1. W

    does the motorola w490 have to be connected to a bluetooth device in order to...

    ...sync with a pc? its never been connected to a bluetooth before
  2. A

    songs on motorola w490?

    I have the songs on the phone/ sd card. But how do I listen to them? I went to the music player in the phone but they're not there. Also, I put some images on my phone to use as wallpaper, how do I activate those also?? thanks in advance!!
  3. Z

    when is the next Motorola w490 phone coming out?

    new motorola w490s? what comes after motorola w510?
  4. T

    HELP with Motorola W490!!!?

    Ok here is the thing. Like a month ago i bought a KINGMAX 2gb micro SD for my phone and recently when i try to play a song or open up a file from the memory it says "System Error" or a message randomly appears saying that 0.00kb are available when its not even close of being full and also i have...
  5. Z

    Is the Motorola w490 a good cellphone or not?

    what are the PROS and CONS of the cellphone i had to get one because it was the cheapest =P
  6. K

    Motorola W490, what do you think?

    I hate my bb pearl and want to know if the Motorola W490 is worth using until July
  7. L

    Does the gravity 2 or the Motorola W490 have autocomplete t9 or iTap?

  8. M

    Motorola W490 - Is it possible to change how long the phone rings before...

    ...going to voicemail? The one problem I'm having with this phone is that there's an extremely short window between the time the phone starts ringing and the time it hits voicemail; I barely I have time to pull the phone out of my pocket before it's already saying I've missed a call, and it's...
  9. F

    How do you upload photos from your cell to your computer w/ a Motorola W490.?

    Heres a picture of what phone I have : http://www.wirelesstoyz.com/images/Products/Phones/Black/Motorola_W510_purple.jpg I already have a USB cord but it doesnt tell me the options or anything. It also says make sure my phone is in pairing mode? What does that mean and how do I do that? Thanks...
  10. P

    What does the little red light on the Motorola W490 mean?

    It only comes on when the battery is in, obviously. I dropped my phone in the water yesterday and I am drying it out right now.
  11. M

    i've had my new motorola w490 cell phone for a week, and now it suddenly...

    ...won't text my one friend...? what can i do? it works fine for calling, but it won't let me send the message- its in my outbox, but they never recieve it. PLEASE HELP ME!
  12. J

    help with motorola w490?

    i have a motorola w490 i got it second hand and it needs a unlock code i put my t mobile sim card in it and it still needs it the phone is a t-mobile can someone plz tell me how 2 unlock it
  13. M

    is there any way you can block someone from texting you on a motorola w490 by

    t-mobile? some number keeps texting me and i'm wondering if there is anyway on a w490 from t-mobile that i can block the number???? if you know how to please tell me, cuz i'm starting to get annoyed by this person who keeps texting me.
  14. B

    How do i send pictures to emial on my t mobile w490 phone?

    i want to sen them to myspace!!! um? im asking how.
  15. M

    i just got a motorola w490 cell phone, how can i dowload my ringtone if i have music

    on itunes...? could i save my music or import it in windows media player then somehow get it to my phone. if so how? thanks :)
  16. C

    How do I get my signature to automatically come up on my Motorola W490?

    It seems that even though I put my signature in, it doesn't show up on my messages.
  17. T

    Does anyone know where I can find the driver for USB for my motorola w490?

    I just rebuilt my PC and forgot to back it up now can't plug phone into computer and sync up to add songs etc. THANK YOU for any and all help!!
  18. J

    i forgot how to set your ringtone on the moterola W490?

    i've had it for about 2 months now and i havent changed my ringtone since then and i forgot how to do it so can anyone pleaseee helpp ? best answer 10 pointsss
  19. B

    my motorola W490 phone screen keeps going white.?

    About a month ago (if that), I woke up one morning and my phone was being really slow. (The phone is a Motorola W490) After awhile it froze completely. I took out the battery and put it back in but everytime I would close my phone the screen would either be white, black or be white with red...
  20. R

    I have a Motorola W490 and the signature doesn't show up on my text messages

    or MMS, anyone know why? Or have the same issue?