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    Sony Ericsson W580i problem..?

    Whenever I speak to someone on the phone I can hardly hear them It's the same if I call them or they call me. I have another identical phone and I can hear people loud and clear. I've tried a complete master reset, what else could be the problem?
  2. A

    I want to buy a phone, but i dont know which one to get ..Sony Ericsson w580i or

    nokia 7230? please help.? I want a phone where I can watch like Netflix, YouTube, etc. But I don't know which one is better (on eBay) please help. Thanks
  3. A

    Which one would you prefer? sony ericsson w580i or nokia 7230?

    Which phone is better like to watch youtube or something?
  4. C

    Step By step instructions to saving contacts to sim card on sony ericsson w580i?

    my screen is totally black and i cant see nothing....the phone is still working but i cant copy the numbers from my phone to SIM because i cant see nothing.......HELP ME PLS!!!
  5. Q

    Sony Ericsson w580i headphone pins on charger port?

    I want to just attach my headphones with bare wire and check the audio quality before I waste my money on a special headphone plug just for it.. Does anyone know which pins on the side of the phone are just for the headphones?
  6. E

    how do i unlock the locked network on sony ericsson w580i?

    what is the NCK code ?
  7. J

    Which phone is better (Nokia 5130 XpressMusic or Sony Ericsson w580i ?

    Nokia 5130 XpressMusic or Sony Ericsson w580i? There not that new, But overall, which phone is better? - This includes, Texting, Games, Music Player, Battery etc etc ....
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    Sony Ericsson W580I Stepometer/Pedometer... Is this accurate?

    This question is very unclear, but I'm giving it a shot anyway. I'm really not sure if it is accurate and I'm a little skeptical about it. It said that in 45.5 min. I ran 7.8 miles and at a pace for 8.8 miles per minute. I looked at it after about 5 minutes without stopping, it said my pace...
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    I have a Sony Ericsson W580i, need help with three sim card?

    I have a sony ericsson W580I and I also have a Three sim card. What I want to do is use the three sim card in this phone. The phone seems to be unlocked as I have tried it with vodafone and O2 sim cars but the Three network sim keeps saying " please select a network" and there are only two (O2...
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    Sony ericsson w580i wont go to voice mail?

    when some one calls me it never goes to voice mail. i have already set up my voice mail, but it never works. what do i do?
  11. B

    my sony ericsson w580i wont send text messages anymore but i can call other phones?

    so it happened today the ones that i send out just go back into my outbox so it doesn't send...also i don't know if this matters but i can't delete one of my texts so yea thanks
  12. C

    Bypass Sony Ericsson W580i SIM Card?

    I do NOT want to unlock! I have an old Sony Ericsson W580i that /had/ a broken LCD screen, so I replaced it, now I'm wondering if it is possible to bypass the "Insert SmartChip." screen. I don't want to use this phone on a network, just play around with it. Thank you in advance!
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    unlock codes for sony ericsson w580i?

    the imei is :35928501-789553-7-52 thanks
  14. J

    Why won't my Sony Ericsson w580I turn on?

    The battery may be flat but i cant charge it. When i plug it in it is simply not recognised. Normally there is a screen saying charging but not today! Ive had it for about 2 years and ive never had this problem before. Sometimes if i hold the battery in place it vibrates a little or the red...
  15. R

    Phones like Sony Ericsson W580i...?

    So I've had a Sony Ericsson W580i cell phone for 3 years now and i absolutely love it. The size is ideal for me and it is just an all around great phone. However, my it is starting to get old and parts are breaking ect. I was wondering if anyone knew of a phone around the same size as the...
  16. J

    did i ruin my sony ericsson w580i by trying to debrand it?

    i was trying to follow a tutorial to debrand my fone using jdflasher and now it wont even turn on. is this permanent? please help!
  17. S

    Sony Ericsson w580i m2 card not detected by phone.Help!?

    My m2 card is being detected by my comp when i use a multi card reader for it but when inserted in my phone it says Memory card is not inserted.Please help me what should i do?
  18. M

    How do you unlock a Sony Ericsson W580i?

    i turned on my phone and it said Enter the PUK code?, don't know what to do? somebody help!!!! pleaseee
  19. J

    Text "Message Barred" Sony Ericsson w580i?

    When i tried to send a text message it says "Sending Failed. (Name) Message Barred. Retry?" And i've tried resending it and it doesn't work. I was neither able to receive text messages either. I read different articles about this problem and were mostly about not having any money to send text...
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    at&t sony ericsson w580i connection?

    I'm trying to transfer files from my phone to my computer but every time I attempt to form a connection between the two devices the files don't show up. Does anyone know what the problem is? Neither the chord nor the phone have any physical damage.