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    yummy, easy, quick vegetarian recipes?

    hey!! i need to make dinner for myslef with what i have got in my fridge.. im 14 years old and dont know what to make! ideas??
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    Vegetarian products that can be cooked in a frying pan? (UK)?

    I know I sound crazy, but my mum and dad are always cooking beef/pork in the oven and it makes me sick. Whenever I cook anything afterwards, it seems to have a meaty taste to it.. I know it's probably all in my head, but anyway... are their any vegetarian foods that can be cooked in a frying...
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    Vegetarian Diets Associated With Lower Risk Of Death

    Vegetarian diets are associated with reduced death rates in a study of more than 70,000 Seventh-day Adventists with more favorable results for men than women, according to a report published Online First by JAMA Internal Medicine, a JAMA Network publication. The possible relationship between...
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    Want To Live Longer? Go Vegetarian!

    For longevity‘s sake, you can’t beat a vegetarian diet (well, except maybe with a vegan diet). Yet another study shows that vegetarians live longer than meat-eating counterparts, in addition to having lower rates of chronic lifestyle diseases like heart disease. … More » Want To Live Longer? Go...
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    Meatless Monday: 10 Vegetarian & Vegan Spring Roll Recipes

    The term “spring rolls” carries with it a little leeway. While broadly used to describe large filled-and-rolled Asian appetizers, everything from the kind of wrapper used to *the fillings and the way the rolls are cooked (or not cooked) is … More » Meatless Monday: 10 Vegetarian & Vegan Spring...
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    Meatless Memorial Day: 10 Fresh & Backyard-Appropriate Vegetarian Sides

    Regardless of whom you'll be spending your Memorial Day with, it couldn't hurt to add something fresh and meatless into the mix. I've rounded up 10 vegetarian and vegan side dishes that manage to be nutritious, tasty and totally backyard appropriate. More » Meatless Memorial Day: 10 Fresh &...
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    Fruit Tacos: 6 Sweet Vegetarian Twists On Tacos Using Fresh June Fruit

    It's nearly June, which means summer fruits are staggering into season. Expect cherries, blueberries, peaches and watermelon to join apricots and*strawberries*at the farmer's market. Pies are certainly in order (or perhaps tortes?), but don't let traditional fruit avenues limit you. Berries and...
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    Meatless Monday: 8 Seasonal & Vegetarian Raw Recipes

    Eating raw can be remarkably easy if you keep it simple, but sometimes it's worth the effort to complicate your raw recipe repertoire a little bit. More » Meatless Monday: 8 Seasonal & Vegetarian Raw Recipes is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work outs, wellness & health...
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    Meatless Monday: 6 Healthy, Vegetarian Cinco De Mayo Recipes

    This Sunday is Cinco de Mayo, the day Americans celebrate Mexican heritage and freedom with bland beef tacos and giant, sugary tequila*concoctions. From fried cactus tacos to tempeh fajitas, here are six healthy, vegetarian Mexican options to step up your Cinco de Mayo game. More » Meatless...
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    Meatless Monday: 10 Vegetarian & Vegan Stuffed Mushroom Recipes

    Stuffed mushrooms tend to get relegated to hors*d'oeuvres*status, but what's to say you can't serve them up as a main dish? Mushrooms provide protein and*umami*to meatless meals, and with a good herb, nut and veggie stuffing, you're looking at a pretty complete nutritional profile in each...
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    The 6 Best Things I Sampled At The NYC Vegetarian Food Festival

    The NY Vegetarian Food Festival this weekend included tons of vegetarian & vegan food vendors—and they offered samples. Here are six of the best new products I tried, including vegan "white cheddar" popcorn and a meatless, artisanal jerky. More » The 6 Best Things I Sampled At The NYC...
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    Vegetarian Dishes for the beach!?

    my friends and I are going to the beach and need quick but yummy vegetarian dishes. I've recently just went vegetarian and need some recipes that wouldn't be such a pain in the backside to prepare. Everyone else still enjoys meat and I don't won't anyone to be left out because I don't eat meat...
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    Morrissey Makes The Staples Center Go Vegetarian (For One Night)

    Morrissey has scored a victory for vegetarians everywhere: his upcoming March 1 concert at Los Angeles' Staples Center will be 100% vegetarian. Not all the attendees will be vegetarians (although wouldn't that be funny? Hardcore vegan bouncers who would throw people out if there's beef jerky in...
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    Meatless Monday: 10 Vegetarian Mardi Gras Recipes To Make For Dinner Tonight

    Mardi Gras is tomorrow! Whether you're celebrating from the Big Easy or from your own easy chair, it's always fun to cook up a festive meal—especially when that meal can include Cajun and Creole flavors. For this week's meatless Monday, we're bringing you ten delicious and spicy vegetarian Mardi...
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    Recipes for split red lentils (vegetarian)?

    Is there any casseroles or stew? How do i prepare them. I've never cooked or eaten red split lentils before, or any lentils at all.
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    Meatless Monday: 7 Healthy Pizza Recipes That Are All Vegetarian and Gluten-Free

    Even when Super Bowl ads offend us, they're annoyingly good at making us crave junk food. (I guess that's why they spend the big bucks). Some are worth resisting entirely--that Oreo's ad was funny, but please don't go buy a pack of Double-Stufs--but some ad-inspired cravings are possible to...
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    Meatless Monday: 10 Vegetarian Super Bowl Snack Ideas

    Many people think "Super Bowl snacks" are synonymous with chicken wings. But, uh, vegetarians like football too! If you or your game day guests would prefer some meatless munchies, try making one these vegetarian and vegan versions of classic party snacks. And don't forget -- chips and...
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    Can Going Vegetarian Improve Your Sex Life?

    Wondering how you can bring the spice back into your sex life? Perhaps it's not about adding anything, so much as taking away. More » Can Going Vegetarian Improve Your Sex Life? is a post from Blisstree - Nutrition, Healthy Recipes and Fitness.
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    8 Under-The-Radar Vegetarian Celebrities

    PETA is promoting a round-up of "25 celebrities who won't be eating turkey on Thanksgiving." It's mostly the usual suspects: Alicia Silverstone, Woody Harrelson, Russel Brand, Natalie Portman -- the same famous vegetarians and vegans you see mentioned over and over again. So here are a few...
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    No, Bethenny Frankel, Your 2-Year-Old Did Not “Choose” To Be Vegetarian

    Is it absurd that Bethenny Frankel is talking about how her toddler daughter "decided" to become a vegetarian? It seems absurd to me. Franklin says she and 2-year-old Bryn Hoppy will be having a turkey-free Thanksgiving because the little girl does not eat meat. More » No, Bethenny Frankel...