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    Dvd blue ray players w/ wifi?...?

    Today i decided i want to buy a DVD blue ray player, but haven't a clue about them except that it gives a great picture. When i went online about them they were listed w/ wifi. WHAT IS THE WIFI FOR PLEASE? And Is a DVD & a blue ray the same thing? In other words, can i play DVD movies on just a...
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    B.W.D | Interview w/ Chef Aleem + Rel + Caribbean Heist Cast - Jul 07,2013

    Atlanta has done it again. Known for producing some of the worlds most successful entertainers, it is only just that fine cuisine stem from there as well. Dark shades, tattoos and a fine cigar in his mouth, one would look at this man and question, how does his cooking techniques really pan out...
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    Should i go on vacation w/ boyfriend & his family?

    So I'm 19 years old and my boyfriend of one month has asked me to go on vacation with him & his family in August. My family thinks its a bad idea because of all the craziness going on in the world(rapes ,kidnaps & murder) & the fact that we'd(boyfriend & i) have to share the bed . My family...
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    Is this a good prologue for a book? Y/N w/ advice appreciated?

    Visit here to read, much appreciated: www.thelastmanstandingamnesia.weebly.com
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    Differences in iPad 1 and 5? Does ipad 1 support all apps that can be used w/ iPad 5?

    Thank you!
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    How Do I Plug In My Tritton AX 180 Headsets w/ my Xbox with HDMI?

    I have a pair of Tritton AX 180s and I have an Xbox 360. I tried to hooked it up and I count hear ganesound reason being that I don't know where to put the red and white wires. What do I do? Is their any additional equipment I can use to fix this?
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    What are the apps in the iPhone commercial (w/ Video)?

    Can somebody give me a list of these apps? Watch this video and tell me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQxl8fuwrgs,
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    House of Cards w/ Kevin Spacey on DVD to purchase?

    I know its a Netflix original so I'm assuming not...but just wanted to ask..
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    Wifi only iPad w/ Garmin GLO...Navigation apps?

    I recently acquired a new Garmin GLO because I bought an iPad 2 with wifi only a couple years back for school. Anyway, needless to say, I really wanted GPS capability both in my cockpit AND on the road. There are plenty of aviation apps that are compatible with GLO. HOWEVER, I have yet to find...
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    Should I go for a 19" or 23" Coby LCD Tv w/ built in dvd player?

    Im getting an xbox 360 and would like to know which tv size is better. Should i go for the length, or the extra $ in my pocket. ps im 14
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    Male w/ thick, semi-wavy hair, high hair line - What's a good cut/style for me?

    I'm looking for some better options. I've been trying to improve my look lately, and I really need a better cut. Here's what I have right now: Unstyled: http://i.imgur.com/VY70qom.png Hairline: http://i.imgur.com/BkmVDbA.png I'd like to keep a medium length, but I'm sure it could look better...
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    Bluetooth w/ Samsung galaxy proclaim?

    I synced my Bluetooth with my phone but its only working with calls...my music and media won't come through it...does anyone know of its possible for all sound to go through?
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    Trouble w/ Bluetooth link between Windows 7 and BOSE Soundlink?

    Has anybody been able to do this successfully? I have been able to recognize the Bose Bluetooth device from my Windows 7 Lenovo laptop, but have not been able to get Windows 7 to load the proper drivers for sound output. So, please don't answer "just install drivers" or "just go to Bose website"...
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    The Biz With D : Interview W/ Faith Evans + Young Chris + TC - Jan 17,2013

    Multi-platinum Grammy Award winning recording artist. New York Times best-selling author. Wife. Mother. Entrepreneur. With so many hats to be worn, it is undeniable that Faith Renée Evans has a little something for everyone. What has been an equally rewarding and trying career, ask her how she's...
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    Tonights show will be about the BS of the so called truth movement. I will expose the conspiracies of internet radio and the so called truth movement. We will lampoon, destroy, and bring new information to the table that has previously never been exposed before. So tune in for this...
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    Harnessing New & Full Moon Energies w/ Astrologer Anna Swora - Jan 11,2013

    Join Barbara Graver of TheNewAgeReview.com and tonights co-host psychological astrologer Anna Swora as they discuss the energy of this months new and full moon and how it effects the individual as well as the collective. Anna will take calls for live readings on the this months new and full moon...
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    FRIDAY'S FURY:: Forum w/ CISCO STREETLOVE ff37 - Jan 07,2013

    Join the fiyah on TNCw/TGs FRIDAYS FURY:: Forum w/ CISCO STREETLOVE. Burning hot in the flames will be:: ~ YESTERDAYS SHAME:: The Atlanta Child Murders ~ White Terrorism - Sick Whitey ~ Trick Whitey - The Black Panthers ~ Friday Night w/ the Movies - DJANGO ~ National Headlines - CHECK OUT...
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    FRIDAY'S FURY:: Forum w/ CISCO STREETLOVE ff36 - Dec 29,2012

    Join the fiyah on TNCw/TGs FRIDAYS FURY:: Forum w/ CISCO STREETLOVE. Burning hot in the flames will be:: ~ YESTERDAYS SHAME:: The Atlanta Child Murders ~ White Terrorism - Sick Whitey & Trick Whitey ~ Black Folks In Law & Medicine ~ National Headlines - CHECK OUT CISCOS BOOK @...
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    Shadow's Reflections w/ Dina Goodwin - Dec 23,2012

    Shadows Reflection - (shadoz) (r?'flek?n?) - (1) The thing you deny when you look within yourself. (2) The things you see that you want need or love to do that others deem sick, twisted or unnatural. (3) The experience of something you cant un-see or un-do. A memory that carves misery into the...
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    Reuglar DVD or Digital Copy w/ blue ray?

    I want to buy the movie Ted. I don't have a blue ray player. I like to download the movies on my computer with ultraviolet which is included with the Digital Copy. Should I just buy the regualr Dvd or should I get the Digital copy with the regular dvd, blue ray dvd and ultraviolet. Please help me.