1. S

    Is there any cheat or hacking system that works with any version of iOS – iPad or

    iPhone? Please answer only experienced person who already try that cheat.
  2. W

    Is there a Windows version of Gizmos and Gadgets?

    I know there's a DOS version, but using DOSbox is a hassle and I would prefer to have version that can run on Windows.
  3. J

    I have the htc sensation xl 4.0.3 android version and 3.6 htc sense?

    is there a newer android version ?? what version is available ? and how i can update mine ?
  4. N

    Help I deleted my samsung galaxy s2 LTE skyrocket version 4.12? please help
  5. A

    Spurs prepare their young Gareth Bale lookalike in case version 1.0 leaves

    With Real Madrid all but ready to give Spurs their bank details in exchange for Gareth Bale, preparations are being made for the departure of the North London club's best player — namely in the form of continuing the development of genetically engineered Bale clone Kenneth McEvoy. The...
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    Have you tried using the New Version of UC Browser (9.1) for Android, Symbian, and

    Java? UC fans! UC Browser has just released 9.1 version for Java, Android, Symbian! I downloaded the app from the official website and tried it today. I think that it's faster now because they fixed some bugs and also added new features. Honestly, I think UC Browser gives the best mobile...
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    Upgrade My Android Version..?

    I own a Samsung Galaxy S Duos which has a android version 4.0.4 but I want to upgrade it to jelly bean.. Can I do it by rooting and flashing a custom ROM, if yes then please mention which ROM.
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    i want to upgrade my android version from 2.2 froyo to 2.3 gingerbred. will i... able to d/l apps tht i cldnt? can anybody show me how please. i have a samsung galaxy gt i1550 (Crap phone) will this also change my phones layout? Thanks
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    What's the Westernized version of my Name?

    Hello My Name is Raafat my father's name is Ahmed my grand father's name is Mohamed Raafat but was commonly known as Raafat only and his father is Abualazm and my grand father's grandfather is Ali So I'm according to Arabic naming conventions is Raafat Ahmed Mohamed-Raafat Abualazm Ali My ID...
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    Does Facebook app work on Android Froyo version?

    My mobile has android froyo and when I open the newly downloaded Facebook app, it says "the application Facebook has stopped unexpectedly" I want to know whether it works on my android version.
  11. M

    where i can download Poweramp apk full version free for android?

    Hi, i have android, i need poweramp for free in .apk file. Thanks
  12. T

    Joikuspot cracked version for symbian s60 phone?

    i have nokia c5-03 and i don't want to pay 20€ for the predium, so can i have link or something? And i'm going to download, and install using my phone, not to use pc to do it. If there even is cracked version. Thanks for the answers!
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    Can we get paid android apps for free with full version?

    Can we get the full version for free? Games like asphalt 7 and nfs mw are paid and if i download them for free will i get the full version?
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    Can I use the Old Canadian iPhone 5 GSM version A1428 in Hong Kong (please also...

    ...indicate if 4G LTE)? I have the A1428 GSM version of the iPhone 5, brought retail, not the global 1429 GSM version. I was wondering if I can use my phone in HK for: 1. Calling and SMS 2. 3G and 4G LTE thanks!
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    What anime did you think was better the manga or anime version?

    So basically for all the people that like to watch an anime then like to read the manga from where it left off or read the manga from the beginning because their different. What do you think tells a better story the manga or the anime and please list them. List at least 3 that you thought the...
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    Brain makes its own version of Valium, scientists discover

    Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine have found that a naturally occurring protein secreted only in discrete areas of the mammalian brain may act as a Valium-like brake on certain types of epileptic seizures. The protein is known as diazepam binding inhibitor, or DBI. It...
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    Can anyone send me nokia 5233 spb mobile full version, coz m nt enable to

    dwnlod frm nokiavv also..? plz send in my mail
  18. D

    Can anyone send me nokia 5233 spb mobile full version, coz m nt enable to

    dwnlod frm nokiavv also..? plz send in my mail
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    what is the best version of idump?

    i need to get idump but not sure which version is the best?
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    The latest release of Chrome, version 27, is 5 percent faster—and available to downlo

    The latest release of Chrome, version 27, is 5 percent faster—and available to download now. Read more...