1. A

    Twitter username ideas?

    Hey guys! So i am remaking a twitter, i cant figure out a username though! I want the word 'immortal' or something along those lines.. Mystical, immortal or eternal. Thanks!
  2. D

    Is my youtube username good?

    My username is XselfStrike2103X. There I do walkthrough,tutorial,and gameplay.I know I can't change my username so I'll let you guys know if it's a great username :D.Please no mean comments.
  3. M

    PLEASE HELP! Facebook won't let me change my band page username?

    I've tried countless times and it just keep saying an unexpected error has occurred. We go to change username then type in the username and click check availability, it says its available, then when we click confirm (every single time) it says an unexpected error has occurred. Please someone...
  4. T

    How do I reset my username and password for my verizon westell modem?

    Ive tried to do the reset by holding down to reset button for 30 seconds, but when I put in admin and admin for the username and password it still isnt right. Anybody have a solution? Im just trying to get my NAT type on my xbox to open because i cant connect to one of my friends.
  5. G

    What is a good youtube username i have a partnership with someone named

    dylan and my name is grant PLEASE HELP? Just answer it please it must be creative
  6. A

    i need a cool username? help?

    my name is destiny, i cant think of any cool usernames, help. my fav colour is black if tht helps, i love animals (defo tigers, and horses), any ideas?
  7. K

    I'm locked out of my Android phone and don't remeber my Google account username...

    ...and password? idk what to do :(((
  8. B

    How do i figure out my MOTOBLUR account username?

    My phone says i have one but i dont ever rememeber making one or what it is.
  9. M

    Username ideas for twitter?

    I already have a twitter but I'm going to change my username. My name is Haley btw. I was going to use heyitshaley or haleysayshey but those were both taken. I don't want to add numbers to them or anything. Please help! What should I make my username be?!
  10. P

    Which username is better?

    PulseMonkey MikEinFAMOUS which username do u think is better? ill be using it for the new mw3 game on ps3.. best answer = 10 free points
  11. F

    ooVoo chat if u a drake fan give ur username i wanna interact with yall?

    if u have a ooVoo and u are a drake fan give me ur user name so we can interact its team drizzy all day
  12. J

    How do I change my YouTube username?

    My youtube user name is "COD7ISFTW" Cod7 ( call of duty black ops).. and call of duty modern warfare 3 is coming out soon.. is there any way I could change my user to "CODISFTW" without needing to create an entire new account? If the answer is no, is there anyway I could transfer the videos to...
  13. M

    I have no idea what my Username and Password is for my Blackberry to manage...

    ...emails, help?!? I know that my Blackberry internet service provider is TH GSM [AIS, For Thailand], But I have no idea what the username and password is when I try to manage my emails on my Blackberry!!! Is there any way I can find out? And if I have to call someone from AIS (or someone else)...
  14. E

    Username idea's pleaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssseeeeeeee!!?

    Hi :3 i'm 14 and me and my friend are making a YouTube account :] I really need a username for our channel... (My brain is practically dead) Could you please include the names Charlie and Charlotte... I doesn't matter is you don't :) Nothing like sex related... I am 14. Thanks Baii :3
  15. L

    Why is my iphone username different from my computer user name ? I can't sign in?

    So I changed my username in itunes & password without a problem. But when I want to do app upgrade my iphone says my password and username is wrong, but how do I change it so that It can be RIGHT ON MY CELL PHONE........this is really fustrating >.<
  16. K

    Help me with a unique username starting with Paper?

    I like the name PaperShot but it's taken any ideas?
  17. J

    What doesThe server at NETGEAR W******* requires a username...

    ...and password mean? I've just reinstalled my wireless router so that i could secure it and now every time i log onto a new webpage this message appears prompting a login but i don't know what for, i've tried my new network name and password and thats not it but i don't know what else it could...
  18. G

    generating username on access 2007?

    i need to create a form that generates a passwordfrom the first 3 letters and the last 2 letters of a persons name,each in seperate fields and then have a sequential number that is 1 above the prievious number. Can anyone help with this?
  19. N

    I need an interesting username that incorporates the name ivy?

    nothing like poison ivy, as it is too common. thanks!
  20. D

    How do you know what your email username is on your blackberry storm 9530?

    i just got it and it made me create a user name so I can set up my email. I need to add another one and it says my user name or my password is incorret. I tried the "forgot password" option and it tells me it just send my password to my device but nothing is showing up and it does not give me my...