1. A

    Wanna rid offff Smoking...!!!

    Hey guys...! Please give me idea, suggestion to rid off from smoking. My fiance smoked since 3 years.. But He just fed up from smoking, but can't...:itching:
  2. F

    One of my friends wanna burn mkv video file on to dvd?

    She has been trying to put some downloaded movies on a dvd and then try to be played on house dvd player. The movies are mkv format. She knows little about the burner tools.So do I. How can it be possible to load the mkv files? Is there a program she or I can help burn mkv for dvd playback?
  3. U

    I've a w595 and I wanna set the brightness from auto to maximum..

    I've a Sony w595 and I accidentally destroyed it's light sensor... So now the brightness is set to minimum... So please help me set the brightness to max... Please help.. :(
  4. A

    i wanna buy a portable mobile charger which one to buy?

    please suggest a portable mobile charger which can charge a lot but is also at reasonable rate.please suggest.
  5. S

    How to learn android ??Actually i am an mechanical engineer ..i wanna develop

    android apps.i donno any program? how to learn android easy?as i am an beginner
  6. C

    I wanna get a regular car vs a SUV?

    I want something like a veloster or a genesis coupe but my parents want me to get a SUV or a crossover- cuz we live in canada where we get a lot of snow. Any suggestions on how to change their mind? Any argument points that should be thrown out
  7. B

    I wanna start working with animals.?

    I'm 16 and want to be a police officer when i'm older but i'm starting to think about a fall back on job of working with animals since i like animals and it's got to be relaxing. If anyone can give inofrmation that'll be cool thanks
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    Wanna Make An Impression? Try This Cheese Grater Business Card

    Cheese store Bon Vivant teamed up with Brazilian ad agency JWT to create some killer business cards that make an amazing impression. More » Wanna Make An Impression? Try This Cheese Grater Business Card is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work outs, wellness & health food...
  9. K

    Baby you a song you make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise :)?

    Sorry I'm just bored :p what's your favorite song at the moment?
  10. M

    I am japanese. I live in Calgary. I wanna buy Harajuku(in Tokyo) fashion

    clothes. Do you know good brand? I 'm eighteen and girl.
  11. B

    Does Sarah Palin always attack Obama because she secretly wanna find out if...

    ...the rumor is true about Black men? Does she just want Obama to give her 12inchs?
  12. H

    Im writing on novel the lead character of book is smart and sexy i wanna

    name for that boy?pls sugges me? In my mind Aryan,it is smart n sexy?
  13. K

    mexican soccer section is there a shout out you wanna?

    say my shout out to my dad my little bro my primo my P.E coach my dentist and laura from school
  14. R

    Do any gay teens wanna talk?

    Im just trying to find someone to talk too about being gays because i don't feel Comfortble talking about it with my family.it really elp if you have skype or google hang hangout
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    I wanna thank all of you who are part of the yahoo answer polls survey section?

    Thank you all!
  16. M

    Skyrim freezing up, don't wanna delete it?

    i just busted my ass on an account i made for my gf so she can have legendary armour and now her account keeps freezing up. I fixed the problem with my account, but i don't wanna delete hers since i spent a half-hour creating daggers. Any way to fix the account without deletion?
  17. O

    Anyone wanna trade bodies with me?

    Hey, I'm a 22 year old male, tall, athletic, just wondering if anyone would like to switch bodies with me for a while? I live in the los angeles area, anyone who is interested please email me and we can meet up and switch :)
  18. B

    Traveling to Paris, France next year! Wanna know if this trip is worth taking?

    So I am young and I know that there are some people who never get a chance to get out of the country to take a vacation. I feel that this may be a once in a lifetime experience to see the city where dreams become reality. At least that is what I hope it will be like. I am planning to travel next...
  19. J

    I wanna make a spread for my girl to enter Hustler's Beaver Hunt how do I start?

    I got the camera, I got the cute underwear and I got the perfect setting the shower in the locker room at the strip club. Now all I need to do is to figure out how to portray it I own the place so I basically have free reign inside. The girls in the strip club know this I even got my...
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    Teens: anybody wanna vent:(?

    I'm listening. My skin problem is getting worse. I stopped for two whole days then relapsed this afternoon. Now my wrists are worse than ever. I just feel like crying because ill probably have to wear long sleeves and give up flip flops forever:( But hey-it could be worse, right! Now it's...