kill UPS like it did Chrysler, Oldsmobile, GM, and others.?

    The Japanese kicked our butts in car-making because unions made us weak. Will Fedex be the only private delivery company left standing when UPS union contracts come up in 2 years?
  20. B

    How much vacation time do you get at ups after a year?

    I'm a part time unloader