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    Ancient viruses that function in early human development may play role in cancer

    A study published in the July edition of Genome Biology says genetic matter, previously ignored by the scientific community, may play an important role in cancer. The study by the St. Laurent Institute, a non-profit medical research institute focused on the systems biology of disease, a...
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    Natural Antiviral Protein Stops HIV, Deadly Viruses Entering Cells

    Researchers in the US have identified a natural antiviral protein that stops HIV and certain other deadly viruses like Ebola, Rift Valley Fever, and Nipah, from entering host cells. They hope the discovery will help efforts to develop broad-spectrum antivirals against many of the deadly viruses...
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    does the divx web player give you viruses?

    every time i try to watch a movie online it tells me to install it, can i go on the official site to get it? would it work then? would it give me viruses? whats the official site?
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    where can I learn how to get rid of viruses and malware on mobile phones?

    I just read out of the Wall Street Journal that viruses and malware on Andriod phones will explode in 2013. So I'm thinking it would be a great business idea if I could learn how to eliminate these problems from other people's smartphones. As far as programming goes I'm proficient at Python...
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    does the divx web player give you viruses?

    every time i try to watch a movie online it tells me to install it, can i go on the official site to get it? would it work then? would it give me viruses? whats the official site?
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    To Cause Maximum Destruction, Viruses Cooperate Or Conquer

    Scientists have discovered new evidence about the evolution of viruses, in work that will change our understanding about the control of infectious diseases such as winter flu. Researchers at the University of Exeter's conducted experiments to manipulate a virus to see if it could evolve the...
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    Model Highlights Some Viral Weak Points Of Flu Viruses

    Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have made a major advance in understanding how flu viruses replicate within infected cells. The researchers used cutting-edge molecular biology and electron-microscopy techniques to "see" one of influenza's essential protein complexes in...
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    Do m-torrent bring viruses and hackers?

    I notice that my malwarebyte start to got crazy when I use m-torrent!!!! does it bring viruses or hackers? and why my macafee always block the torrent sites?
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    AIDS Progression May Be Affected By Diverse Intestinal Viruses

    In monkeys and humans with AIDS, damage to the gastrointestinal tract is common, contributing to activation of the immune system, progressive immune deficiency, and ultimately advanced AIDS. How this gastric damage occurs has remained a mystery, but now researchers reporting in the Cell Press...
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    I have a question about computer viruses?

    whats the diff. between spyware and malware '' ''spyware and virus '' ''malware and virus
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    Study Of Giant Viruses Shakes Up Tree Of Life

    A new study of giant viruses supports the idea that viruses are ancient living organisms and not inanimate molecular remnants run amok, as some scientists have argued. The study reshapes the universal family tree, adding a fourth major branch to the three that most scientists agree represent the...
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    Computer-Designed Proteins Programmed To Disarm Variety Of Flu Viruses

    Computer-designed proteins are under construction to fight the flu. Researchers are demonstrating that proteins found in nature, but that do not normally bind the flu, can be engineered to act as broad-spectrum antiviral agents against a variety of flu virus strains, including H1N1 pandemic...
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    If you catch colds only via Viruses...?

    why do most people catch colds via drafts / cold weather.. such as sleeping with the windows open on a cold night? Or if you shower, and walk out on a windy, cold day; why are the odds of catching a cold so high? or do the cold weather causes the virus to be activated..?
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    Tracking The Birth Of An Evolutionary Arms Race Between HIV-Like Viruses And Primate

    Using a combination of evolutionary biology and virology, scientists at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center have traced the birth of the ability of some HIV-related viruses to defeat a newly discovered cellular-defense system in primates. The research, led by Michael Emerman, Ph.D., a member...
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    Can your playstation 3 and iPhone get viruses from Internet browsing?

    I have an iPhone and a playstation 3 and I use them both to browse the Internet and I was wondering how likely is it to catch any viruses,spiware,malware,Trojan horses, etc. thanks!
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    What torrents are safe (Viruses etc)?

    I want to download movies and TV shows, and I'm new to this torrents things, so what is the safest torrent to use? Meaning,no viruses etc?
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    Where can I download Korn- Forsaken mp3 free and without viruses?

    Where can I download Korn- Forsaken mp3 free and without viruses? Found too many bs sites to count, anyone have one I can use to download this much needed file?
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    Fighting Cancer With Oncolytic Viruses

    Oncolytic virology uses live viruses to sense the genetic difference between a tumor and normal cell. Once the virus finds a tumor cell, it replicates inside that cell, kills it and then spreads to adjacent tumor cells to seed a therapeutic "chain reaction". As reported in Cancer Cell, Dr. David...
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    linux viruses from limewire?

    im curious, i know Linux cant get viruses (well its rare) but i have Linux alongside windows installed on my hard drive. So if i were to accidentally get a virus from limewire, or anywhere else, while running Linux, would it affect my windows OS still even though it would have been downloaded...
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    Can the Sony Ericsson Vivaz get viruses?

    Just curious as I own a vivaz and use it to go on the internet...